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I am interested in purchasing your theme, however I want to use it for a fashion designer’s site and e-shop. They have asked me to integrate an e-shop (which I know is possible via the woocommerce plugin). However, they would like the e-shop to have some features which I am not sure if they will be compatible with woocommerce or your theme. Here is an example of how they want it:

It has a zoom feature (to see the garment up close) and also a size feature (for the garments) which has the ability to be grayed out if a particular size of a product is not available.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

Hi, you can customiza the image section or use some ready plugins for this. The theme is fully woocommerce compatible. Have a good day

Nice work! Good luck!


Hi , I need to know why this isn’t loading centered. It never has, and is one of the last things I want to resolve before completing the site.

Hi, can you give me a live link example, may be i will give you a solution. It should be full width, don’t knw why yours is not full. Have a good day

Hello and congrats for this great work!

I have a pre-sale question:I am looking for a theme specifically designed for personal shopers in which they can log in individually ( multiple user) and create their own page with: experience, photo, prices, customer reviews, availability (booking plug-in) make appointments, qualifications and the option for the clients to get in contact with them or hire their services.

In your opinion, is your theme suitable to do this?

Thanks you very much for your help Good luck!.

Hi, you can make it with some customizations. Have a good day

how do i bring up the logo at the home page or put more opacity to the main menu background color?

Hi, you can do it manualy in the source files. The logo manipulations can be done in header.php file. The opacity in css/general.css file. Have a good day

Hi CRICOVA, I love the theme…works great for a newbie (like me) to Wordpress. I only have 2 questions: 1. How can upload my own fonts? 2. How can I change or disable the the “CREATIVE AGENCY” loading animation?

Thanks in advance for the help.


You are not able to use own fonts, you can only use fonts from google fonts. 2. you can upload your custom animation in Theme options panel. Or if you want to change the word, edit the file header.php and change letters. Have a good day

Thank you very much…

Have a good day

Hi how do i change the breadcrumbs link on top. It should be Home > Product > Item. Currently is Home > Gallery > Item

change the post type name and slug in aletheme/config.php. Have a good day

hi can you be more specific on where to change. Thanks

have already replied in other thread.

hi how do i create the link from home page about us team picture?

give me a live link, i will take a look.

Hi, open the js/scripts.js file and remove that code $('.peoples a').click(function(){ return false; });

After the link should work. Have a good day

I do not have the page testimonials from my all pages but it is available. How come?

in the same file where you changed the post type name aletheme/config.php file. Have a good day

can you be more specific thanks

Change the post type slug in aletheme/config.php . I don’t know how to explain in other words. You should have some skills in php to make it possible. Have a good day

The dropdown navigation isn’t visible when looking on a mobile device. All the rest turns responsive, the logo appears above the navigation bar, but the navigation bar itself shows a darkened area without navigation options. See example:

Hi, did you added a menu for mobile? The theme is using the mobile location for small devices , not the default menu. In the menu section make sure you have a mobile menu seleted.

Problem solved! Thank you so much for your swift response!

Have a good day

Hi there,

The button for short codes as seen in your documentation doesn’t show up for any of my pages. Is there something I need to do to activate this?

Thank you.

Clear the browser cache. Ctrl+f5 on windows.

It worked, thank you.

Have a good day

Hello, I purchased your design, and I have a couple of questions, like: - On the homepage, there is the “OUR WORK” section. How can I change the section’s title? I can rename all section titles but this one. - In the “OUR WORKS” section, the text links don’t work. I cannot click on the text above the pictures, to reorganise the items. (on the portfolio subpages, the links are ok) - In the “OUR WORKS” section how can I change the “View all galleries…” link text under the pictures? - Its pretty bad, that if I have only 2 person in the “ABOUTS US” section, the empty circles still show up, insted of hiding the unused places. Any solution?

Him the home page template is – page-home.php file. Change this source file. Have a good day

Hello! I have purchased you theme and have a couple questions. 1. The slider options does not give me options to change the animation or randomize slides etc. like it says in your PDF 2. I cannot find where to change the color of the slider fonts. 3. I cannot find where to change the font style or size of font on the sliders. Thank you!


1. The home page sldier doen’t have this option. This option is for shortcode generator only, On simmple inner pages you can use these option in the slider that is placed as content.

2. this option is not available. You just can change it from source files. CSS/general.css file.

3. the same, general.css file

4. Edit your home page. Select the Home template and save. After will appear a box with options. Add images in these fields. Have a good day

Thank you for answering the questions – I have 2 more… 1. When the page loads you see “creative agency” very quickly before you see my homepage – how can I take that off? 2. How can I change what the button says on the slider (I don’t want it to say take a look). Thank you!


1. in Theme option you have the field to “Upload custom animation image” upload it and your image will replace the animated default text.

2. You can’t change it. You can only change it from the source file.

Have a good day my navi menu auto sticks to the top once scroll, but the demo one will stick to the top after scrolling till it reaches the top, why is this happening?

Hi, on the dome site is enabled the background style slider (on your is a banner style slider). That can be the problem. We will check it and make to work on both version as on demo. Have a good day

i’ve change to background style and it still sticks to the top.

on your site is enabled the banner at the moment. I can’t test in this case.

I’m looking at your theme, but I have a question. I run a business that has a lot of customization options. I need to have these options listed with every single product I list. Does your theme have the ability to do this? And can it be saved and duplicated? If you need a visual, please let me know.


Hi, the theme is as the demo preview. All options from demo are available in the theme. Have a good day


I would like to add a logo image that is larger (wider) than the default size stated in the settings. It looks like I need to change CSS code, but I don’t see any in the editor to specify size. Can you help? I will have to try a few logo sizes as we determine site logo, so I would really like to know how to do it myself. Thank you.

Hi, you can change in in the source file css/general.css using FTP soft. Or you can add your css code in Custom CSS field in Theme option with important attribute to rewrite the default code.

Have a good day

Hello! I’m wondering if you can provide access to a larger version of the image file in Blume theme titled: logo.png

Hi, what do you mean? You need the logo.psd file? Have a good day

If you have a .psd for it, that would be great. Many thanks.

Hi, sure we have, contact us by email and i reply with the PSD. Have a good day

I’m still having issues across the board with the responsive mobile version. Is there a code/way to disable it?

Hi, the theme doesn’t have the option to dissable the responsive mode. What kind of problem do you have on mobile? may be i can fix it. Have a good day

The logo covers the header image Items that load on scrolling are fuzzy at first before loading The testimonials background image is misaligned with scrolling feature The portfolio page (still) doesn’t load images correctly The contact form doesn’t load additional content correctly, like links & return lines.

Hi, can you show some screenshots examples? Have a good day

Hello, on theme demo the dropdown menu does not display all menu items because menu is too low on bottom of browser. Can this be fixed to dropdown menu items go up instead of down?

Can pages support sidebars? I see that blog entries do, but can pages?


1. can you show me some screenshots examples?

2. only blog posts support sidebars –

Have a good day

Beautiful theme, I really like it and bought it today.

It installed without any errors but it does not look anything close to the sample on Live Preview, here:

I’m a newbie and not a pro, all I wanted is to get this theme look exactly like on the preview. Upload new images and update content on some pages and delete what pages we dont need.

Please help me. How do I install theme to look exactly like on preview? Thanks in advance!


First of all install the theme on a clear wordpress site. (without psots and pages).

After get the xml file with demo data in the main archive and import it in the inport section. That file will imposrt the content, posts and pages. But some data will be not imported, such as theme options settings. This data you should setup manualy using the Docs file.

For example you should create a slider and copy the slider SLUG in Theme options panel. Edit the home page and select the “Home” template

Have a good day.