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CoralixThemes, thank you!

Great! Good luck!

Thanks MatArt, much appreciated!

Great work as always, wish you the best with sales :)

Thank you very much Bedros , much appreciated!

Hello Enabled,

First of all – excellent work. Can’t tell you how much I have been waiting for a theme like this.

However, I had trouble with bottom navigation bar on my mobile. On inner pages, it doesn’t work at all. and when I return from “TOUCH” It stays highlighted forever. Could you please see this issue ?

Thanks, Amit

Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated! By the way, this is a template, not a theme! The inner pages don’t have a coach menu implemented. This can be implemented to any page you wish, but I included it only on the homepage to keep the load size as small as possible! If you purchase it the documentation will give you more information! :)

A template with attitude..

..I like that words!


Good luck, Enabled!

Thank you Candeed , glad you like it’s attitude, haha! I appreciate your nice words!

I really like this template! It will be perfect for my site!

Is there any way to have certain pages have the navigation automatically appear, instead of having to click on the button? My site is for kids and the fewer clicks the better. There may be documentation for that, but I can’t find it.


In that case, simply add $(’.navigation’).show(200); in custom.js line 2! This will make the menu always stay open but at the same time allow closing it if needed! Give it a try!

Fabulous! Works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help!!

No worries! If you still require help, don’t hesitate to ask! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars!


Thank you for the amazing template. I am trying to have the menu visible always. I tried to paste $(’.navigation’).show(200); in line 2 in to custom.js. The menu doesnt work anymore then.

Oh, now I understand! So you want the page to detect and redirect to tablets as well? :)

Yes :) But how do boldr detect, if its is a pc and redirect it to another website? Any idea :)

I did some research, I will need to custom code a JavaScript function to make it work… I can help you, but only as a freelance project as it will take some time to build!


in file styles/framework.css wrote

Description: Custom Mobile Framwork Available Exclusively on ThemeForest and in Enabled/CosminCotor developer projects!

can we use this theme on commercial site?

thanks in advance!!

Yes, if you don’t plan on reselling it, it does! :)

Thank you and sorry for my bad english !!

No worries! :)

No response from the coder :(