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Can you please download this file: http://kopasoft.com/support/bold/demo.zip and try again?


See below

Hello Kopasof,

I love the look of this theme but have an issue that I’m battling with and can’t seem to find the section in your documentation that aids me.

- When I create a new widget, the alignment of the contents of the widget is off. It needs to be justified just like the rest of the widgets. If you look at this screenshot you will see what I mean. (The newsletter widget is correct, bu the translation widget.. the flags are not aligning properly) http://d.pr/i/Dy7v



I think you use 3rd party plugin so it need to add some CSS code. Please send me link to your site, we can support you to add some additional CSS codes


Also, where do I change the home button link URL as well as the the font for the navigation and footer headings?

Thank you


Please install and activate our theme.


Hello, I have installed a plugin WP-Property with Bold Magazine. It seems like this cause an Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in …/wp-content/themes/bold-magazine/bold/kopa/custom.php on line 152 This is the line 152 code : $slug = $kopa_layout->get_var(0, array(‘slug’), NULL, $where);

This error appears when i open a property.

What do you suggest for 3rd party plugin integration ?

Thank you

Please wait, our coder is now checking


Please send me an email, I will send back the solution.


Hi, Done. Thanks.

is the ticker optional?

Do you mean the sticky effect as same as our other theme? If you need it, we can add

the part that scrolls the latest headline. can it be removed?

Yes, you can add or remove through backend

I’m not able to install the theme. WP keeps telling me the following:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please don’t install this theme from backend of your wordpress. You need to upload zip theme file to your host and unzip then come back to your backend to activate the theme

I have a problem with the background. On the homepage it is visible, on the other pages it’n not. How can i get the background on all my pages?


Done, thanks!

Is it possible to make the title of each section heading on the homepage a clickable link?

For example, if I have a ‘Recent Posts’ section, can I link it to all the posts in that category?

Yes, if you need it, please send me a message via our profile page, we will send back you the modification.


I would like to add a full-banner in the header of the site (like in your demo). I can i do this?


Hi there, very cool theme. Is this compatible with multilingual WPML plugin? Please let me know

I think it is no problem.

I have use post form and select gallery. It is the right way It is showing in post But, not showing in Home page. www.ozway.org

what is the matter of it?? thanks

Did you use Gallery widget?

yes i use it but it is not come out. moreover, are there any way i can fixed vertical interval between the article of readmore in http://www.ozway.org/archives/category/useful-information (readmore)

Can you send me login credential to your site via kopatheme@gmail.com

How do you get a video on the homepage (like in the demo) to appear on the browser?

When you create a post, there is an option input box to enter video code (vimeo or youtube), please follow document to enter this code. BTW, please post your question to our support forum to help us support you better. http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/bold-magazine-wordpress-theme/


Hello Kopasoft

first of all, thank you for the very good theme then, could you answer me about this question please ... I need to change my domain and hosting to others , ie : new domain & new hosting company & and shutdown the old domain&site , so does that affect my theme’s license ? do i have to change any thing in my theme files before transferring them to new site ?


Can you please ask the question to http://support.envato.com/ Sorry, I am not so sure about this issue.


Hello Kopasoft ,

I have a problem , when I want to insert a table into a post or page I can see the borders in my text editor inside admin panel only , but I can’t see them on the page\post , I see just a table without any borders , I’ve installed Ckeditor & Ultimate TinyMCE plugins for and tried both of them , but I still have same problem , maybe I need to moderate some code in theme files or Css files , I’m not familiar with coding so could you help me please it’s so important for me , and thank you in advance .

so as you know table without borders is not so useful :(

Please wait, we will update the theme with CSS code for table

Can the rating and comment feature of blog entries be removed easily? I assume all widgets are deletable to customize pages? Can outside widgets be used? For Blog entries, do they look ok without photo/images used, only writing-can I see a sample of this? Thanks


- If you don’t add rating, it will not be shown - You can remove widget. Come to Appearance > Widget to remove it - Your wrote: ” Can outside widgets be used? ”. Sorry, I don’t understand your question - If you don’t upload featured image, it will not be shown

Great. I’ll reword my question. Can I add additional Widgets to those that come with the theme? Also Can I remove the latest headline scroll?

You can add any additional widgets, however, I think you need to add CSS to make it look same style with the theme. If you need to remove headline scroll, I will show you how to do

Hello how are you doing? Does your theme support a child theme to be made? If so can you send the information needed. I tried to make a child theme and received a bunch of php errors when doing so.


Yes, it support child theme. You can create it as WordPress instruction. Please post the error message ans your question to our support forum http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/bold-magazine-wordpress-theme/

Hi, I don’t find where I can have a shot excerpt (30 words) on the flex slider. The excerpt that appears is very long. I’ve modified the reading settings in wordpress but it doesn’t work. Is there a trick somewhere that is not listed in the documentation? Thank you very much, Aude

Please use “more tag” to split the content http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

Hey there, Is this safe to update to wordpress 3.9? - Trevor

Yes, it is no problem

How about now to 4.0? :)

Please wait, we need to update the theme to make it compatible with WP4.0

Hi, I am unable to save changes in the Bold Theme “General Settings”... Any idea where I should start to troubleshoot?



We provide support via our ticket system. Can you please come to our website to create a ticket to get support?