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Simple and very clean theme, Good luck dude!

Thank you :)

Clean and easy/fast to set up. Thanks

Is it possible to put a google map in a page like the share Page and also add an icon for that in the main page like the heart, the calendar or the envelop?

ok done, i replace social area that not be use

Glad you figured it out :)

Awesome please check my e-mail! Also in Firefox it looks kinda crazy. Keep up the good work!

hello, need help. When i replace the background with my own and i view it on a mobile device, the background instead of adapting appears horizontally, fully, onto the screen. As it isn’t wide enough vertically, everything else underneath it is white. If you can give me a email i can provide an picture

Hello, you can contact me back with the URL of your page using the contact form on my profile page, or you can submit a ticket in here:

Hi there! Love this but am wondering if you can have it up and work on a live server on your site at the same time? No what I mean?

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean.. The preview is live and working on a server?

Sorry I guess I didn’t word it properly.. If I purchase this and install it and have it up and running can I work on my site while this one is live. People see the under construction one and I can build the “final” site behind the scenes…make sense? I had another under construction wordpress page that allowed this before.

This is not a WordPress theme, it is an HTML template.