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Hello, I am using WP 3.5 and I have experienced some issues with favicon and logo uploading. After uploading and saving changes, images don’t appear. I would like to avoid a WP reinstallation. Any advice will be helpful


Can you provide the URL and login credential to my email: kopatheme@gmail.com


Can you please add other social media icons like googe plus and pinterest to middle bottom navigation found at the header, and also an option to enable or disable some links.


We are now on Holiday,please wait

I was thinking of buying this theme but I was wondering, when you create a page, where does a link to that page appear – is it on the main nav bar (that includes the home picture on the demo site) or up at the top nav (where it says sub menu / menu).

If it is the main nav bar, is it possible to change it to default to the top nav bar?

Thanks, Nicola


This theme use Wordpress menu system, you can add it to any place in top menu or main menu, it is up to you

Hello guys!

Seems like a great theme to me – before I buy it, I need to know how the the two column BLOG layout will look when no images/thumbnails are posted. I am looking forward to your quick answer – Thanks a lot!


Without the image/thumbnails, the theme still displays properly.


Hey this website looks amazing, but before I purchase I wanted to know if the template has a customizable header? because I looking for custom colors, background, and header Thanks in advance

Yes, you can change the color to what you like by using color picker at the theme setting. And, you can upload background images

So the header is full customizable for logo or jpg files images?

Yes, you can upload logo in General Setting page


Can you open style.css file and add following code (or you can use editor from your dashboard:
.post .inner-box img{
    background:url("images/background/tag-pattern.png") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
     max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;
    width: auto\9; /* ie8 */

Problem still exists

No, I visited the link and have not found the problem. I think it because of the cache. Now, you need to clear all web browser history then visit the link again, it will no longer happen.

Hello, When i go to import the demo.xml file using the importer it thinks for a little while then it comes up saying it could not import any of the files and then finishes install, all the images, posts / comments and other things to show the layout of the template do not update.

can you please advise and any help would be great :D

Can you send login credential to kopatheme@gmail.com. I would like to try

email sent, thank you for your help

I have imported demo data for you. It because you have installed several plugin that I think it conflict with Wordpress Importer plugin. Now, please read the document and setup your site.

hello , I have purchased this theme , and now i am trying to edit this theme , but that’s was not successful , I edit the permissions for bold folder in my files manager (control panel ), and putted it to 666 but that’s didn’t work ….. so , could you please help me by telling how to edit permissions , and which files need to edit permissions for it , to be able edit the theme by theme editor in the dashboard

i get this message

You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information.

i put permissions to 777 and still have this message

I think it because of your host. If you use FTP, you should check that it allows your account to write the file. It’d better you contact your host provider for support this case.


Does the theme override comment setttings for a site? Because it seems so. I’ve deactivated comments, but it still shows up article pages.

Hi, I have noticed that the template propose social logos and links. I would like to add in the main bar logos as well links to Pinterest and Google+. How can I change Dribble and Custom logos with Pinterest and Google+ ones ? or are you able to add these two to the theme ? Thank you in advance.

Hello, when the next update will be released ? Thanks


We have released new update and submitted to themeforest. Please wait, after they review, theme will be available for download.



Thank you for the new realease. What issues have been fixed with this update ?

Will you be creating an update to the template for WP 3.5?

Hi, this theme works well in WP3.5

Hi guys. Just wondering if/when you are planning to release an update?

Hi guys. Just wondering if/when you are planning to release an update?

Hi, please wait for sometime, we will release new update

Hello, i have a problem with the shortcodes for commets and most popular post! can’t create them! how can i do that? Please if you can help me. Thank you. ps. i created the shortcodes for Recent articles, it was simple, but there is not option for comments and most popular… Thanks .. www.archtwits.lu

Please wait for next update, we will add these options

Thank you,However you should not sell something you don’t have, as in the Demo it appears, in this way you not fair. ps. What about comments, how do i take off the lable ‘No Commens’ in the buttom of the PAGE (http://archtwits.lu/privacy/) , only from the Pages, not categories/articles? Thank you.


Can you disable comment for this page? In the page, there is a section of discussion, you need to un-check allow comments


“B) Demo Content” section in the documentation didn’t work for me, can you help me?

Thanks Alvin

Please tell me what is the error message?

“Failed to upload Media ‘meidaname’ ”, was the message. I found out that the demo.xml attachments links (http://kopatheme.com/bold/) were wrong, it should be “http://kopatheme.com/demo/bold/”. After changing it the import worked. May be you should update it in delivery.

Yes, it is correct.

Hello, I have an issue about native search bar. Images are interfering with Search bar, how to adjust image fitting sizes, they appear over the search bar and it appears a bit blurred in WIDGET3 are at. Please have a look kaliwise.com Thank you in advance.

Please send me the link to your site. Thanks


Sorry, I have some other issues. I have noticed that firefox change the police of the whole website randomly and the color scheme is also restored to the default (orange) randomly on any browser.

If you have an idea to resolve this that will be fine. Thank you again.

:-( When you click on a related article the redirection link is for the current article. In the code source I think there is a wrong copy/paste. Could you also fix it ? Thanks

Please wait, we will fix and reply soon

Hello, YouTube URL appears on demo page but not available when purchased. Pinterest and Google+ also are not available in the last update and it will be helpful to add them.

Thank you

Hi, First off, great theme. I have an issue though, I cannot get the sample content to work. (demo.xml)...help please?

I get a whole list of errors like this when I try to import it. (demo.xml)

EX: Failed to create new user for admin. Their posts will be attributed to the current user. Failed to import Media “logo” Failed to import Media “favicon”