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Beautiful work guys!

brilliant :) artwork in simplicity :) BUYING

Thanks mate.

Great design, wish you the best with sales :)

Great design, wish you the best with sales :)

Lovely one page template, would be perfect for my project if the news or feature section opened up/expanded to reveal more details..

Anyway lovely stuff, really nice.

Good luck

Great work as always!

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Good work guys :) and good luck with sales!

WP version coming??

Cheers, Patrick

Hello Patrick

no plans for it yet.


i have bought this package great works

i have a question when i upload it to my server

the menu buttons do not respond and also the features slider and portfolio and all images are not visible?

i have uploaded all the content form the zip file to the server?

can you help me?

Hi adf180, please head to our support forum: http://support.pixelentity.com/

inline video no play doesn’t work on the demo either using safari on a mac


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

so no answer on when it will be fixed don’t really need to sign up for yet another thing i get too much spam as is. I am a customer on themeforest can you let me know when you will fix it thanks

Hi! Great theme! I wan to edit an option of Flare Lightbox. I want to close lightbox clicking out of the image. I see the relative thread in your support forum (http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/1582-Closing-the-image-by-clicking-off-SOLVED) but the codes posted don’t work on my site. How can I solve this?

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums and open a new thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap. DOK

Hi, awesome template mate! I have a flash site and looking something to work on iOS devices. If I was to buy this template and load the html into would users see my flash site on computers, but then see this content on their iOS devices? I’m just looking for a template to load into the flashcontent id. Cheers, and great work!

Sorry about that…I didn’t type part of my question. I’m looking for a template to add into the flashcontent div id that will display on iOS devices. I already have a flash site and just want to add html content into the flashcontent div id to display on those devices. If I was to buy this template and insert the html code into my current site, would this template then display on those devices that can’t see my flash site?

Hi, Unfortunately this will not work in the way you are describing. You would need to use simple content in that div, not a complex template such as this.

That’s what I thought, but was hoping this type of template would work. Cheers!

Hi, great looking template! I’m redesigning my website which is currently multi-page. Although I love one-page sites, I want to keep my existing pages/structure due to SEO and my existing search engine ranking…

My question is – could I adapt this template to fit multi-pages? In other words, simply break it up into many pages instead of one page? I don’t foresee it being a problem, I just thought I’d better ask before I buy! :P

Thanks for your time, and for a great template! Cheers T

Hi, That shouldn’t be a problem, just make sure all required scripts are imported into each page and you should be good to go :)

Awesome! thanks for the speedy reply :)