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Stunning work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks buddy :)

Very nice! Good luck with sales :)

thanks :)

a lot of styles broken in IE8 , will you fix it? And as far I know jQuery Isotope is not free for commercial use and/or resell, do you have premission from the author? Or we have to pay extra 25$ for licence?

We have purchased the commercial license of Isotope which clearly says that you can use it in your commercial application and your customers will not have to buy the license for using your application.

You may check their licensing terms for the details of the scope

jQuery Isotope licence included? Thats really great! Have one more question, do you overwrite Bootstrap settings or use full Bootstrap and overwrite it with your style?

Also you should check sliders, not working properly, and responsive styles are very poor. Hiding navigation lables at 1200px is really bad idea and some layouts are totally broken in mobile, not very responsive at this point

jQuery isotope license is not included, but you are allowed to use jQuery isotope ONLY INSIDE THIS PRODUCT , as is – - thats the scope of jQuery isotope license we’ve purchased. Please check the licensing FAQ if you are still unclear.

Thank you for your points. We will update things over time.

Just purchased and starting implementing, and none of the special form elements seem to be working.

EDIT : All the sub folders and files come encrypted. I unencrypted all, but the css/plugins.css folder, which was still encrypted. Now everything is working.l THANKS . Lovely template.

Here is a direct link:

Thanks. MBaker


Thank you for purchasing Bolt. Every minified files has their original source file beside them in the same folder. Beside that, only bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js is minified because it’s very unlikely that you will want to edit the core of bootstrap. All other theme files are there with original source.


I’m using the form validation in the template, and I understand and see the tags for the class=”p_form” but I don’t see the “required” tags for the other form.

Also, in the “p_form” how do I validate for only Digits – I tried “onlyNumber” but it didn’t like that.


There are two forms in validation form one is p_form which is validated by validationEngine from position absolute. You will find their awesome documentation link in our documentation or consult this Regarding your digits validation you can add either integer or number on your need. You can add custom regex as well please follow the documentation how to use custom regular regex. They have the best documentation that won’t be a problem for that.

For another form called j_form used jquery validate plugin example usage can be found in our script.js file from line no 201-266.

Great Theme. Can you please provide an example of Vertical Tabs ?

The vertical tabs are there in the dashboard. If you open the dashboard file you can see the tabs on the left side.

A few more little details to work out. The bootstrap has a jquery rewrite of the select boxes. I would like to create a class to make some of them a min-width. I can make ALL of them a min-width, but when I try to create a class, it ignores the class, since the whole thing is being rewritten and wrapped in a new div dynamically. Any hints for me there?

looking into it

meanwhile, you can check out “chosen” jQuery plugin for skinning the select box with advanced features.

Where is the Layerd PNG ??? I want to make some design changes and update some colors on things without having to adjust hue.

sorry there is no PSD file, but all the PNGs are included in the img folder. Beside that we have used IconSweets2 Icon Library (Smart Object PSD avaulable at and Google Plus Icons Library (Smart Object PSD available at

The version of Google Plus Iconset we have included here are permitted to be used and distributed commercially, without any restrictions.


Bought this the other day. Started to integrate it, I love working in my admin panel. Awesome work.

Thanks Buddy :)

I would like to make a form that has about 15 to 20 fields to fill, it is basically a questionnaire that people can enter letters or numbers onto it through drop down boxes, radio buttons, ect, the data is then stored and then can be accessed to make statistics, compare information, spreadsheets. In time this database will grow with the amount of data that will be stored, so i want it to be secured and reliable for clients as it might turn into a business for me. Is “BOLT” the right admin app to use??? Cheers

thanks for your mail. yes, bolt will be a good fit for that.

Hey, I own a web design business. What sort of use could I get out of something like this?

You may consider the followings as use cases, but not limited to

1. You may use Bolt to offer an admin panel for your customers to change any part of the design you provide to them.

2. You may use Bolt to develop the back-end app for your CMS ’s admin panel

3. Bolt can be used to develop apps like Inventory, Control Panel, Billing, Accounting, Invoice applications

in short, any type of admin/control panel – Bolt can be suitable for that.

Its compatible with .Net ?? Do you have some examples??

This is developed using HTML , CSS and JS and it doesn’t include any exclusive component for ASP .Net. But you can modify it according to fit your need and all source files are included.

Good template, i purchased it and try to understand the utility of each included js script, and i don’t found the js changing “Show entries” (select) style in datatables. can you help please ? it will be helpuful to list the utility of each included js script.

Its the uniform selectbox which you can customize in plugins.css, line no 325-387

Thanks fo your answer. Now i’m looking for code that change dashbord tab color as a selected tab. can you explain please how to change vertical tab color when tab is loaded (as default) or clicked ?

You can change those colors from the style.css Line # 688 for default state Line # 684 for hover state


Thanks But how the page when it loaded know that he must change the color of selected vertical tab (as it done for dashbord tab)? I have add a new tab, what i have to do (changing some js may be ?) to have the color changing when clicking this new tab ?

I’m using radio buttons (radio1) for a form and it makes the “submit” button to do nothing on the iPad. If I change the input class to span10, then it works but I want these nice on/off button style. Is there something I’m missing ?


I relly love this template. But before buying it, two simple questions:

1) Is there another way to create submenus? I don’t like it to be at breadcumbs. 2) Are plans to migrate to Bootstrap 2.2.2? Have you tested if all works fine?

Thanks, and congratulations for this great job!

Bootstrap 2.2.2 is not backward incompatible. So as far as we are concerned, it will work perfectly with Bootstrap 2.2.2

And at this moment you can create submenu using bootstrap’s menu component and also using the breadcrumb. Other than those, no there is no other way to create submenus at this moment.


Hello, Can some one please answer my question about adding new navigation tab (like dashbord tab), how to set the color of current selected navigation tab ?

add a ‘active’ class to that li element

if you want to change color then change the style.css file line no 688 and chage the background color example: background: #ECEDED;

Hello First – I love the theme – excellent work. Now, since I am in the process of choosing one, I would like to ask a question regarding file upload. I couldn’t find any other control in the live demo, except the drag-and-drop. Also, with the dnd – can you assign some additional data like image title, description etc? In the rich text editor, is there a control for file browser and upload? Thank you

no, but you can easily integrate redactorJS with the theme :)

Thank you for the answer. And is there a plain file upload component?

No, because that is just common. You can include it anywhere anytime