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Awesome template kopa, good luck mate! ;)


wow m8! this is just amazing! love it so much, my next purchase for sure, gl with sells!

Nice template! “-))

Does the emailform (menu Single) work? Does the email (Newletter) submit work?

Well I am a dummy and do not know how to make a contactform working.

Is that difficult? Or does that cost a lot of money to fix that?

It is not difficult. We can customize it for you. Send me email at kopatheme@gmail.com

Send you an emaill…. :-))

GREAT ! Thanx for your service! :-)) 5 stars!!

Nice! GLWS dear friend :)

Can you please tell me how I can disable “TOP-MENU” in smaller screen sizes like tablet and mobile. But it should work on larger screen sizes like on desktop.

If you don’t want the top menu become a drop-down box in small screen. Open the file custom.js and find the below code comment out these: (in about line 92 – 96)
    if(jQuery('#top-nav').length > 0){

Hi there, I can’t seem to see where to add my username for the twitter feed. What line on the js file should I be looking at?

Please open custom.js file and seek for /* =========================== Twitter ============================== */ You will see the user name

Ah thank you. I was looking in the completely wrong place and didn’t even see the custom file. Thank you for getting back to me so fast and for producing such a great theme. Top work.

Hi, Can you tell me which file I edit to include background images as at the moment there are a series of rotating colours as the page background.

There are 3 images files 01.jpg, 02.jpg and 03.jpg located at placehoders folder, these are background images If you need to add more image or change image file name, open HTML files and go to the end of the file to edit: jQuery.backstretch([ “placeholders/01.jpg”, “placeholders/02.jpg”, “placeholders/03.jpg” ], { fade: 750, duration: 4000 });

Thanks, I had managed to find it but didn’t know how to reply to my own post so I started a new post to say “Sorted” – see below. Really nice template.

Sorted, found the code at the foot of the homepage :)


Just a question about the resizing of the FlickR photos. I have looked in the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file and I see in Line 8 there is the following setting…. default_width:500,default_height:344

I have altered these figures to see if I can increase the size of the photos being displayed but the size / width of the photo’s remain the same.

Are there any other files that I also need to edit to increase the size of the displayed images.

Please don’t touch jquery.prettyPhoto.js file. You should open custom.js, then edit prettyPhoto section, Here is the link to the document:http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/documentation

Hi, sorry to trouble you again but I have 2 more questions.

Sometimes I find that the sub menus disappear too fast when I try to put my mouse over them, it is difficult or almost impossible at times to click on them. Is there anything that you can suggest I can change to help to eliminate this problem?

My second question is regarding the newsletter signup. Is there somewhere that I should code my email address so that when someone enters their email address and clicks on the submit button I get their request to sign up to receive a Newsletter?

Please send a message via our profile page with your site URL, I would like to have a look. Yes, you can edit file processNewsletterForm.php

Thanks for your reply, I have just checked my download files and there is no processNewsletterForm.php file.

Please send me an email via our profile page. I will send back.

Hi there love the template! My only issue is that for some reason the main slider does not show up in Firefox. It works in IE, Chrome, and Safari, but not Firefox. When I inspect with firebug this error pops up…TypeError: Jquery() flexslider is not a function line 8 – start: function(slider){

Much appreciated


Can you try with other PC? It works well with firefox in all of our computer so I am assuming your Firefox has problem. If it still doesn’t work with other PC, please let me know.

Ok thanks! it was my version of Firefox. Thanks again for the great template

A few bugs: When I tage Widget area one articles “slider” those posts repeat as posts below the slider. how would we change this?

How do we modify the section/widget area borders?

I just lost the right sidebar, how do I get it back? and now slider isn’t rotating.

how do i get rid of the background image behind the gallery images in the gallery widget? [this is gone since the right sidebar vanished]


Downloaded about two hours ago and getting message when trying to upload into word press that says “The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header”

Pleasse help….


This template is HTML version, not wordpress theme. If you need wordpress theme, here is the link to: http://themeforest.net/item/bold-magazine-responsive-wordpress-theme/3456311

Nice templet!!! How do you add additional sizes to the Option Value: in the Product section? Currently the only options are Small, Medium & Large.

What do you mean you cant support me? This a theme you craeted specifically for opencart??? WTF!!!!

This theme is HTML5 template designed for Blog and Magazine. Can you check if you are talking to right template? Here is the link to the theme: http://themeforest.net/item/bold-magazine-html5-responsive-template/3407238

Apologies kopasoft, I was trying to get support for a different templet and accidentally posted on this templet we purchased. No problems with yours!!!

hello, I saw your template and I like it a lot. I have a website in php, NOT WORDPRESS, but is a site that I made myself. Now I want to change the graphics. The question is, your template is for sites NOT CMS? The various SLIDER and CAROUSEL and all images and texts I can connect them with queries php to my mysql database?

Yes, the template is HTML5 and you need to convert it to PHP code.

Hi, pre-sale question. I like the layout of this theme all I see are posts from a blog, I need a theme with a similar layout but my questions is, instead of the blog posts that show on the preview, can I add anything else I want to the layout , I mean enter any text on the boxes ? thanks

Hi, you can add anything you want to the template.

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team