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I’m a big fan of your work and I love Blue Warm

Hi… great design!

Just 1 question: how can I load a page with a different tab highlighted?

Whenever it loads it always loads with the left-most tab open.

Please help, thanks



Do you mean the tab on the sidebar? Do you want the tab open Latest Project not Price Update? Let me know,


that’s exactly right, do you know how? Thanks!

This is the code in the tabs:

<ul id="tabsnav"> <li><a href="#panel1">Price Update</a></li> <li><a href="#panel2">Latest Project</a></li> </ul>

Change it into:

<ul id="tabsnav"> <li><a href="#panel1">Price Update</a></li> <li class="ui-tabs-selected"><a href="#panel2">Latest Project</a></li> </ul>

Try it…

Thanks plentong, works great!

1 more please: how can I make the drop-down option stay when a tab is selected?

At the moment they only appear when you hover over the tab.

i.e. in your demo of the theme, how can you make the services, news and events sub-links stay when the services tab is selcted?

This is really important for me, hope you can help

Thanks again



You need to edit the css file to do that. Contact me from my Profile page and I will help you

Really nice template!!!!

Is there a way to make the logo area slightly bigger I think its currently 212×57.

I would like to display a logo that is 250×87.

ultimately change the top area from 57 to 87 high whilst still maintaining the appearence of the tabs.

I tried adjusting the wrap in css file but by changing this the tabs dont go all the way to the top of the page.

grateful for any help.

Many thanks



Ive managed to figure it out after a while. It was image size that needed to be altered along with the css attributes.

Thanks again!!!!

Great template!


it’s good if you can solved the problem :)

Just purchased! good work! :)

Hello, are you planing to make it mobile ready? Thanks