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What an amazing theme and even more amazing support from the author (just rated 5 stars as well for the lack of a higher rating).

Anyway I would like to report an issue (not worth of calling a bug) that happened on Android/Phonegap. It’s very small and really no big deal, but I thought I should let you know.

When you go to a subpage and click on the menu icon (arrow up) it rotates to arrow down and displays the menu. That is working as expected on Android/Phonegap except the arrow rotates but it keeps showing the arrow up even with the menu openned.

If you want I can share the APK file with you so if you have an Android device there you can see for yourself.


Hi fvdias. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate.
Hmm, I think it has something to do with the support of CSS3 rotation. I have checked on android browsers, it behaves normally. The webview of phonegap should too, as it uses the native browser rendering.
However, please send me your apk I shall take a look, and also provide me with the Android product/model you are using. You can send me via direct contact from my profile. Thanks


I am using your (beautiful) template to create a multiple page webapp, and I am struggling against the use of ids in the css instead of classes. I have to rewrite many parts of the css and js to replace ids by classes and I am finding that the css is now shorter as quite a few ids refered to the same code.

If you could release a version of this template using classes I would be delighted, and if you could use them in your future templates, us future buyers will love you for that !


Hi maydy06.
Thanks for reporting this. The fix is to add a ‘position:relative; height:30px;’ to the element parent to the iscroller div (which is #pivotTabs). That should fix the absolute positioning.
Let me know if this works. Thanks.

So I went with the upgrade path and that fixed the bug. I tried the iscroller-lite version too and after a quick check the whole template seems to work fine. Thanks for your quick support !

Oh I didn’t realize you edited your post. :)
Ok, that’s great, thanks for the update. I will fix it in the source.

Hi back,

I need to use jquerymobile’s (nested) listviews but they do not really integrate well with Bolt and I have no gift in design… Would you be willing to add it to the template ?

Thanks you !

Hey maydy06,
Apologies for the late reply. I understand your requirement. I think the following code can help if you have already implemented the listviews (if it’s the concern with design)
  $(document).bind('pagechange', function(){
Make sure you add the class ‘listview’ to your ‘ul’ element.
If this doesn’t serve your purpose, kendly send me your code via my email address mentioned in the documentation, so I can fix it for you . Updating the template may take me sometime. :) But I will surely help you accomplish your requirement.
Very nice mobile theme!!! After purchasing and testing it I have a question. I want to use it with the “WP Mobile Detector (premium)” plugin I did purchase and install before. First problem was I couldn’t select it for a preview in the admin area of this plugin because after unzipping a file there was no style.css file in the root directory of your theme. After creating one (with the necessary header information for a Wordpress theme) I was able to choose it for preview but it seems that there were no stylesheet files loaded at all. What’s the problem? I’ve expected the same preview I found on this website but the slideshow doesn’t work (no pics, only 6 raws with a circle (list element) and the word “Slide”) and none of the 6 pics is to be seen! Please help!!! Thanks

Please provide me with a link to check what is the problem, or you can send me any screenshots via my direct contact.
Also note that this is not a wordpress theme, so it will not work as a wordpress theme which you are expecting.

Hi there, I have seen an example of this great template. I have seen it on a Nexus 7 and and iPad 2 and I have a question before I would like to buy:

- I mentioned that in portrait mode on Nexus 7 as iPad 2 the screen will not be filed up with the templated fully. The Footer is shown at like 10% above the end of the screen: so there is a ‘gap’ in the browser. I think it don’t look nice. Is this something about the new sizes of the screen and will this be updated or something?

Thanks for your query, apologies for delay in replying.
Actually, the footer is not persistent to always stick to the bottom of the screen. I can make it happen for you. When you purchase the template, please drop me an email and I can send you a fix (as I cannot update the main code currently).

Hi I downloaded the template, but I don’t see the video on the ‘About’ page..

I added the video only to the previewer as a demo. I will update the code to include the video later.
You can add video to your pages like this:
<div class="content"> 
          <h5 class="sectionTitle"> Video </h5>
            <div class="groupBox innerContent">
              <iframe width="100%" height="281" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" src=""></iframe> 

I can’t change the pages through blackberry browser ?!

Can you give me more details of the model?
I will try on a blackberry asap and get back to you.

If I want to change the pages on blackberry I have to open the page on new tab in the browser

Hi, I recently bought your template but i have a problem: when i try to load data via json it load it only when i refresh page. When i try to switch trough internal page they are blank. Can you help me?


Hi. Very sorry for the late reply. Are you still having issues? Please contact me from my profile page and I will send you assistance.

okay many thanks

couple questions, please forgive me if these have been already answered:

1) Is there a way to to place a link at the footer of the site and override the mobile redirect for those wanting to view the site in regular desktop mode? 2) Is there a tap-to-call function/code for phone numbers?

Hi. Thank you for purchasing Bolt.
1) Yes, you can place the link in footer. For illustrative purposes I have added the html5 logo in the footer. You can add the override. Please contact me from direct profile and I will help you with this.
2) Yes, again. Add the attribute

to any <a> tag and it’ll enable tap-to-call.


I am trying to open index.html bolt-app-html through my local host which isn’t working. I get this error: Access forbidden!

You don’t have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 403

When I try to go through the directory using local host, it doesn’t who the folder that I have unzipped

Also when just open it without local host, it doesn’t load css index.php Any Ideas?,

Without localhost the css will not load, you will need to go through a server for the css.
Are your other projects working or you get the same 403 error on every localhost project? Please check that
Have you tried uploading anywhere and checking if it works online? If it works, then you probably have some local configuration to do. Please check and provide me more input so I can help. Regards.

hey guys,

i purchased this theme but nothing is appearing when i deploy it on my local machine, all the images are not shown and the theme is not working…what do you think?

Him, I just responded to your email. I think it should be server configuration issue. Kindly check your mail and let me know if the problem still persists.

Hi theunexpected1

First off great theme. I’m a complete Noob at coding and I’m trying to do it myself. I need help with the map location on the contact page. How do i change the location to display a map of this address: 202 East Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21202. Please provide instruction or the proper code that I can copy and paste into the theme. Thank a lot

theunexpected1 have you received my email with the dropbox link?

Oh yes, I have received it. No idea how I missed it, I apologize.
I will get back to you asap. Thanks.

Any update Sir?


I have bought the the theme Bolt-jquery-mobile-website. What exactly should I do now to install it?

Thank you for your answer

Cordially Mario

When you unzip the source files, you have optional packages: or and others.
You can unzip any of these and upload online, then browse with the url such as

I unzipped the bolt-app html file and I put it online. When I go to the url / bolt-app html, some texts with links appear (Splash Splash Image Title, Company Name, etc …).

There are there any other files to be online for it to work properly?

On the other hand when I go to the url, “Error 403 – Forbidden – access to the file requires authorization” is displayed.

Thank you for your help.

Hi. Sincere apologies for delay in replying. Please contact me via profile page and provide me with your URL so I can help you to be up and running instantly.

Hey great template,

I have a question before I purchase, can you only have the pages you have listed on the home page, or can you easily change them? The reason i’m wondering is I own a restaurant delivery service and I would like to substitute the about, services, portfolio, blog, contact, and elements links on the home page to be links taking the visitor to a page which would describes the restaurant they chose, their hours of operation and then a call to action button taking them to our ordering platform. Is that do-able through this template? Thanks.

Hey. Thank you for your interest.
Yes, anything can be easily changed in this theme. You can change the menu items, colors, content and everything. It is pretty easy, and if you run into any difficulty just write to me and I will assist you [next time surely more promptly :) ]

Hey I ended up purchasing. Quick question though, is there any documentation that could help me upload the template. I looked in the documentation folder but there is no pdf or .html file for me to view the information. You help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi. Mau_O has already answered, apologies for delay, but please rename the index.php file in documentation folder to index.html and you are good to go. :)
Sorry for inconvenience, if there are any more questions let me know. Thanks for purchasing.

cryderc, I had the same question and decided to change the .php extension on the “index” document which is inside Documentation->Assets. This makes the documentation open in your browser.

Hi, I’m ready to customize the theme and the only thing I can’t figure out is the mobile detection part. I’ve uploaded the two files needed but I don’t know where the code goes.

The documentation says ” the following code in your primary website.” can you be more specific.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Place the Mobile_Detect.php file in the same directory as your index page of the primary ‘desktop website’, and then add the following code to the index file of the desktop website:

require_once 'Mobile_Detect.php';
$detect = new Mobile_Detect();
if($detect->isMobile() || $detect->isTablet()){
Hope this helps.


this template rocks! :sunglasses2: I see in the version log:
== V1.3 == Upgraded to jQuery 1.8.2 Upgraded to jQueryMobile 1.2.0

Can I update to new the new version of: jQuery & jQueryMobile

without interfering with the templates V1.3 ?

What is your opinion about not updating to new versions of jQuery&Mobile?

best regards!

Thank you for your compliment, and purchasing the template.
There are certain plugins that I have used, you need to check if they are compatible with jQuery/jQM latest version, but otherwise it should be safe to upgrade.
I will try to provide the upgraded version soon, if you can wait. (Say 1-2 weeks)

Great Template!

Will you be adding a “To Top” link for long pages?


Sorry, I would not be adding to this template, but I will surely take your advice and add it to my future works.

Thanks. I got this done already. Thanks again.