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Great template mate ;)


Is it possible to change the theme colour scheme without going into css?

hi, this is html template, to change, you sure need to edit css..

WOW! That looks great! Good Luck with Sales!


Great theme Crikova, are you thinking about making a wordpress version available?

Hi, The Wordpress theme is in developing process. I hope in 2 weeks we will finish it.

Have a good day.

I haven’t ever used a template, only themes which I typically use in WordPress. Is there a specific Web Building program this template is made to work with? Any advice/direction is appreciated.

Hi, the “template” – means that you have html,css and javascript files. the template doesn’t have any frameworks, or any CMS (as wordpress) you need to create your own, or to adapt it to one existing. The template is ussualy for developers or advanced users. For simple users we recommand wordpress theme.

In a week will be available the wordpress version of BLUME. We are working now on Blume Wordpress Theme.

Have a good day.

I’d rather have the Theme, as I was unaware of what was involved for the Template. Would you be willing to credit me for the Template if I purchase the Theme when it’s available?

I don’t have the function to return money. Once you purchased the html template, use html template. If you will need a wordpress theme, you should buy wordpress theme too (separatly). Have a good day.

Hello, I purchased this theme and cannot install it because it is missing the style.css file. What should I do?

This is a template, not a theme. Template – are only html files.

Have a good day.

Gotcha, thanks!

Have a good day

Just to let you a message and to say that after using delizioso for a client, i’m a fan and got this HTML template for my personnal website. I love you work <3 Just continue ! Sophie

Thank you very much, Sophie. Have a Great Week.

New to the HTML web design arena. Need a portfolio site for both video and print pieces. Can I do both with this template? Thanks in advance!

yes, if you have some basic skils, you can do it very easy. Is available the wwordpress version too, you can use the wordpress version for your project.

Have a good day

Hi so im having issues with adding images to the the gallery and also the slider at the top.. My top menu bar is only half visible when i go to preview the page.. can you help me to get this fixed? thank you! theme is beautiful!

Hi, probably you look the theme as admon and the black wordpress bar is hidden the menu bar. Dissable this bar in “Your profile Edit page” in admin panel nd uncheck the – Show Toolbar when viewing site.

Have a good day


the wordpress blume version comment section – is deleted? how do we keep in touch for support?(like on the comment section of it?)


Hi, the wordpress theme is hidden by themeforest for a day (some code problems). Today we will upload an update with new bug fixes and new features and the comments section will be available too. Very soon. Have a good day

Hi! Thanks for the great design! How do I change the email address for the contact form? CanT’ find it anywhere?

Also it returns an error?

Thanks, Francois

Hi, you can edit it in general settings (main wp email). And what type of errors do you have? show me please some screenshots. Have a good day

Hi! This is not the Wordpress template but the html template. I don’t see any php or script for the contact form. Using Expression Engine, I managed to find a better solution so consider this a head’s up for improving your template.


Hi, our html templates a only html file, without any php code. For users who needs more advanced options, such contact form and other, we developed a wordpress version that allows all these options.

If you have any other issues, fell free to contact us. Thank you and Have a good day


I opened the Live Preview on an iphone and the first image is very zoomed in, On Android and Desktop the issue is not present.

Is there a way to fix it before buying ?

Thanks, Tony.

Here is a screenshot on an iphone 5,

This issue can be solved by removing one line from CSS. if you will remove the attribute background-size:cover for the slider image, it will perfect work on the iphone5.

Thank you.