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Awesome work. Good luck Crikova :)


Good Design, Good Luck ;)


Congrats , looks wonderful.

Kind Regards,


Great theme, Crikova!


Some unique concepts here, good luck!


Hi! I need help changing my titles & texts to lowercase instead of uppercase (ex “Contact Person” instead of “CONTACT PERSON”) Please let me know

Hi, it’s very simply using customcss field in theme options panel. Select the elementyou need to make lowercase and using developer toolbarget the element class.. and in theme options add the code to your class .yourclass {text-transform:none!important;} This will make text normal, as you inserted it. or .yourclass {text-transform:lowercase!important;} – this will make all letters lowercase.

Have a good day

I try to edit my homepage and changes does effect my page…why? About us for Instance is enabled on my wd-config.php, but it doens’t show anything on my homepage. Please take a look!

Hi, make sure you done all as in documentation is described. Edited The Home, Selected the template. Saving. After was appeared a box with options. In this box first you enabled all sections, after changed fields and after saved one more time. It’s work perfect.

Have a good day.

sorry! my fault! i figured it out & now it is perfect!

Ok, Have a good day

The header bar is unstable. every time I refresh it moves from: above the slider to: below the slider, sometimes i scroll the Mouse and it is visible & sometimes it is not (without any changes made by me). Why is that?

Hi, i don’t know what you mean. If you have visual elements problems, show us screens, and we will help. nd test the same thing on our demo preview –

Have a good day

sorry! my fault! i figured it out & now it is perfect!

Ok. Have a good day

Hi again, this is my first attempt to create my own site so forgive me for my many questions & thank you for your fast answers.

I have a few more questions for you:

Is it possible to:

- customize “portfolio”? I need the portfolio template but with a different title

- customize “dividers”? I want to change the color

- delete the ’:’ characters from “Footer navigation title” and “Footer contact bloc title”? I only need one title and when i leave it blanc, the ’:’ are showing on my page.

I also cant find “my works” at my home page template in order to make my changes.

I am very happy with my choice, my site is becoming very beautiful! It is exactly what I needed!

I know I have to upload the file after, I m just asking about translation.

do you have an email I can use? I need to send screenshots!

Hi, for translation you don’t need to edit each file. The theme is localize ready and you just need to create a new language file for your language. You shoud to use the poEdit soft. The lang files are in the /lang/ folder. More info about managing languages files you will find in google.

Have a good day

Da, mojete pisati na russkom.

On the individual portfolio pages, the images get squeezed out of their normal aspect ratio and the first line or two of text is covered up. Can this image be resized without losing the original ratio?

Hi, you are about responsive version? I understand the bug and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Have a good day.

Hi, Beautiful theme ! Can you please confirm the following 1 – Is there an option to disable the animation at the start on home page “Creative agency”. I would like to land directly on home page 2 – On Home page, can we place the slider under the menu bar instead of over ? And have it smaller ?

Thanks for your answer


1. yeas this is possible in theme options panel. 2. no, this is not possible. only if you are a developer, you can make it. if no, youcan’t

Have a good day


First of all, thanks for the great theme. :)

I need support with couple of things:

1. I can not activate home page slug even if I enter the slider slug in the options. I’ve checked both desktop and mobile versions and there is no slider? Is there any trick which I might have missed? Is there a default image size which should be or any size is fine with slider?

2. Typography section includes only Google Fonts library. Is there anyway to use other fonts?

3. Can you tell me how can I create portfolio pages?

Thanks again.

Also when the page is loading, there is an animation of Creative Agency. Can I remove this animation?


1. First of all make sure that you doesn’t use any cache plugins.. You just need to create a new slider, add data and save. Copy the new slugand add it in themeoptions panel in slug field. Save. Should work perfect. Slider size – width 1900px – is good. on emo we use 1900-845px

2. No, you can use or google fonts or default (Arial, verdana, times etc). To use custom fonts you need customization. the file you need to dissable googlefot is partials/css-options.php

3. Hi, very simple. just add some galeries and save. (uplaod images as attachments – see in documentation). If you want the default gallery grid, add it from Advanced menu -> in menu page. if you need style 2 or 3, create a custom page, selet the template and save. Add this page in you menu. All Done

4. Ass usual all our themes have an options to dissble preloader in themeoptions, but this theme haven’t it. It’s a new theme. In next update we wil lsire add this options. At the moment you can only dissable it manualy. But you sould have some skills. the files you need are header.php (footer.php too) and js/libs/InitHome.js

Have a good day.

Hello again,

I have some more issues.

1. When I have tried to load slider images to home page with width 1900 px it is not seen on mobile version correct! Then I have tried 845 px width and the result is the same. (You told me 1900 or 845 px. Right?) Slider pict?res doesn’t seem correct on mobile version. (I couldn’t find chance to test on desktop version yet. I work on mobile for now. I hope desktop version is OK.)

2. Gallery images are squeezed to the below and ratio is so bad on mobile version. Picture goes on to the project description text.

3. Mobile version footer only shows “Navigation”. Is it possible to show also Contact info like desktop version?

4. I put image below the text in the “About Us” section of Home Page. This image is not correct on mobile version. It is not adapted to mobile screen.

PS: Your mail adress is not working which has written in the documentation. For your information. :)

Have a nice day.


1. the images in the home slider are responsive. The slider have aa static height and the image use the attribute background-size:cover; It’s impossible to show the photo with big height and small width widthour stretch. Open the page on desktop and resize the windows to smaller you will see and understand how works the slider.

In next update i will add an option to show other, small slider on home page, but the current version support this version only.

2. show us some screens, we wil ltry to fix.

3. No, this is not possible. On mobile version some ellements are hidden.

4. What do you mean? on the about section are only text and 4 photos, that work good on mobile. You added a photo in textare editor?

Use the contact form on profile page to contact us by email if you need.

Have a good day


How do I start with the actual website seen in the demo? I have zero web design skills, and I wonder if I could start with the demo and just edit and remove from that point on?


Hi, in the main archive you have the demo xml file to import. You can import this file. For setting the theme you don’t need skills in design or programming. Just read documentation and create each page step by step,or use the mxl demo content file.

Have a good day