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I posted a request for help 21 days ago and have sent you three emails requesting help. I have not been able to install your template properly and your provided instructions does not give step by step instructions on how to install it on my server.

I have put the files on my public_html folder on my server (my server is set up for php) and when I click the link I get an odd page. (which I attached to an email a couple of weeks ago). Could you, or anyone for that matter, help me rectify this issue?

Thank you.


Hi,rdiverson, say sorry again, please do not worry, please give me the screenshot, i will review it and give you the answer as soon as i can.

Best regards!

Sent you the screenshot 9 days ago….

Hi, rdiverson, sorry for that, i have answer all the email these days, maybe into the spem box? please send me another email, and tell me your email, i will fix the problem for you.

By the way, i really not saw the email. my email : digith@outlook.com .

Hi Digith,

I have a problem with outlook 2013 and your light/boxed template. The 3 price columns are not working properly.. the 3rd is breaking. Do you know this problem and how can we fix it?

Thanks in advance :-) Kevin

Hi digith,

I have send you an email but no response yet. When do you think you can handle it?

Thanks in advance for your work! Kevin

hi, insightsolutions, sorry for that, but i did not received your email, could you tell me here your email, or twitter me, i i will check my inbox and spam box, say sorry again!

this is really good work;

How do you setup a button to have a link? Every time I set it up it makes the text purple.

Hi, easy, please follow the steps:

1 click the [ edit content ] button above the page window

2 choose the button text which you want to add link

3 click the [ link ] button on the CKeditor toolbar

4 choose url and input the link url

5 click green [ ok ] button

That’s all, please try, if still has problem, letter me to digith@outlook.com, i can cut screenshots for you.

Good luck!

hi, great work!

1 question

Why is your credit information hard coded / embeded with each and every single html template file??? If i purchased this which i have, i would like to remove this info from the html files, as when an email template is generated in mailchimp or any other email sending system, your details http://themeforest.net/user/digith and other info are displayed right at the top of the source code…. If i remove this line, the templates do not load on the theme builder…

Please get back to me on how to remove this from the template files without causing any issues.

thank you

Very sorry for reply so late, travel outside for 3 days, unable to provide customer service, now just come back, I will have a rest, then will answer your quesion tomorrow .

Say sorry again for your time.

But there is a good news, before the trip i’ve started seting an online builder services site for my clients, this should be completed in a few days, my clients who has no public php server or not family with PHP and installation could use the online service then.

Best regards!

Hi,ermjud, i only keep the copyright in the prebuild structure file, hard coded because i do not want other people rewrite my builder, but when you download your own page, you can delete the copyright info, and if you want to use the file in the future, just save a project file for the page, it is so easy, and you can edit the project file at anytime, if you completed editting contents, download the final email page, then you can delete any comment info by hand. Good luck! 8-)


Great template, really like the layout but not a fan of the image moving back and forward after a while! Is there a way to stop this so it’s just a static image please?


Sure, very easy, when you get the page, just change the stylesheet, Please send me a letter to digith@outlook.com, i will send your the code, good luck! 8-)


Is it possible to change the button color only?

Hi,fenner, you should edit the code by hand, the button color is same as the main color, change main color via builder will change all color elements, sorry for that, good luck! 8-)

Hello, great template builder, but i cant seems to make my mail responsive. when opened from a mobile device it still look like opened with desktop computer. any ideas?

Hi, no worry about that, please review the page you got, and be sure it is not the project file, project file can not be used to send your email campagin, and can not response, if you do use download menu button in the left sidebar to get the final page, please send your page to me, my email is: digith@outlook.com , i will review it and then give you the suggestion. Kind regards! 8-)

hey, sorry for the late response. mail sent with my downloaded themplate. also sent newsletter to you, so you can check it out. Thanks

Hi, i sent you an email, i fix the bottom for you, please check it, if still has problem, never hesitate to letter me, i will help you, good luck! 8-)

Hello, can this work with MyMail – Email Newsletter? Thank you! This is one of the best looking email template!


Hi, sorry for reply late, these days are the Chinese National day holiday, so i …. say sorry again, we did not insert the mymail tags into the template, now our my templates have 3 version pages which you can downloaded from the builder, inline css/mailchimp/campaignmonitor, if you use mymail send the email campaign, please do it youself, sorry for that, kind regards! 8-)

how should i export the file for mymail configuration. do you have any plans on supporting mymail. i really like this theme. I’m hoping you could consider mymail for other people too.

Hi, I sent several emails but have had no response. Perhaps there is a problem recieving email from you. I have checked spam, but still nothing.

My problem is that the builder both on your server and my server is not working on Firefox and more recently chrome. I have the most up-to-date versions. Its doing a redirect to an image “http://builder.digith.com/online/b-m/digith_template_builder/css/images/ui-bg_glass_65_ffffff_1×400.png” and coming up with a 404 error message. Can you please advise solution?

Hi, yes, i think so, there was a client send email to me, when i reply, said the mailbox has no space, all my email rejected, please send me an email and check your email box , if it’s not the reason, i will answer your question ASAP. Kind regards!

Can I use 2 templates at the same time if I purchased it. For example, I would like to use some modules from healthcare and then other modules from B&M in the same email. Is this possible within the template builder?

Hi, by now, you can not work in that way, because each templates has different css name( sure some are same) and the builder js code are not all the same, sorry for that, but, if you family with html+css, sure you can do that by hand, Kind regards! 8-)

what is this strange class doing in the html of a file with inline styling??

class=”img-inline social shfstzoxjdiclfwkjaqm”

I dont know how you can say these passed litmus tests – that is a blatant lie!

the very first template in the theme switcher is does not display correctly in outlook

I’m busy doing another litmus test and will post all the errors here

Hi, did you know i use CKeditor inline editor in my builder, did you know CKeditor will insert special class name in the page, sure you will find some special class name in the project file, but ,all these code will deleted automaticlly when you download the final page, and please do not use project file send your email campaign, project file will be used to save your work and you can upload them into page window at any time and you can re-edit it. About 3-character hex code is unsupported on Android 4.2, we now update all my templates into new version, with builder 3.1, and we will check it, and convert them into 6-character hex color.

BTW, all my templates will tested via mailchimp inspector(litmus), every template, so please use the final email page(not project file) doing the test.

If still has problem, please send me your code to me, my email is digith@outlook.com, i will review it and then give you the suggestion.

Hope these words can help you, Kind regards!

Hi Johnson, I messaged you 2 weeks ago via the contact form on your Themeforest profile and then created a ticket via your support system on 2nd January. Can you please check these?


Hello, still awaiting response regarding this issue first raised 4 weeks ago.

Hello, Is support no longer being offered?

Hi Digith

There seems to be a problem as a result of latest version. For some reason, the builder is adding to the URL for images. It works fine in the builder, but once exported, all image links are broken. See example of the URL in export:

https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/tangiblesydney.com.au/HTML Email Builder/html/light-full/images/FESQbanner.jpg

It should be:

http://tangiblesydney.com.au/HTML Email Builder/html/light-full/images/FESQbanner.jpg

I’ve tried contact via comment here, the form on your profile page, your email and your ticket system numerous times over the last 7 weeks. We are now having problems with images not being responsive.

Hello, I have created an email using your template builder online. The only issue I am having is the “-+ClearAll” is displaying repeatedly between each module. How do i get rid of this? I sent an email to your outlook account as well. thanks

Hi, I have buy your product in november 2014. Today it doesn’t work more ! I have message as if I was not a client ! -Many thanks for you like my template, Please buy the template to get all ressource. + Try the template builder again!-

I had to create and send newseletter today. It is not normal. Why can’t I use it more ?


Your online builder is not working!

Hi, May I know why i cannot change the image through upload from computer?