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Great template! All the best with the sales.

Good luck with sales, congrats :)

Thank you guys :)

Very nice template, good luck with sales.

How hard can it be to include video on the gallery or on a single page?

Also, is it possible to have the phone number on the right side of the header visible on all pages? I’m asking this because right now you have the menu arrow in order to see the menu on the interior pages.

Wondering if its easy to make an adjustment to do that (phone number).


Hi. Thank you for the compliments. :) Also, thank you for the suggestion I shall add a video in the demo. To answer your question, it is fairly simple to place a video anywhere. Just the code for iframe should suffice and the sizing will automatically be adjusted. For the phone number to appear on the header, I have a suggestion. Please check this.

Hi thanks for your answer. That might work for the phone number, it looks nice. I need to add both, phone number and small logo, so I think I can replace the text with the logo and just add another line to add the phone number, correct?

Hey, your most welcome.
Yes, you can do that; Also, don’t forget to adjust the static height of the ’#header’ selector to suit your updated content.
Thank you for the purchase, please rate if you liked the template :)

So can I use this on top of my regular site? I would buy the template and edit it, then I just upload to my server and it works on mobile devices?

Hey. Yes you can edit and upload it to your server. You will only need to add the mobile detection code (on your primary website) from the documentation once you purchase the theme. Then it should redirect to the mobile website from mobiles/tablets. All the best.

Just wondering if that JQuery loading screen appears every time?

If you mean the splash screen with Bolt written on it?: No, that appears only when you first load the page. (Even that can be removed, of course) Consequent requests are AJAX -based, and show’s only an ajax-loader icon.

An incredible template with an amazing support!

Thanks for everything Rahul!

Thank you for the kind words. And your most welcome! Your website looks beautiful and neat! Good customizations :)

Nice theme! It is possible to link ind to specific galleri? (does the portfolios have a unique address) martimmer

Hey thanks martimmer. No, currently it is more of a portfolio of images. But its easily customizable to make it into a portfolio with unique address (Much like the blog & blog-post). I can help you with that.

I’m interested in your template, but I have a few questions/concerns: 1 – Will it work on small screen Android phones such as Galaxy Y that has a 240×320 resolution? 2 – Is it compatible with phonegap so if I want I can convert it to native app? 3 – What version of jquery mobile does it use? Can I use the latest JQM ?


Hi, thanks for your interest.
To answer your questions:
1) Yes, completely flexible for any resolution. Provided screenshots for the smallest: 240×320
2) The app is built on jQuery Mobile, so it is fully ajax-ex. Thus, it is totally compatible with phonegap.
3) It’s using the latest stable version of JQM : 1.1.1
Hope that info is helpful.

Thanks a lot for your reply! Last question: Is it possible to fix the bottom navbar as you would on a persitent footer bar such as the example below?

Totally possible,
The only css that needs to be given to the #footer is as follows
position: fixed;
bottom: 0;
/box model/
box-sizing: border-box;
-webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
-moz-box-sizing: border-box;
max-width: 1024px;

That’s it. :)
You can try it on run-time browser (element inspection)

Forgot to add the obvious, ‘width:100%’ :P

Thanks again my friend. I believe I’ll make the purchase.

I have to congrats you not only on the great product you’ve made but specially for your outstanding support. You’ve answered everybody’s question and gone out of your way to help.

I wish you great sales and looking forward to seeing your future products as well.


Hi. Okay, thanks for making the purchase, finally :)
Did you discover any issue with flexslider in this template, or are you only concerned due to a precedent?
I have used phonegap and flexslider, didn’t have any problem. However, if you can specify what kind of issues it would help. Perhaps, try

Dear theunexpected1,

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

My concern was due to past experience, but I have just tested Bolt with phonegap build and am please to say it works great. Has a few minor things here and there on a small screen Android device, but still looks great.

Thanks for your support and congrats on a great product!

For all of you that are still wondering whether this is worth it don’t think twice just make the purchase and you will see the quality of the work that has been done by the author as well as the already mentioned incredible support.

I wish you success with the sales!


Thanks a lot mate, you really make me proud here.
Of my work, and that I have a customer like yourself! :)

I totally consider that you too are going out of way to write about this theme. So thanks a lot, really appreciate.
Wish you all the best for your project.

Is there a way to have the portfolio on grid as default and not list? Thanks.

Hey, thank you for the purchase.
Yes, it is surely possible. Please find the following code (in js/script.js):
$('#pagePortfolio .tabsPortfolio li:nth-child(2) a').trigger('click');

and change the ‘2’ to ‘1’ and you’re done. Regards

Hi, im having issues making the template work :/ i dont know what files put where in order to work correctly, can you help me with this?

Hi grimi,
Of course, I will help you.
1)Decide which package you need (php or html)
2)Then Place that package in the root directory where you place all your other websites (htdocs? wamp/www?)
3)Run this website from your browser on a localhost url (http://localhost/folder-name)
Hope this is what you were looking for.

Have you sorted it out? Let me know if I can help.

Hey, the template is awesome. But I have a problem – when I open the website on my webspace with a mobile phone, it looks like it loads no .css or whatever. With a computer the theme looks as awesome as it should be. What can I do?

Hi, thank you for the purchase, and the compliments.
Can you please send me the link so I can take a look?
You may send it via Direct message from my user profile.
P.S. It does not show the ‘purchased’ tag, are you sure you have purchased the theme? :)

Hello, Beautiful theme! I’ve only ever made a Wordpress mobile site, so I’m not sure how to do this. How do I decide whether to use the HTML or php files? Thanks, R

Hi rosemaryr,
When you will purchase the theme, there is a documentation attached with the source that explains all about the different packages, and it will guide you into selecting your suitable HTML /PHP package.
Hope that helps.

I love this theme. Any chance it will be converted to Wordpress? This theme shows a blog, but I don’t understand how a customer can add blog posts to an html theme…without opening a scary text editor.

Thanks, R

Hi. Thank you for your compliment.
Mostly it will be available for Wordpress, but I am not sure of the ‘when’ factor. I can give you a confirmed response within 1-2 weeks.

Hi, just bought the theme, looks great! Maybe a stupid question… but here goes: What is the difference between the php and html version?

Hi. Thank you for purchasing.
The HTML version is in case you need to incorporate the theme as a phonegap app; or if you need to implement it in another server–side language (say .NET/ColdFusion/etc.)
I have given PHP version using the server-side language PHP so you can use it as it is if you have a linux server.
Let me know if I can help you further.

Aha, thanks for the info. I’m right in the middle of customising your template to suit me and all is well documented.

One thing bugs me: to change the theme color, in style.less I removed the ‘comment marks’ from the theme I want. Is there anything else I need to do to make it work, because it is not working for me now.

Yeah, you need to remove the comment marks from the theme you want, and comment-out the theme that is currently activated.
That should activate the new theme.
If it still doesn’t work, you can send me over your version of style.less and tell me which theme you want, I can check for you. (Send from my profile contact form).

There was no problem with the colors, it was a cache/refresh problem.

But the help I got on email, from the author of this template is just awesome! Got all the answers to my questions, even beyond that got, specific code adjustments – thank You very very much!

If there was a 10-star rating, You would get it – unfortunately a 6 will have to do :) Kind regards, Marques

Marques, you’re the man!
Thanks a lot for the kind words, and I’m glad it all worked out for you.
And again, thank you for the rating. :)

Hello, first congrats on your theme, it is great !

I have two questions : - what about upgrading Jquery to 1.8.2 and JQM to 1.2 ? - leSS is compiled on the client, but doesn’t it impact page loading, especially on a mobile phone ?

Thanks !

Hi. Thanks for the compliment.
I will upgrade the jQ & jQM soon, thanks for reminding.
About less, it has a tiny footprint; but I preferred it here over SASS because most users prefer client-side product – the HTML plug and play version.
I have done a lot of reading, the compilation isn’t really too heavy.
However, if the concern is about saving every bit&byte, there’s always the option of compiling the less file and placing the output as the final CSS .
I’ve been meaning to update the package with that version too, as it appears a few customers asked me to. Will do that and let you know.

It’s done.

Thanks !


the template works / looks nice in iphone.

when i browse in ipad, the scroller in the home page / the images in the subpages – are not showing the image fully, the images are cut for the size of the scroller in the home page – same thing happens in the subpages.

can you help me to fix this for ipad?

thank you

Hi. Thank you for buying the theme.
I have given maximum height limit in CSS , you can change that in file style.less/style.css.
Find the code .groupBox .flexslider & .groupBox #banner
and remove the max-height property. Now, the images will show in full size.