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Nice job! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks for the kind words ;)

no working with google crome?

what do you mean, doesn’t work with google chrome? what exactly doesn’t wwork or displays correctly?

display in the screen ( cannot access local image )......... and don’t appear nothing…...........

It is tested several times and works in most browsers (mentioned in description). It works in Google Chrome, also.

Maybe, your machine or OS makes problem, because you are running it on localhost. Try uploading it online, and it may work fine.

Beautiful. Congrats, good luck and will be tracking you to see the first full theme psd design.


Thanks. We’re glad you like our theme :). Our future items will have PSD files included.


I keep getting problems with line 8 in newsletter.php and line 22 in mail.php, here are the errors:

Whenever I submit a test email or mail, it not only DOES NOT SEND TO THE DEFINED EMAIL ADDRESS, but also I get the following messages:

“Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/.../newsletter.php on line 8” “Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/.../mail.php on line 22”

I need this site up ASAP, please help me with these two simple yet devastating problems.

Thank you.

Hi… First of all, thank you for your purchase.

Second, where are you testing the template? On localhost or did you upload it to a server? The demo version, which you can test, works just fine (as you can see by yourself), so i need a little more detail on where you tested this to be of more assistance.

In addition to the above problems, the documentation for this theme is rather poor. The names of the files do not match with those in the documentation, and at one point it refers to a line of code which does not exist.

When I edit the countdown javascript file EXACTLY as instructed to, the bar registers in the negative direction, as follows: http://i.imgur.com/zDMM0IH.png.

I find that this problem detracts too much from the functionality of the theme, and I hope that I will find your assistance.

Thank you for your time

Check your mail. All the best, and once again, thanks for the purchase :).