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I’m new to Muse. How do I change the Widgets from Spanish to English? Beautiful template, by the way! karen c.

Secundary Click over the widget, and select “Language” select one of the list and done :)

Thanks for bought this template!

Thank you for your reply! First, I LOVE this design. Very beautiful.

I have “right” or secondary clicked over the widget and language is not on the list…

Also, I am unable to find the rectangle layers 457×260 so that I can put an image over the slider bars. I can place an image under or over top the slider bars (Photoshop/Muse), but it doesn’t respond to the “trigger.” Can you please help?

thank you! kc

Yes, i want help you with this issue, explain me more to


I have a problem with your template. The problem is in the view of the template on Chrome, the menu moves continuously and disappears (or is doubled).

This is the site:


Can you help me solve problem?


Hello, thanks for bought this item, i check your url and im not look any error in Chrome, Firefox or Safari, please try to delete your cookies and cache and try to show again.

Just a note, your demo is not working.

Thank you, try again!