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Disappointing to see this is all php. Would expect that in WordPress or CMS sections of this site.

From the product description:

“ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD , HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files”


“Note: This is not a WordPress theme, but a standalone XHTML template.”

In reality, there are actually zero HTML files in your distribution.

Oh well. I got it working easily with a little editing, I just think the description at themeforest.net should be clearer.

It’s a fine design.

Thanks for the purchase. In reality there is very little PHP in actual template and most pf the PHP used is there for making the contact form work and adjust 2-3 settings of the template.

Also, you should not expect PHP to be present only in the WP or CMS sections as this section is called “Site Templates”, which puts no restriction on users on how to develop their templates in terms of coding language.

Enjoy the file.

Regards, Alex

Hi, im “working” with your template http://mockup.es/ I have two “problems” I can’t erase the social buttons following your instructions so Im doing something wrog for sure: can you please write me how can will be the code for example instead define (‘SM_BLOG_URL’, ’#’); something like this? define (’’, ’’); and how can I link is possible this on index page
  • Email: nathan.mcmillan@emailer.com
  • to the contact form? thanx a lot

    Hey altair,

    Thanks for the purchase!

    In order to remove the social media buttons completely you’ll have to delete this line:

    <ul class="socialmedia">&lt;?php social_profiles(); ?&gt;</ul><div class="clear"></div> After you delete it, the next line has this class attribute: <ul class="simplelist mt30" />

    Keep ‘simplelist’ and remove ‘mt30’. This second one gives that element a top margin of 30 pixels.

    In order to add a modal window to the email link replace this:

    <a href="mailto:mosta@mosta.es">mosta@mosta.es</a>

    With this:

    <a href="contact-form.php" class="emailmodal">mosta@mosta.es</a>

    After that, find this JavaScript piece in the head section:

    $(".emailbutton").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:360, innerHeight:410});

    Just below it, on the next line add:

    $(".emailmodal").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:360, innerHeight:410});

    Try these changes and let me know it it works.

    Kind regards,

    Alex / QBKL

    Thank you for a great template! I have a small issue though; I can’t see the social icons and the template is not centered in IE 8 or 9 (FF is fine with centering but Social Icons are still missing in action) Can you please advise on how to get this issue resolved? Thanks in advance.

    Hi user55,

    The template has been thoroughly tested in a lot of browsers and machines and if you see the demo working properly in IE 8 and 9, yours should too. There’s a chance that if you modified something you might have altered it just enough to cause a small “bug”.

    Nonetheless, I am powerless without a live preview of your implementation so please use the contact form on QBKL ’s profile to send me a link to your live site and describe what you’ve edited (if you’ve edited anything).

    Also, do you have PHP support on your server?


    Alex / QBKL

    Hi, I have put the template on the server; everything is working fine except when I click the e-mail button, it shows weird and the e-mail never goes out. here is a link: http://www.lookmeup247.com/resumes/ PS: I’ve changed the WEBMASTER _EMAIL as per the documentation. your help is greatly appreciated.

    You’re right! PHP was trashed so I tested from another machine and the social icons showed fine. Thanks for the quick response and I’ll let you know if run into any other issues. PS: are you available for freelance work? Please let me know either way :)

    Glad you found the problem, enjoy the working template! And yes, available for freelance work. Drop me a mail and we’ll discuss further.

    Regards, Alex / QBKL

    Hey Alex / QBKL ,

    I love the design of this template. I wanted to know I can change the background to custom image?



    Hey T,

    Yes, you can easily replace the the background image by either overwriting the background.png file or adding your own file’s url to the body definition in the style.css file.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hi QBKL ,

    How functional is this design in IE6 ? I’m developing for a Korean audience, and their country has 11% usage of IE6 . Thank you.


    From our development test, the template was functional in IE with only a few minor problems that do not affect neiter the funtionality oe the estetics. But, since the template has a live demo I invite you to test it out yourself with a IE6 toole like IE Tester or Microsoft Expression Studio and see if the template acts as you want it.

    Thanks for your interest in Bold! Regards,

    Alex /QBKL

    Can there be a perfect template? For my purposes the answer is yes and it comes from QBKL .

    My need to create a promotional Web site to assist with fundraising for the budget of a short film has benefited substantially from the very versatile and inexpensive Bold – CV / Resume Template.

    The variety of options included within the template made it very easy to configure the different sections that I needed. For only $8 I was able to create a complete site – it would be a bargain at twice the price.

    I am pleased to acknowledge the creators at the bottom of the page for their efforts. High praise and many thanks for an excellent experience.

    Michael Manchester http://www.alifeinthelibrary.com


    Wow. I am seriously speachless! Your message and review is every designer/developer’s dream. Thank you, for both your purchase and for taking the time to write this wonderful comment. So happy Bold turned out to be exactly what you needed.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hi, I have put the template on a hosted server running php 5.3; everything is working fine except when I click the e-mail button, it shows weird and the e-mail never goes out. here is a link: http://www.lookmeup247.com/resumes/ PS: I’ve changed the WEBMASTER _EMAIL as per the documentation. your help is greatly appreciated.


    I am pretty sure something went bad during the upload. The modal window is looking weird most likely because this URL shows nothing:


    It should contain the styling of the colorbox script, found in “js/colobox/”

    Also, there’s another important file that I can’t seem to find on your server:


    It handles a good deal of the form validation, thus part of the email sending part.

    Please, check all the uploaded files, make sure they exist and they are complete. Sometimes upload errors can generate 0Kb files.


    Alex / QBKL

    Thank you… that was te issue (ftp dropped 0kb files)

    Hello Again! and thank you for the great support. I’m trying to change the color to cyan instead of the default “yellow”. When I pass that the function like so: color_scheme(cyan), it’s not rendering the target color… this is happening with all other values I tried to pass. Can you please give me the correct syntax?

    never mind my hasty question: I was missing a whole “schema” directory. Thanks again for a great product.

    As of this moment, we’ve noticed an issue with one of the jQuery plugins used in our Bold template. The plugin is jQuery.validate.js which was moved from jQuery.com’s trunk to Microsoft’s Ajax CDN . Because of this change, the contact form fails the validation step and will not submit the data.

    The fix is very simple for those of you that have already installed and edited the template and I will explain to you in what follows what you need to do:

    Step 1

    In the root folder of you download / uploaded resume, along with index.php you will find the file contact-form.php. Open it for editing.

    Step 2

    Jump to line #15 which should look like this:

    <script src="http://view.jquery.com/trunk/plugins/validate/jquery.validate.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    All you need to do is to replace this line with the following line:

    <script src="http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.9/jquery.validate.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    Step 3

    Save and re-upload the file to your FTP and all should be back to normal.

    PS: An updated version of the template that will include this fix by default will be added to ThemeForest in the next 24 hours.

    Kind regards and our apologies for inconveniences caused by this issue,

    Alex / QBKL

    can youtube video links be used in the portfolio?


    The portfolio uses the FancyBox jQuery plugin which supports images, HTML elements, SWF movies, Iframes and also Ajax requests. For more information on how to set it up please check the following link:



    Alex / QBKL

    can videos be inserted in the gallery?

    kgfx, you have asked that 2 days ago and I answered you. Please check the message above.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hi, how would I go about including other jquery scripts? Whenever I include a jquery-based slider, or a live chat with its own script language=”” src=”” the contact form popup stops working.

    Hello aperioculos,

    I am sorry but unfortunately I cannot offer support to people that can’t make a proof of purchase, and I do not see a “Purchased” badge on your comment. If you have bought this on another account, please log in with that and re-post your comment or send us a message through the contact form on our profile.


    Alex / QBKL

    Oh, I purchased the theme in the envato birthday bundle. But I’ve sorted out the problem, and it’s working fine now. Thanks!

    Hi QBKL ,

    Bought the site as an online CV, love it, nicely done.

    Am having issues embedding a Vimeo clip into the gallery. I know you have answered this before but that was when you were using FancyBox, have tried to find sensible documentation for colorbox. Any chance you could give me heads up.

    Just want insert one clip into the gallery at the bottom of the page, all the rest are pics.

    URL is liamdooreycv.eu

    Any help / code would be appreciated.


    Hello Liam,

    Have you checked out the plugin’s official site? They do provide a series of examples of usage:

    http://jacklmoore.com/colorbox/ http://jacklmoore.com/colorbox/example3/

    You might have to create a special spot for the video and position it above the pics gallery, since that block of code containing the gallery (”.thumbs” class) is not particularly set up to open images in iframes or as inline HTML .


    Alex / QBKL

    I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients… can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks –


    Yes, of course you can post screenshots.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hi, QBKL . I’ve tried the template on a local machine MAMP helps! and it works fine. But once I’ve uploaded it to my server’s PHP 5 .2.17 it fails: Internal Server Error. There are hosted at least one Wordpress installation, so I guess it isn’t my PHP version to be out of date. Even if I change it to 5.3.x it persists on failing. Assuming that it’s all a server problem, you point out on the documentation that the server should support PHP scripts… Can you be a bit more specific?


    Hi, QBKL . You’ve done a fine job, congrats. However I’ve been having some problems. I’ve edited and tried it on a regular PHP local sever without any difficulty. But, when uploaded to a remote server it fails with an Internar Server Error. I’ve read twice the documentation accomplished looking for answers, and as it is said, the template should work right on most regular servers running PHP scripts. Ok. Assuming that my server doesn’t meet the requirements, can you be a little more specific about them?



    The PHP scripting behind BOLD is absolutely minimal and it’s mostly based on defining and retrieving variables. The more advanced script would be the contact form, but from what I know there aren’t any issues with it or particular PHP versions required. It’s pretty much common and basic coding.

    Unfortunately without a connection to your server and on the spot tests I can’t help you more and I must say, in over 400 sales, no one ever had a similar issue.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hello I am trying to upload the page I made using this template. When I move my index file to the FTP server and to my domain none of the formatting or background color shows up. Its just text on a white background.

    Do I need to aso upoad one of the other files the tempalte came with?

    Thanks, ELizabeth

    Hello Elizabeth,

    In order for the template to function properly you need to upload the following files and folder to your FTP (not only the index files):

    Files: index.php, contact-form.php, contact-form-process.php, inc-functions.php, inc-settings.php and style.css

    Folders: img, js, schemes


    Alex / QBKL