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Thank you William :) We’ll be updating the template later today with two new versions – with photo slideshow background and with fullscreen video background.

Congr. One of the most creative coming soon designs!

You released it today so it’s natural that there were still some little bugs (Chrome 28):

1) If email box left empty the warning message appear wrongly.

2) Submit button has 100% width

3) Email section has twitter icon!

Not a bug but is it possible to make scrolling work as regular? (i.e. go to next tab)

Yes another update is coming tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for noticing this :)

wish this have a contact form beside subscribe form. also is it possible to remove the control panel top left?


Have you for this theme for Wordpress?


This is only an HTML template, not WP version.

the package i download is not same as the demo is given…

Can you turn the counter off?

the package i download is not same as the demo is given…

I just bought the template and it is not the same as the demo. The scrolling doesn’t work properly and it doesn’t have all the sections as for example the #about-wrapp section…

Please, can you update it?

hello I can not find the about page on the template download

bug on this page slider

The demo sample has 5 pages but the purchased product only comes with 3. Can the owner please advise? Is there a way to get these additional pages?


Samnyc this is my problem

how to hide the controls in the interactive background mode?

how do I use the twitter section with my own twitter account? where do i make the change with my information? please advise, thanks.

Here’s the documentation that will help you with setting up your twitter feed: http://www.queness.com/post/14004/easiest-way-to-retrieve-twitter-timeline-and-hashtags-twitter-oauth-api-11

Can the controls be hidden in the interactive background mode?

Yes the can :)

Just bought it, but 2 issues. 1- there is no scrolling feature on the interactive background and 2, I don’t see anything in the documenation regarding removing the controls. I take it it isn’t very detailed.

The template doesn’t work :( I can not install it because wordpress inform me that the style.css is missed … Someone to help me please ?

Well this is actually on,y an HTML Template, not a WordPress theme so you can’t install it through WP. If you need any further help with setting up your template, please email us at avathemes@gmail.com