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Having great success with the template – it’s a beauty THANK YOU. One issue keeps coming up – in the selects, the options contain an &. When it is selected, it shows as & I’d prefer not to show the entity, and show the & instead.

Any advice for me? THANKS.

HI, this is an error from the external Uniform.js library which has been fixed in their recent release. Please replace the jquery.uniform.min.js in the theme js folder with the following one and it will fix your problem


Excellent – thanks for investigating. We’ll get the one in installed.

Turns out there wasn’t a min version in the js folder, just the regular uniform.js, so I created the min version and replaced it and it seems to be working. THANKS

Another problem with IE8 – Object doesn’t support this property or method colresizeable-1.3.min.js

It’s a mess to try to wade through it, but it’s on the collapsible widget idea. It works on your demo, but when I implement it it throws the error in IE7/8/9.

Any ideas or leads for me?



As it is running flawlessly in the demo I think there had been some problem in your coding which raised this issue. You can debug step by step using various IE debugging tools available in internet.

good luck.

We did finally track it down – the colResizable script works on tables, and on the one screen that was throwing the javascript error, there were no tables! So we got the source version (can’t use the min version) and put a try catch around the routine and solved the issue. So we replaced the colReziable.min with the un minified version. THANKS.

Thanks :)

A new question/wrinkle. It seems that the top buttons or the ui buttons don’t display on phones.

Do you have any guidance for me on creating these buttons on the phones? They work on the iPad, so it’s not a matter of a mobile UA.

For now, I’ve just used the alerts, and put old fashioned hyperlinks in there.

Please comment out the following block in style.css, Line #2122

.highligts_content .stats{
        display: none;

And then you may want to add some bottom margin to the following li elements like this

.quickstats li{
  margin-bottom: 5px;

Thanks – that did it. The top buttons won’t wrap/resize on the phones, but I used the other buttons and those wrap.

I found this theme from a external website and was wondering if it is compatible with sharepoint 2013? I am guessing not, but just thought I would check.

Thank you.