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Good Evening,

Just purchased the theme. Best $ 8 spent of my life!

Great theme!

I just have one quick question. I seem not be able to visualize the little PDF, E-mail, print widgets that sits on the center left on some using this theme. Am I missing something? Have I forgot to install something. Everything else works flawlessly thanks to your package instructions.

Thanks for your answer!


Hello Marco,

I believe you are thinking about Bold version 1 which indeed included those little buttons, yet was not responsive. We’ve removed them in v.2 in favour of an on-page contact form for messaging and an included editable PSD file to create your own PDF resume.

Thanks for your kind words!

Regards, Alex

And for $ 8 you also receive kind, human, fast and effective customer support. Incredible! Thanks for your explanation.

I only have another doubt. The progress/fill/percentage bar on some sites using BOLD have the 0-50-100% mark on top of them. Is it another V.1 feature or there’s a way to make it look like that without obviously typing the number on top?

The more I look at the html and style sheet of this template the more I find this theme amazing, precise, ordered and logic. I’ve worked with a bunch of templates in the past but never I found such an intuitive and well written code! You should definitely be complimented!

Have a great week-end!


Hi Marco,

Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m afraid the 0-50-100 indicators were also a design element present in the old version.

Regards, Alex

I can’t seem to get the contact form to work. I can fill it in and it cheerfully tells me that my message was sent, but I don’t receive any of those messages. I appear to have PHP active on my Dreamhost account, and I configured the contact-form-process.php file as instructed. Any ideas? The website is nicolasgold.com by the way.

Hi, I’ve tested your form and you said you received my message, so the form is working. I’ve also replied to your email with more information about possible reasons this might have happened.

Regards, Alex

I just downloaded this theme and have struggled to upload it to WordPress.

This is what I get on my screen after clicking install:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-210069-bold-2-better-responsive-resumecv-print-bonus.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help.

Hello, unfortunatelly you are trying to install this on WordPress and you shouldn’t. As clearly stated in the item’s description, this is not a WordPress theme, but a simple HTML template. A clear indicator would have been the very low price compared to any WordPress theme on this market.

I am sorry for your mishap. Please try to address Envato support – http://support.envato.com/ – and see if anything can be done in your case.

Kind regards, Alex


First of all thank you for this wonderful design. It really is great! It seems though that I have this strange issue with the contact form. When I set up the contact-form-process.php and enter the Gmail address it doesn’t deliver the email. But, on the other hand, when I enter the Yahoo mail address it works perfectly normal. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you.

Hello and first of, thanks for the purchase and the kind words!

Now, if the email gets sent to the Yahoo email address, it 100% gets sent to the Gmail address too. Basically, the issue is not with the script, but the mail box. Please check your spam folder on Gmail and see if the email somehow got into spam.

Also, make sure you add the email address from which your emails come from through the mail form to a trusted list. To avoid emails like that from being filtered again.

Gmail has a more aggressive spam filtering than Yahoo.

Regards, Alex

Thank you Alex, This was the quickest support I ever got :) You were right, I should check the Gmail more detailed. All fine now!

Thanks again

You’re most welcome! We’d really appreciate a review and rating of Bold if possible. You can find the ratings in your downloads page.

Thanks you, Alex


I purchased this CV yesterday and here is my item purchase code: 15bd80bc-809c-474e-a2d4-8b81c2997293

It is great I must say first of all! And I have a few technical issues with it:

1. The link to download the CV at the bottom of the page does not work. I saw that on the main html file the link is ’#’ so I am wondering – what am I supposed to change it to and how do I get it to download?

I need this to work for 2 reasons: a) I will need it as this will be my way to get a printable version of it in a PDF as I don’t have Photoshop. b) So people can download it themselves.

2. The mobile version of this CV is displayed not 100% OK on a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. It does not come out as the right size and you need to scroll to the right. How can this be fixed?

Thank you, I’d appreciate your help! Noy

P.S: The live link to my CV is http://www.noyshani.com/cv/ if you want to refer to anything I mentioned.

Hello, the link to download the CV should be edited by you (replace the #) to link to a file that users would download, a PDF or DOC version of your CV. The website cannot generate one for you, as it’s only a simple HTML template.

In regards to the Samsung issue, I’m not really sure how I could help you. Our responsive testing tools don’t show any resizing issues, our own phones, although not Galaxy S5’s, don’t show issues with your site and there was no other report of it and the items has almost 1000 sales…

Regards, Alex

Never downloaded template before (always designed my own in Photoshop) How does this work? No information on how you get started using this????

Are you 100% sure we are still talking about Bold (HTML Resume template)? Our template doesn’t include Slider Revolution. I think you might confuse products/authors?

Bold HTML Resume Template is most recent purchase. The Slider Revolution came with the Jam Session Theme. Need to know how to How to Update both Slider plugin AND Jam Session Theme (I get an error message through my WP) Slider has no way to update through website

Then, For that information I am going to ask you to use the comments section on the Jam Session theme page. It’s a different product from a different author and there’s no way I could help you with that.


hello, please i want ask about the Work sample section in BOLD v.2, when i add some pictures in that section and save the resume as PDF, so when i press on those pictures it will pop up in PDF also as u share it in the live preview ?

Hi, no unfortunately. PDF is a simple text/reading format without any scripting options. There’s no way to achieve that, just as there’s no way to pop images out of a real book.


I download the Bold-2-resumecv. I updated the php file with my email address but the “contact me” and also the “get my resume” buttons/functionality is not working.

Thanks for your help. Below is product code to confirm purchase 6fba5e63-ca50-4933-a320-77d4a3934a05


Hello, could you please provide a link to the live website? Also, the “Get my resume” is not supposed to automate something. You should create a downloadable resume in DOC, PDF or whatever format you feel comfortable with, upload it to your site and point that button to the downloadable file.

Regards, Alex

Hi I emailed earlier I still have the problem with the contact form but I realise now that I need to create a PDF to link to for the print download so you can ignore that part of my previous request for support. Just struggling with getting the contact form to work.

Thanks, Olwyn


I updated the php contact form file but the contact form isn’t sending an email. The page updates with a success message but it doesn’t appear in my inbox. I have checked my spam folder.

Thanks for your help. I would really appreciate if you could get back as I have finished updating CV but can’t go live until the contact form works.

best, Olwyn

Hello, can you please provide a live link to the website? It would be useful to see if there are any errors it returns. Thank you!

Hi there, love your template, thank you for offering it. I just have a couple of questions.

I have setup everything correctly (Or at least I believe so) and the contact form is not working. The reason it’s not working is because there’s an href link with a ”#” value that’s supposed to be populated in the code, but I haven’t seen anything in the documentation on where to direct it. I have attempted to direct it to assets/php/contact-form-process.php but that didn’t work.

Also, your resume .PSD files don’t have text layers, so I’m unable to edit the text. Have any suggestions on best practices of how to edit them?

Thanks, Brandon