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hi enstyled

the contact form doesn’t seem to work for me don’t know what the problem is

hi enstyled

just send u mail having lots of problem with IE 8

waiting for your replay.



Hello, RD297 ,

Can you send me a link to your site, so I can take a look and inspect the code?

RD297 , just sent you an e-mail ;)

hi enstyled

I’m trying to add a animated logo on the top left but cant get it to work

i made a animated swf logo but it doesn’t work.

any ideas?

Hello, RD297 ,

Please send me an e-mail with a link to your website so I can take a look at the code you are using.

ok, you’ve got mail.


Hello, Atenax,

It’s a strange bug that seems to occurs on servers running Windows. Here’s how to fix it:

Open your contact.php and change each ”\n” to ”\r\n”.

Let me know if this works for you ;)

Thanks a lot enstyled for the help.. it works.. ;) ... nice template by the way.. take care.

Glad to hear it works and you like the template! Don’t forget to rate it ;)

Hi. I love the templare, but have a small query. I have an image background that stays in place on my computer, but when i look on the iphone the image is behind the text. The image resizes on the iphone, but on the computer it works great as the text areas have the dark part of the image.

Is there any way to replicate the way it works on the computer so it does not have the image behind the text on the phone.

Cheers Nikki ;)

Hello, Nikki,

Can you send me a link to your page via mail, so I can take a look at the problem?


I’m using videos from vimeo, but i also like to use videos from youtube.

To vimeo, i’m using something like this:

a href=”http://vimeo.com/29470908” img src=”images/thumb_vid03.jpg” alt=”” /

How can i use video from youtube, if it’s possible?

Thank you

my website: http://www.fotofundador.pt

Hello, kaganita,

To have both Vimeo and YouTube, the script should be customized and some extra HTML should be put. Can you send me an e-mail via my profile, I will see what can I do.


Just wanted to say, lovely template, been using it for a while now.

The only downside is the portfolio just having a Lightbox image. It was good at first but now I want something where I can show more images per project along with a little write up. But it’s not a worry, shall be editing it soon to get what I need out of it.

Still love the template :)

Thank you, Fraawgz! I might add a project details in the future :)


I am having issues with the contact form. I tried changing the \r\n code, but it didnt work for me. Any ideas.

Here is the code. Cheers

$body = “From: ”.$mail[‘name’]. ”\r\n\r\n E-Mail: ”.$mail[‘email’]. ”\r\n\r\n Telephone: ”.$mail[‘telephone’]. ”\r\n\r\n Message:\r\n ”.$mail[‘message’];

Hello, nikki2,

What kind of problem do you have with it. Also, which OS does your server running on?

Thanks for the fast reply.

I am on firefox on my mac.

When i use the form it does not send the message to the email. I have it on the server and the rest of the site works great.


There might be a problem with the configuration of your server, as the form should work on any standard LAMP server. Can you check your server logs for errors?

twitter app not show message’s on main page and other

Does it work on the preview for you? Can you send me a link to your site, so I can take a look?

enstyled, I know this is quite late however I just come across this great looking template.

I havent set up a site yet. I have purchased hosting from bluehost. I simply havent set it up yet.

The reason for my query. I am interested in using this template for blogging and sharing my tattoo pictures with folks. My question I suppose in short is (A) How difficult is it to add pictures and (B) would i have to physically have to edit the blog page everytime I want to add something too it or is there someway for me to pull my blog from facebook or something into my website?

Thank you kindly for any information in regards. Have a wonderful evening.

Hello, Infantry11b248h,

You can integrate the template with WordPress or another blog system, so you don’t have to edit the posts by hand. You can take a look at WordPress documentation on how to integrate it and see if it works for you :)

Enstyled very nice work thank you. Is there a way to do the same thing for my photos? I have a little over 9000 pictures i want to share on my page. will wp do the same thing for me?

Infantry11b248h, WP comes with an image manager you can use for your images and there are quite a few plugins to extend the functionality, so you can configure it the way it works best for you. Take a look at the plugins on the WP site and there are some great plugins on CodeCanyon too.

Is this theme was ever updated for WordPress?

Hello, JLCarbwood,

The template is not developed for WordPress. I might still develop it in the future.

how do I do that at first portfolio is shown only video work area and not all areas. sorry for my english.

Hello, remix_medien,

You can add the following line in js/custom.js:

$('#portfolio_filter .video').trigger('click');

put it just before ”// PNG fix”. This will trigger the video filter on page load.

thanx, but it still shows all the areas on the first page of portfolio, as well as in all areas

http://www.remix-medien.de/test/portfolio.html hier ist my test site – it is just dont work. please help me. it must be online at 1.10.2012


Hello, remix_medien,

You should have the code I gave you at just one place, towards the end of the file – you are now having it in multiple places.

Please, send me an e-mail via my profile page, I will send you the modified file.

hello enstyled

the contact form doesn’t seem to work for me don’t know what the problem is. my link is www.ronnyvanlieshout.nl

Hello, ronnyvanlieshout, Please refer to the provided documentation on how to setup the contact form. Basically you need to use the PHP version of the contact page instead of the HTML one.