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Hi, I have purchased this item and have registered on weebly.com however I am finding it difficult to work this out. I’ve never done this before, could you give me some basic set up tips please.

Hello Ulku,

First of all thank you for your purchase.

From what I see, Weebly doesn’t actually offer hosting services, but rather quick visual ways to create websites based on their own templates. In order to be able to use Bold, or other templates like Bold, you’d have to set up a hosting account with FTP access for a domain name. GoDaddy.com or Hostgator.com are such hosting companies, the first one offering domain names to associate with your hosting account too. The price of a domain name is around $10 per year, while the hosting you’d need to set up this one page resume/personal site would not cost more than $5 per month in most cases.

In other words, you need a self hosted domain to be able to upload the template’s files to.

Hope this help you.


Alex / QBKL

Hi Alex

That is really helpful and a speedy reply, thank you. If I get stuck again, I might come back and ask more.

Thanks again

Best wishes Ulku

You are welcome Ulku,

You can ask anytime via comments or the email form on QBKL ’s profile and as long as I can guide you, I will.

A rating would be highly appreciated after you test the CV template yourself. Thanks!


Alex / QBKL

Heads up, there’s a typo on the print link href=”javacript”

Other than that great theme will be used :)


Thanks for the kind words and the purchase. Would love to see a live link after you use it! Also, thanks for the heads up, will update the file.


Alex / QBKL


Thanks for such a great template. I’m having a slight problem changing the background colour. I’ve amended the file (inc-settings.php) to the below- is there anything i need to do?

define (‘COLOR_SCHEME’, ‘light’);

I’m stumped!!

Many thanks in advance Matt

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the purchase and really happy you like the template. Also, truly sorry about your troubles. During testing 2 of the color schemes got left out of the array and it passed unnoticed.

I’ll be uploading the updated version in a few moments. Until then, and for anyone else experiencing this issue, the fix is very simple.

Line 6 of file inc-functions.php, replace it with the following:

$presets = array('light','dark','red','green','cyan','purple','wood','baroque');

The light and dark schemes were not added to the scheme list for checking. Yellow and default do not need to be there, so don’t worry.

Let me know it this solved your problems.

Kind regards,

Alex / QBKL

Hi Alex,

Swapped line 6 over and all works perfectly. Thanks for the prompt reply and fix.

Many Thanks Matt

You’re welcome Matt! Glad you noticed and mentioned it too. Updated files have been uploaded are under review as we speak. I suggest checking the template info tomorrow (I will edit to announce if the update was made publicly available) and maybe re-download the files.

Would love to see how you used it when it goes live, if you could come back and drop a link to it. Also, would greatly appreciate a rating.

Many thanks and regards,

Alex / QBKL

Dear QBKL folks and folks on the message board,

Hi. I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’m having some trouble installing the Bold theme. I’ve installed it (and deleted it, and then re-installed it) probably 30 times now, and all I get to show up is plain text without much formatting and without any color around it. (I’m trying to insert a screenshot below.) I don’t think any of the CSS is working, so I must be doing something wrong.

I’ve checked to make sure I don’t have any nested folders in the Bold theme, and I’ve checked to make sure the permissions are the same on the Bold theme folder as on the other theme folders for the themes that do work. I’ve run out of ideas.

Can anyone help?

I apologize if I’m missing something really basic and obvious …

Here’s a screenshot at this link: http://awesomescreenshot.com/06fbkrcbb

Thank you very much in advance,


Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for your purchase!

I’ve also read the email that you’ve sent us and the description of what you did and came to the conclusion that what you are experiencing is due to the fact that you are trying to install a “site template” as a WordPress theme. Please check the category under which Bold is listed: “Site templates”, not WordPress.

You can still make this CV template work by creating a directory on your website outside the WordPress installation (sample: domainname.com/resume/) where you can simply copy the files inside the ZIP archive and follow the installation guide (very easy) provided with the files.

If you really need this ported to WordPress, I encourage you to contact our team and see if we can work out a solution.

Kind regards,

Alex / QBKL


Thank you so much for the quick response. It makes sense now. :)

Take care,



I’ve updated my previous comment with another advice. Please check it out.

Kind regards,

Alex / QBKL

Hi I just bought this and do like it. I did notice that is all php scrips and I had to do some tweaking to get to work as just .html. Maybe consider putting in some static pages in the 2nd version. I’m using it at this address. keep up the nice work.



Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the purchase! Your suggestion is welcome and the next update will include a pure HTML version too.

Kind regards,

Alex / QBKL

i was ready to buy it until i tested the PDF link. it just uses pdfmyurl.com which does a terrible job on page breaks and formatting. you should have spent time making a better version of the printable. it is the only thing going for this theme.

ah that’s a great response. the product is weak so the price is low. that is a typical attitude on envato – failure to be helpful.

you advertise pdf-ready but it is not outputting a properly formatted pdf. this is the issue, not your price. i spend a lot of money every year on envato. i am not worried about your price, so don’t use it as an excuse.

if YOU need custom development, maybe you should contact ME ;)


The 3rd party PDF -printing app used in this template does its job very well for its price (FREE). This 3rd app keeps the price of the template at $8, instead of more. If you are looking to buy a PDF priting app, then buy all means, ThemeForest is not the place to do so, but rather CodeCanyon. We are pleased with our final product and consider it to be a win-win for both us and our customers.

As I already said, if you need a customized solution for the PDF printing, I’m looking forward to receiving your email. If not, this whole discussion is evidently pointless as you haven’t been interested in any other feature of the product (as you’ve mentioned before). This means you actually only have a problem with either PDFmyURL or Envato users/authors in general, and basically none of their features or attitudes define our product.

Alex / QBKL

as i mentioned, price was never an issue but that is your only response. if an envato customer is too broke to spend an extra $3 for a better product, then he gets what he deserves in life. any buyers here with standards will pay a higher price for a better product.

the goal as an ‘author’ should always be to deliver the best product.

Just purchased and installed at fredramsey.com.

When I click on the e-mail button, the page launches in the same tab instead of a popup. Any ideas?

Thanks Alex! Works now. Love it.

You’re most welcome Fred, glad you love the template! We would very much appreciate a rating too!



Can’t figure out how to rate – it won’t let me click on any stars, etc.

In IE 8 , I get a message that a script is taking too long to run when loading the page. Do you know anything about this?

Hi Fred,

We’ve managed to replicate the issue and apparently it’s something faulty in the FancyBox plugin. We’re working on a fix for that and we’ll release an update soon.

Thanks for pointing it out!



Version 1.2May 13, 2011 – Template files were updated to include:

  • FancyBox plugin genereted slow loading times or even crashed in IE7 and IE8 browsers. We have replaced FancyBox with ColorBox and the issue has been solved;
  • Minor modification to the CSS file for a better spacing of the “Contact” title of the contact form.

We’ve included a TXT file explaining the update process to those that have already installed and edited the template to their needs. Go ahead and re-download the package.

Good luck!

Alex / QBKL

Nice work QBKL ! Implemented at http://krishanu.in/

Thanks for the template but do you have any idea if I could have a different approach for PDF generation? Also if I could include captcha in the contact form or some other sort of measure against spams?

Regards, Krishanu.

Hello Krishanu,

Thank you for the purchase and sorry about the little delay in response. We were on a short leave these past few days.

The implementation looks gorgeous. The wood theme is one of my personal favorites. :)

For alternative PDF generation scripts I would could suggest a free PHP HTML to PDF script, like HTML2PDF .

You can find out more about it here: http://www.dancrintea.ro/html-to-pdf/ or here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/html2fpdf/

Also, the contact form is pretty flexible and adding more fields is mostly a matter of duplication and some general understanding of an jQuery syntax. The files you need to look at are contact-form.php, contact-form-process.php and js/contact-form-validation.js.

Let me know if it helps or you need more in-depth help/guidance.


Alex / QBKL

Hi, first off all, I really like this site template :P I used it for some time now and it worked great, but recently I decided to change the font size for “myname” h1. It works good while viewed as a webpage and if printed. But if I try using the save as pdf it seems to ignore the fact that I changed the font size in the css. I checked the pdf.css file in the schemes folder, but there is nothing referring to the h1 in it and I assume that in that case it should use the styles from the style.css but just in case i added the h1 myname to the pdf.css but it still ignores the style and makes it look like it looked originally (before I reduced the font size). Any hints or tips?

Hi NemesisX,

First off, thanks for the purchase and the kind words, really glad you like it and use it. It would be a bit more helpful to better understand your issue if you could provide me with a link to the live website where you have implemented these changes.


Alex / QBKL

Hi, I bought this a while ago and am just now getting around to actually using it, and it’s GREAT ! Thanks for the great work. It looks good and it’s super easy to edit / update. 5 stars for me.


Hi divadarling,

Thank you for all the kind words and we’re thrilled that Bold fits your needs so well and you find it easy to work with. Good luck and enjoy our template!


Alex / QBKL


Thanks for this template. I’m just getting started with my customizations and reached a roadblock with the portfolio section. I’m not sure how to get the lightbox to work the way you have it in your sample page. The placeholder code on my index.php currently is (this is just one example):

  • \\
  • When I go to your theme sample page and Inspect Element, I see that you have yours set up like the following:

  • \\
  • So I tried to copy this code onto my file, changed the file name reference to reflect my jpg images, then when I try to save it, the code validator in DW keeps giving me the following error message:

    “No CSS properties apply to the current selection. Please select a styled element to see which properties apply”

    So, does class=”cboxElement not exist in the CSS file? How do I get the lightbox to work otherwise?


    Oops, I pasted actual bits of code on my post and after I posted the comment it’s now attempting to display the image references on the code. Shall I email you the code blocks directly?

    Hi QBKL ,

    Would love to get a response soon so I can shoot my resume out to a prospect employer within the next couple of days.

    Much appreciated,


    Hi Tmelo74,

    Sorry about the delay, we’ve have been on a short vacation. Thanks for purchasing Bold. Can you give me a link to a live installation of the template so that I can take a look at the code? Or at least email me the index file of the template. You can send me an email via the mail form on our profile and I’ll answer back and continue communication there.

    Thanks and regards,

    Alex / QBKL

    I emailed you the details last Saturday. It just happened so that waiting for a response called for desperate measures, so I dug in harder and found the problem. All taken care of.

    Regards, Tmelo74

    Nevermind – it’s working.