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That worked!

However, now the stats percentage bar in the Technical Skills area, and the buttons on the left side for Emai, PDF , and Print do not show up.

I have uploaded all the needed files, and when I preview my page from my documents in internet explorer they are there. Just not on my hosted site.

Thank you for the timely reply and I hope you can help me again,


Hello Elizabeth, could you please provide a link to the hosted version so that I take a look at the source?


Alex / QBKL

Here you go:


Also, my formatting only seems to show up on IE, chrome and safari are just text on a white background.

Thanks, Eizabeth




From what I can see, you still haven’t uploaded all the proper files of the template. The “JS” forder which contains some important files for the template is not up and that generates a bunch of errors. Also, I’m not sure you’ve uploaded the “inc-settings.php” and “inc-functions.php” files that are found in the root directory.


Alex / QBKL

The theme switcher used on the preview page, is that part of the template? Must have been on overview on my part, but I was hoping it was going to be included with the downloads. If not, do you have any suggestions for a good one? Thanks~

Hi, the theme switcher is there only for demonstration purposes, showing potential buyers the main themes of the template. If you really need it in the template, send a message through the contact form on our profile and I’ll help you add it.


Alex / QBKL

Hi, The percentage bar for the Technical Skills area and the buttons on the left side for Emai, PDF , and Print do not show up on Google Chrome. Is there something to do ?

Thank you

Hello and thank you for the purchase! There’s no previous report of any issue with those elements, nor do we experience these issues ourselves. Could you perhaps provide us with a live test link to check it out and find out what happens? Thanks!


Alex / QBKL

Hi, I’ve just purchased the template and I’m really pleased with it, I’m just beginning to fill in my info and I’m just wanting to do two things that aren’t immediately obvious: - Is it possible to add a navigation bar to the top that fits with the template theme properly? - How can I add other social icons? (Eg – A link to my GitHub profile)

Thank you. :)

Hi Adam! Thanks for the purchase. Could you drop us an email via the contact on your profile and we’ll try to guide you through your changes.


Alex / QBKL

hello good afternoon  I bought bold cv resume, I have no experiance with code, I have some problems with  I can’t see the social icons , e-mail never goes out, and i cant change background color , I’ve changed  inc-settings.php  following your instructions as per the documentation .I must be doing something wrong , sorry for my poor english

My site http://www.jocabed.com/

Hi there and thanks for the purchase. From the symptoms I’m seeing, I think you might not have PHP scripting enabled on your host. I don’t think you’re doing anything else wrong. Could you check for this?



How to remove pdfmyurl on the pdf version?

http://pdfmyurl.com/ offers licencing options.

This page looks great! I have one question. Can video be used in place of images in the lightbox gallery?? Thank you, len

Hi Medialen,

This lightbox script allows opening of images, videos, inline content, AJAX content and iframes. You can read more about it here: http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox




I am going to purchase the template but before I do is there a way to make the profile picture larger?

Also is there a way to integrate google maps so that I can show people my current location?



Hello Christina,

Yes, you can add larger profile images, as long as you keep in mind the available space of that section. Or if you’re proficient with HTML / CSS editing, you could readjust that section to your new needs. But basically, all you need to do to add a large profile image is simply save it over the sample one at a bigger size. After you purchase, test some sizes and see which one aligns better with the design.

In terms of Google Maps, all you need to do is go on their website, type in the location you need to pinpoint and in the left side panel you have a “Link” button which provides a fixed or custom sized iframe containing your location’s map that you can include with a simple copy paste inside the section of your choice in BOLD ’s html source.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Alex / QBKL

Hello – OK, so I am not a tech person. I purchased this template thinking I could edit it but instead it gave me the option to download a zip file full of code which I don’t know what to do with. How can I edit this template and then save and print??

Hello, this is a HTML template, which means that editing it requires either some minimal HTML coding language or using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor, like Dreamweaver, or anything free but that offers this functionality. Also, the documentation of the template offers a few guidelines on editing this template.


Alex / QBKL

HI, I purchased this template and when I try to install it I have this message : L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Le fichier style.css ne contient pas un en-tête valide de thème—> “impossible to install the theme. The style.css file doesn’t have a valid theme header”

Could you please help me with that ? I have no experience with wordpress … Many thanks

Fanaille, as stated in the item description, this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme. I’m sorry.

Alex / QBKL

ok, a friend helped me I just had to add a few lines in the code

Hi! I’ve purchased your CV Bold template and it is great! I have to questions: Is it possible to create a button to change the language option? I’m from Spain and I would like to offer my CV in english . The other question. When you write an email using the contact form it doesn’t show a confirmation informaming that the message is already been sent. Thank you very much.


I’m not sure what do you mean by changing the language to English. BOLD is using English in its source and demo so by default it should be as such. If you need to offer a different language version too you could simply create a duplicate in that language (like “index-es.php”) and link it somewhere visible in your main version.

I would need a link to the live site to check out the form issues.


Alex / QBKL

[Important information]

The launch of jQuery 1.9.0 has created a big impact on quite a few of the most popular jQuery plugins around, mainly lightbox-type of plugins as some of the functions became deprecated without rollback support. In order to stabilize your website and still use your favorite plugins you’ll need to operate a minor change to your code and add an official migration script provided by jQuery. Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to <head> section of your file and find this line:

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. Just below this line add:

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.0.0.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

3. Reupload your file to the FTP and everything should be working properly with the latest jQuery release.


Alex / QBKL

Hi, I don’t think my site is displaying as expected on mobile.

See http://resume.jeffreifman.com on iphone or mobile vs. desktop

I am using varnish cache – but I think this problem pre-existed.

I updated to today’s latest code.

Looks like you have a problem on iPhone with your dark theme. In default, it turns to white and looks fine – but in dark it looks like it has a border with no-margin.

Alex, will you be posting a fix for this?

Alex – are you willing to patch this?

Hi there,

You can sort out this issue with a very simple CSS change in the ‘mobile.css’ file located in the ‘schemes’ folder. In the ‘body’ definition, on line 8, replace:

background: #fff;


background: #fff none!important;

The black border you see is actually the dark background image used in the color scheme and the above CSS tweak will eliminate this background image on mobiles.


Alex / QBKL

Any chance of turning this into a WP theme?

Hi There,

Great template!

I am having a few issues with the buttons on the left hand side of the page (pdf, email, print) – they suddenly appear in the middle of the CV. Could you help me set them up correctly?


Also do you happen to know how i can get rid of the “Bold CV/Resume Template” in the search bar next to the domain name?

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi Melanie,

The PDF, email and print buttons are supposed to sit on the left side of the browser window, middle aligned. If you see them like that, that’s how they are supposed to appear.

With regards to the “Bold CV/Resume Template” in the search bar, I’m not sure what you mean. Visiting your website I did not notice any strange behavior.

What I did notice are some small mistakes when filling in the content, which make you bottom section look awkward.

<h4>References available upon request.</h4>

You should take this outside the Unordered list tag. Only LI items should sit inside that UL tag.

Also, after the 4th section you’re closing the WRAP div, and reopening it for the 5th section, which should actually be inside the WRAP div, enclosed in a class=”section” div.

Shoot me an email via the contact form on QBKL’s profile and I’ll help you clean up the code of your CV. ;)


Alex / QBKL

We are pleased to announce the launch of Bold v.2! The download package has been updated with about a gazillion goodies, including the new responsive layout with new color themes and FX, sortable portfolio and bonus printable (300dpi, CMYK) PSD files for your resume and business cards!

Bold just got Bolder. No steroids involved, just passion!

Regards, Alex / QBKL

regarding this “The template makes use of Scott Robbin’s jQuery plugin: Backstretch.”. Should I download something? If so – the link is not working. Lu

Hi Lunak,

Thanks for the purchase. With that text we were only giving credits to the authors of some scripts we used. The scripts are included and you don’t need to worry about them. Bold functions properly as soon as you download it.


Alex / QBKL