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Bought the theme reading through the comments that woocommerce will work but when I did the plugin support, it still looks messed up. Any fix/support on this?


what looks messed up? Can you give me link? Or describe issue bit more?

Thank you

hey yeah , I’ll send you the login information to your email! http://modernlifemag.com/shop/

Answered via email…

Shortkodes button disappeared after upgrading WordPress. Screenshot: http://my.jetscreenshot.com/demo/20140718-g2kq-73kb.jpg What to do?

And can you publish all shortcodes ([quote], [unordered_list] and etc.) list for manual adding?


I need to confirm your purchase. Please send me ‘Item Purchase Code’ via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Vergo (don’t post code here).

In Themeforest account in ‘Downloads’ section ( http://themeforest.net/downloads ) is located License certificate – the number is in it. http://i.imgur.com/MdU7ZuC.png

Thank You

Hello there, I wanted to set up a gallery page and I do not know how to use the template. Can you help me? I also would like to know the optimum size for images in full width and in gallery.


I don’t think that this is possible… Yes, you can add 725 image into content but there is no way how to show 1500 on own page and link this image to some store. Unless you want to create new ‘page’ for every image.

Is there a way I can link an image to a word in another page or post of the blog? An internal link to a word instead of to another post title?


image can link to any URL: http://prntscr.com/48rd0h

I assume that you want to link to anchors: http://www.wendycholbi.com/anchor-links-jump-links/

Hello Vergo,

First up the theme is great, I’ve been using it since November and have had loads of compliments about the site.

Problem I’m having at the minute is with the search functionality of the site. Basically it crashes the site every time it’s used regardless of browser?

My site is http://fieldservicenews.com

Hello and thank you.

Search functionality and action is not theme related (it is core function). I recommend disabling your plugins – to find out which one causes your problems. It seems that this scrip causes problems: http://fieldservicenews.com/wp-content/plugins/cta/shared/assets/frontend/js/store.lead.ajax.js

Hi Vergo!

I have the same problem of daftedoff. After i update my wordpress the button of shortcodes was gone.

You know how i can repair that?

Thank you.


you need to update theme to the latest version – here is process described: http://themeforest.net/item/bolid-responsive-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/4361177/faqs/21111

Thank you

Thank you! i didn’t know that. haha


Its working. Great!

Hello, Theme does not work anymore…It says missing some css and it looks messy.The sidebars apear at the main page and the footers at the sidebar. I tried to download again and install but cannot be instaled!

Hello there,

please see theme documentation. There is described how to install, setup and how to use theme.

And send me link to your page please, I need to see progress.

Thank you

Hi Vergo, First up thanks for your help previous – can’t remember if I logged back in to thank you – sorry if I forgot.

One quick question… my page views when viewing the site are showing up as way more (like 100x more) than the stats in wordpress. Any idea why this is?



Hello, posts view counting is “all time” counting. You are maybe looking WP stats for specific time interval (e.g. month, week etc.)

Thanks Vergo but that’s not it – as mentioned above this issue is happening within one day.

So using the example from above the post was made on Tuesday so at the start of Tuesday it is 0 as it has only just been posted. By the Wednesday morning the views are 1,476.

WP Stats shows the site only having 167 views for the same period of time i.e. One day previously.

This is like a 900% increase so something has to be wrong somewhere?

We will tweet quotes from our articles once every 15 minutes every hour (so 98 tweets a day) which does drive some traffic but only usually maybe appx 20 people click on those each day.

Is it something to do with the theme not filtering out bots or something that are coming across these links?


I don’t know now… I’m using this very solution: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-track-popular-posts-by-views-in-wordpress-without-a-plugin/ and I never heard ablout issues like these.

MAybe will be better to disable this feature: find and delete this code:
<?php echo getPostViews(get_the_ID()); ?>
in ‘single-s-right.php’ and all ‘Home’ widget php files which are located in …functions\widgets folder.

Thank you

Hello :)

I want to buy this theme but i have a question before :

Is it compatible with Wordpress 4.0 ?

Thank You :)

Hello, yes, theme is compatible with wp 4.0 Thank you

Hello. How to change the counter watching the recording? It is very necessary. Thanks in advance!

Good afternoon. Under each post on the site there is a counter for number of views on this post. I need to edit the value of the counter for a specific post. I apologize – I write through Google translator


in add/edit post screen enable ‘custom fields’ (in Screen options at the top of the page) and save new value in ‘custom field’ section.


Oh, man! Thank you very much! You saved my ass!

Hello, can not get the XML to work. It does not import. I am using the wordpress default importer. Help please!


Thank you for info

I am trying to install the ZIP and it is telling me that style.css style sheet is missing.


Fixed this!

Thank you for info

Hi, can you tell me how to put “read more” in de home slider? Kind regards, Jose Troullioud


please send support query via contact form on profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Vergo

Thank you

Hey Vergo – I’ve just set up a second site using a different theme and it is only after having gone through that process again that I truly realised just how flexible and adaptable Bolid is and how clear the instructions were too….

So thought i’d just come back and say thanks again for a fantastic theme buddy!


Kris http://fieldservicenews.com

Hello Kris,

thank you! Your site looks great!

Bests, Vergo

Hi Vergo,

I need to have the background shown as a IMAGE, not the color option that I currently have now on the dashboard.

Is there a place to insert my background image repeat css code?

Should I just go and do it myself in the stylesheet, or is there a more elegant place to add an image for the background?

And 2! Transparency of the container? I need to layer the container OVER the patterned background, and I would like to have a bit of transparency in the container, and anything else above that, in the container. CAn this be done in the dashboard/theme options? I didn’t see a place for it, so I had to ask.

Thanks! Monica

Answered via email. Thanks

How would I set the “Home Video Tab” Widget to display only a single category, in this case “Videos”?


please submit a support query via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Vergo

Please include link to your site.

Thank you

Hi, how can we remove navigation white dots in home slider photo, the arrows i already remove, but the white spaces underneath the arrows i can not find. Regards, José Troullioud


please submit a support query via support page: http://themeforest.net/item/bolid-responsive-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/4361177/support

Please include link to your site.

Thank you

Hello there, I have a huge problem. Since one day homepage does not refresh and is stucked although i make some changes. i have to deactivate and activate bolid again to refresh… And some other bugs also occur with fonts etc


please send support query via contact form on support page: http://themeforest.net/item/bolid-responsive-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/4361177/support

Please include link to your site.

Thank you

Hi. I´ve bouthg the last version 1.2, and i can´t edit the widgets why??, how can i activated?. thx


please send support query via contact form on supportpage: http://themeforest.net/item/bolid-responsive-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/4361177/support

Please include your login credentials.

Thank you

Hi guys,

Before purchasing, I am wondering how easy would it be to get a full width video to stretch across the white container on the home page? Is there a function to remove to side bar?

Thank you


Hello there and thank you for your interest.

But I’m sorry, in Bolid theme layout is not possible to add full width video, whole homepage layout is suited for 2 columns.

Thank you


Heem901 Purchased

Hello! I use your theme for more than 2 years. Now there was a question on the SEO, I want to change the title of the inside pages page from h2 to h1. How can I do that?


please submit a support query via support page: https://themeforest.net/item/bolid-responsive-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/4361177/support

Please include ‘Item Purchase Code’ with valid support period and link to your site.

Thank you