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Hello Crikova,

I just purchased blume and i am currently trying to install it, every time i got to install i get this error “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

How do i get the Style.css style sheet to be there?

Thanks, Ben

Oops, I figured it out. I was installing the wrong zip :)

yes, you are right. Have a good day

Hi, this is my account that we bought the theme Blume. Is that you have proof with this account? thank you

Sorry I forgot to mention that my post is at the request of CreaForWeb

Hi, ok. We will reply on all CreaForWeb messages. Have a good day


I have finished the website made with your template. The responsive mode is not good on some of my devices. You need some documentation on how to edit with mobile view.

These are the things that I would like help with:

- The navigation to be a bar with all tabs displayed or - Change the style of the generic drop down

- On an ipad the “fun facts” layout is all jumbled. - On some devices the “About Us” Staff pics do not get contained within the round circle so the square pics sit on top of the round outlines which are not completely covered.

You can check out the issues here

Thank you

Hi, can you show us some screenshots with problems on your devices and we will fix it on next update. Have a good day


How do I enable WooCommerce? I need to setup my shop. It isn’t in my toolbar with the rest of the options like Appearance, Settings, Dashboard, etc. Do I need to install a plugin?

Hi, you should install the woocommerce shop plugin from the plugins repository. After you should activate the plugin and you will have a shop section into your Admin Panel.

Have a good day

Can the full screen home page actually be a video for this theme??

Hi, by default the theme haven’tthis option. But in general this is possibleby some customizations. Have a good day

Does this template have a PSD file? It is not listed as an included file, and I have some customization I would like to add. This is great looking template.

Hi, if you need PSD, we will send it by email. But you should confirm the purchaser status, Have a good day

No problem,,,I just wanted to make sure before making the purchase. Thanks for the quick response. I will get that done today.

Ok, Have a good day.

Hi there,

Before I will eventually buy this theme, what plugins do I need basicly for a proper functionalist?

Thanks in advance, Marcel

Hi, If you want a simmilar site as our demo preview, you don’t need any plugins. All functionality is integrated in the theme. Have a good day


I have some problem with the PO files, I can’t save my translation I have several error like that :

“ Chaîne non-ASCII à ../woocommerce/loop/result-count.php:32. Veuillez spécifier l’encodage de la source avec l’option « —from-code ».”

Any idea ? Thx

Hi, yes, in result-count.php the line 32 have some unexpecter to poEdit symbols. Remove in general this file from the woocommerce folder. It will not affect the theme and woo integration. And try one more time. Have a good day

thx !

Have a good day

How do I add/change the images in the home page slider? I created a new slider, howerver it does not ask me to insert images. Also, what are the dimensions of the home page slider images?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, are you a purchaser? I don’t see the purchaser status.

Hi there… I hired a developer and he provided me this link should I have questions about the theme.

Hi, i have already replied in another thread. Have a good day.

Hello Again, Im not sure what the developer did but I don’t think he was honest. I have since purchased the theme and am looking for guidance on setting up the slider on the home page. I created a new slider and even specified it on the home page and it still does not show. i am also hoping for the dimensions.

Thank you, and sorry for any confusion.


First of all you should select a template for your home page. Edit the page and in the right place select the HOME template. Save.

After create your slider. Upload big images with 1900 width (the slider is fullscreen). Save and copy the sldier slug.

Add this SLUG (not shortcode) in the necessary field in theme options panel. Save.

Refresh your home page and will work perfect. Have a good day

Great, Thank you for your help… On another topic, the color selectors in the Typography section of the theme editor doesn’t work. I have change the colors to blue green etc, and no changes to the live site at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, these colors will change only one part. The body font, and the headers h1-h6 fonts. All other fonts, can contain different colors.

Have a good day

Hi This is your response last time saying that the mobile version (“our works”) section is working and not strectched. CRIK0VA Author 2 months ago Flag

Hi, i have already tested ant the gallery box on home is orking well on mobile. test the demo please.

Have a good day

i have tested it and your test demo also have streched pictures like mine. Here is the screen shot –

can you please let me know if this is fixable?SUMMARY: our works section pictures are stretched on mobile version and needs to be fixed.

here screen shot. . if this can’t be fixed, can I just get a refund on my money?

Hi, i see the problem. We are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible. please contact us by email, and when we will find a solution we will reply by email. Today or tommorow we will fix it sure. Have a good day

Hi, The problem is already fixed. Download the last version and uodate your theme. The homepage gallery items will work perfect on your mobile. Have a good day

Hi, The typography color options do not seems to be working. They remain at the default setting regardless what colors are selected.

please help.

Hi, and now create a simple page and add the text. H1-H6 titles. These titles must be colored. If no, that means the problem realy exist. But if colors are working – the option works.

So I tested it and the headers work, but why doesn’t the page titles or menus change colors then?

Because this options is not included in the theme. The option is for changing content titles. To change the headers you should edit sourrce files, such as css/general.css

Have a good day

Hi, How can I translate the theme options with WPML? I have already made translatable the “Theme Options Media” post type, but nothing happen…

Hi, the theme is WPML ready. The xml config file is added in the archive. Ceck ig you use the last version, if yes, contact the WPML support team to ask how to manage the plugin. All theme options fields are added to the xml config file. Have a good day

Hi, sorry but I don’t understand. I can translate posts and pages without any problem, but I would like to translate also the theme options, like address, phone, ecc… Is it possible?

yes, this is possible. But how to manage the plugin will answer WPML support team. We have integrated the theme with their plugin. We support our theme and not third part plugins. That’s why you should contact the WPML support. Have a good day

An Update is ready.

Version 1.2 – 16/04/2014
- WordPress 3.8.3 Ready
- Fixed the mobile responsive issue with homepage gallery section
- Fixed the issue with gallery list in admin panel (modal window)
- Fixed the issue with slider section fields (removed unnecessary fields)
- WooCommerce 2.1.7 integration issues fixed

is ready to download.

Where can I find div id=”fountainTextG” so I can edit the page loader?

Hi, in the header.php file you will find that div. Have a good day

Hi, With Wordpress 3,9 there is no more the shortcode button. Where can I find all the short code from this template ?


Have a good day.

Hi, Where can I change the URL : /testimonials ?

Hi, in alethemes/config.php file. Edit the Testimonials post type. Have a good day

Hi, Some more questions please thank for answering

1.Is there any way to show case videos AND photos (original content )? 2.What about ranking features (most liked or viewed etc..)


Hi, if you ant to show video in content, you can do it easy by wordpress functionality or any other video plugins.

2. The theme doesn’t have this option. May be in future releases we will update and add these features, but i’m not sure and don’t know when exactly will be this update ready. Better for you is to find a developer for this customization.

Have a good day

Mobile background dont work ?

Hi, what do you mean? on your page you don’t have any background. Have a good day

Hi, I have 3 questions.

1. How do I remove the text “No results were found for the requested page.” from the testimonial box on the home page? 2. Where do I change the font color for the footer contact information? 3. Why does the facts counter stop working? This has not been touched and no longer works.

Thank you

I have just been making font color changes, nothing core code related.

Also, can you point me in the right direction to change the font color in the contact information footer. I can’t seem to find what I need.

Hi, try to enable all boxes for the Home pge and refresh the page to test if it will work. May be the problem is caused because not all boxes are enabled.

The Footer font you can cahgne in the css/general.css file.

Have a good day

I cannot get the mask removed from the slider on the homepage; I have used the Custom CSS and this:

home-slider .slides li.backgroundslider .mask {display:none!important;}

but it’s not working.

I’ve tried other things as well, but nothing is working. Please let me know what can be done. Thanks

 #home-slider .slides li.backgroundslider .mask {display:none!important;} 

check what type of slider do you use in theme options panel. Banner or background. Because this code is for li.backgroundslider. Probably your use a Banner and that’s why.

Have a good day