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Love the simplicity of this layout but really would rather see a straight HTML version of it.

Thank you. HTML version will be live soon.. stay tuned.. :-)

Is there any HTML/CSS to this? Can I have a video instead of the book? Thanks.. :)

Hi, No HTML/CSS is available now. You can put Video instead of Book Image.

Any update on the plain HTML version of this? Would love to buy it.

Not yet. Will let you know once complete. Thank you for your patience.

where is a sample of the mobile version?

This template is only available as web version.

I love this simple yet effective LP – But is it Responsive ? I assume it is as these days you will get penalized by your audience and Google if you forget mobile users.

Please confirm. Thanks

Hello. This template will work fine on mobile devices also.

Just to confirm, this is an Unbounce template not HTML.

Thank you. I just purchased it and am editing it on Unbounce, but when I view your sample page ( and resize the window the landing page is NOT responsive. Please advise.


As I said before, this template includes a mobile version, That means you have to add a JS code in your deskop version (Provided in Unbounce Forum) then the code will automatically identify the device and will provide mobile layout if detected.

Hope that helps.

Email me if you have any further issues :

This is a scam – after buying it, i realized i needed to pay 50$ per month.


Sorry, it seems you have purchased wrong item. This is an Unbounce Template, not HTML. This template is categorized in Unbounce.

So, its not a scam. its how it is.

If you want to try Unbounce for free, follow this link :

or, if you want a refund, Please contact :


Could you please provide a link to the “JS code” that is provided in the Unbounce forum? I can’t find it. After uploading your theme to Unbounce, and clicking on the mobile version, I see that there is not a mobile version included in this theme. I’ve used other Unbounce themes from Themeforest (like Flatpack, Mediclick, MedPage, and others) and their mobile version is created and beautifully done for me in Unbounce without any extra work from me. No JS code required. I’m thinking that the mobile version isn’t here based on my experience so far. Can you let me know, please?

*UPDATE: * I’ve pushed an update with the mobile compatibility. You will receive an email once its live. It may take few hours. Then you can download and use that.

Thanks a lot for your patience and appreciate your efforts.


DUDE. Kudos to you! Yes, now the mobile page shows up just fine. Sweet! Thank you so much!

Glad I could help :)

PS: If you like the template, Could you please rate it on Themeforest?. That means a lot to me. Click here to rate it ( )


Golcas Purchased


is there a way to get the book with white background?


You can find different styles here: You may customize it as you like.