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Hi i have a question

Under service box, how do you make it, such that when someone clicks on one of the icons, it will link them to a page?


Hi, do you want to add link for services icons/titles on Home page?

Yes, I want to add link to it.

the theme haven’t this options, but you can open the page-home.php find the section with services and add you custom links.

In next update we wil ladd this options to add links from admin panel.

the better way is to wait the update because if you wil lchange source files, you will not be able to use updates.

Have a good day

I purchased this theme because I saw in a previous comment that there was a demo xml. I used blumeresponsivewordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-12-11.xml demo xml, using the wordpress import tool, and it did not work AT ALL. Please provide more detailed instructions, or a working file.

Hi, the xml file is working perfect. If you have problem while importing data, that’s means that your hosting have some limits and abord some files during the upload proccess. Try to repeate or contact hosting to give you more limits on executation time forexample. Try to use documentation and set up the rest of pages manualy. It’s so easy.

Have a good day.

Thank you very much! It’s working perfectly. My goodness, this is a beautiful theme!

Hi, ok. Have a good day

Is there a way to add a header image, instead of the slider? Or, how can the slider loading image & screen effects be removed?

Many thanks.

Hi, this is not possible at the moment. The header support only the slider. In next update we will add an options to upload a simple image for header.

Have a good day

How do you change the “creative agency” – to any wording I want. I cant see them on any options

Hi, you can open the header.php file and replace the word to smth custom. In next update we will add an option to upload a custom preloader in theme options panel.

Have a good day

Hi !

Where and how do i insert links in the circles in the next page i built ?

hi, are you a purchaser of this theme?

Yes, i am just building it for the customer that bought it…

write the message from the purchasers accout please.


Under a portfolio page, how do you take out the “project Description” and “project details”

Hi, what do you mean? Add info in the gallery post and it will take the information. if you want to change the title – edit the source file called single-gallery.php

Have a good day

Hi Im really struggling on the header image on how to put it on the homepage section. I am talking about the image on top of the menu.(sliding photo on the site demo) . Mine didnt have one, and Im wondering how to get one. 1. what are the dimensions in pixels of this header? 2. How do I put an image on top of the menu? which settings do I need to modify can you please specify an instruction for us?

Hi, what do you mean? make sure you inserted the original size, not the thumbnail when you pressed add the image. By default wordpress set the thumb, not the original.

Have a good day

the image I uploaded/inserted is 1900×845, and when it shows on the header image slider on the home page, it looks zoomed in.

Also, is there a way, I can make the height a little smaller? can that be possible?

Hi, whaen you inserted the image in the field, after upload, probably you selected the thumbnail image. Add the image one more time and make sure that you are adding the original size in the field.

Have a good day

Is there anything that can be done about the mobile view? Personally, while I like the theme in general, I am diappointed with how it looks on my mobile device – and that is a big part of of my marketing plans moving forward. Basically, is there any way to get the home page to basically look like it does on my computer on a mobile device? The #1 important thing is that my sliders look terrible. I am also not thrilled with the way the icons look as you scroll down. Any help is much appreciate. Love the theme so far otherwise!

After looking more, I would love if there was a way to just get rid of the home slider for mobile or tablet views. Is there a way I can fix this in the code?

I was able to use the Soliloquy plugin to insert a responsive slider instead of the one used by the theme, but my logo and menu are out of position on my mobile device now – although the image scales correctly. Maybe that will help if you can integrate something like that and then reposition the logo and menu. I’m trying to figure out how to reposition them, but I can’t find it. Any help would be nice.

Hi, the theme is used a background slider, not a banner slider. Imagesare with background-size:cover attribute. it have a static height. NExt update we will try to add an option to use a simple banner slider (more flexible and responsive). but the current version doesn’t support it.

About the plugin, if you changed the sourcecode, you need some advanced customizations to fix problemes caused by the plugin.

Have a good day

One more thing, is there an example I can see of a gallery style blog post? Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I have the pictures showing up at the pictures showing up under “Gallery Images” in the editing tool – and I am picking the “gallery” as the format – yet nothing happens on my site. Thanks again for the help.

Hi, here – 2-nd post is gallery post –

But on the single post the gallery is hidden. only the featured image is shown. This is a bug ad wi will fix it on next update. because on sible post the gallery should work too. This month we wil lrelease an update.

Have a good day.

OK great. So, I’m not losing my mind! ;) I look forward to the updates!

Hi, we are working on the update. This month it should be released.

Have a good day

Hi there. Pre-sale question… Does the home page slider support video? Specifically, can a video (youtube/vimeo) be inserted on top of the slide background image instead of text/button?

Hi, the top slider support only images. In next updates we will try to add this option to support video.

Have a good day.

Sorry, have another question. Is there a way to add gallery images directly from the library without uploading them if they are already there? Say I want to make a gallery blog post that includes some images from a gallery – I don’t want to have to upload identical photos twice.

Hi, this is not possible. the sldier use attachments, that means each needed photo should be uploaded/attached to current post.

Have a good day

One more thing. I cannot use vertical photographs in the galleries. It cuts off the top and the bottom of the photographs. Is this going to be fixed as well? I’m feeling like this theme is starting to be a lost cause and I really want to make it work. :/

Hi, The gallery type is for horizontal images. You can’t use a vertical image, because you will broke the gallery slider design. We can add in next update to support vertical images, if you need. Already added this task in our plan.

Have a good day.


How do we edit the contact form (ie. add fields, change names, add pulldowns,etc) any plugins that work? 1. On the home page (parallaz) 2. on its own page

Hi, we don’t have developers tutorials. If you want to remove the contact form, you must have skills in programing. If you haven’t you are not able to remove. Try to find a developer or order our team for customizations.

Have a good day.

Hi ,can the header image (slider) be resized to a smaller height? or are we really constrained to 1900×845?

Hi, in the last version v. 1.1 we added option to select a banner slider in the top. Now you can upload any image (ex 1900-300px) and you height will be 300. not 845 as default. The options to select the banner slider in in the Theme options -> Advanced settings tab.

Have a good day.

Hello, i was wondering if this theme would be compatable for an online clothing store? Would i be able to set up paypal with this theme?

Hi, the theme is compatible ithwoocommerce plugin, and the paypal system is integrated in woocommerce too.You can build an shop very simple. Have a good day

An update is ready. v 1.1

- WordPress 3.8 Support
- Added new section in admin panel - Theme Information
- Updated lang .po file, added new words to translate
- Fixed the logo on login page width for wordpress 3.8
- Added option to upload custom pre loader animated image
- Added logo.psd file into the download archive
- Added an option to disable the site pre loader function in theme options panel
- Added an upload button and text specification in the Gallery box Admin panel
- Fixed the responsive issue of images with captions.
- Fixed the testimonial shortcode link issue
- Added child theme support and include a child theme example in the download archive
- Fixed the issue with custom post type icons in WordPress 3.8
- Added option to support vertical images in the gallery slider
- Fixed the responsive issue with the gallery slider
- Replaced the mobile navigation for better compatibility with mobile devices
- Fixed the mobile responsive issue with the shop grid page
- Added option to support custom links in services icons on Home and Our Service pages
- Added option to show a simple image in header on Home
- Added an option to select a banner slider on Home page in Theme options panel

is ready to download


I have made changes to my pages. Im wondering how to install the new verions update? [what to install?] would it affect the images I already put there, like the icons, logos,etc? (im a newbie)


Hi, you just need to delete the old theme, and install the new version. All data taht you added from the admin panel will be saved automaticaly. Don’t worry. But if you changes some source files using FTP, you will lose that data.

Have a good day.

there are two zip files, blume.zp and the which one should I upload?

Hi, the is the theme. and the is the child theme. If you need to use the theme – install the If you are a developer and need a child theme, use both. I thing you are not a developer. Use the first one.

Have a good day

Hi. Everything is working great, and I love the theme – except for one large issue: in the responsive mobile version, the portfolio images are squished into long blurs. I’ve tested it on Android and iPhones. Please provide a solution.

I’ve re-installed the updated theme am still having issues with the portfolio in the responsive mobile version. While not as long and stretched, the images are still distorted. I wish that I could provide you with a screenshot in this forum.

The portfolio on the portfolio page works & looks great, it’s just the one on the default homepage. Is there a way to include the real portfolio page in the home page, instead of the one that it comes with?

Thank you for providing us with an option to turn off the pre-loader. Much appreciated.

UPDATE: Okay, I decided to try my hand at fiddling with this and solved it. Took the entire code from the portfolio #2 page (my preference) and used it to replace the code on the home page template that references our-works.

RESULT: The portfolio section on the home page has the look and feel of the portfolio page and does not have the non-responsive squish/stretch weirdness.

Hi, do you have any problems at the time? What’s the problem with gallery slider? in the last version we fixed the responsive issue with the gallery slider. Try to clear cache. And if you can, show us some screenshots.

Have a good day

Hi how do you remove on a page/gallery “PROJECT DESCRIPTION PROJECT DETAILS Client : Date : Tags : “

Hi, you can’t to remove this sections. The theme haven’t this options.

Have a good day

Please can you tell me how to reorder the galleries and gallery categories. Thank you. Jason

Hi, the theme haven’t an option to create any order for items or categories.

Have a good day

Hi thanks for the update. I assume that you still have to edit the ‘creative agency’ on the loading page. I cannot find where to edit ‘take a look’ for the slider buttons. Would it be possible to change these for different instances. Also how do I change the map of the earth on the footer? Speaking of the slider, the HTML code boxes doesn’t seem to do anything. And when I change the settings my site doesn’t seem to remember my choices, reverting back to default on each page load. I’m also getting strange looking text on my bar rollover.

many thanks


1. In theme options upload your custom animated image and it will replace the “Creative Agency” with yours 2. You on’t have this options. 3. upload the google html code in the map field in the page settings. (first select the template for your page and save) 4. the HTML filed is not supported for Home page sldier. For Simple sliders are available the image, title, link and description fields only. 5. Check, may be you are using some cache plugins.

Have a good day