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Good Morning,

Just wanted to double check and make sure that the theme is Wordpress 3.8.1 compatible before I went ahead an updated it. Is it?


Yes, it is.

Thank you! Love the theme! Keep up the Good Work!

Hi. I purchased this theme about a year ago. It does not work with the latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce. I see that the theme was updated on March 13, 2014. Where can I download to update my already purchased theme? I’m logged in but not seeing any download controls.

Thanks! Andrew

On demo theme the images are not working… they are not changing when you select each other. Will you guys fix it? I want to purchase this theme but i’m not sure if it will work.

Hi. I’ve created portfolio posts and assigned them to different portfolio categories. Please can you tell me – what is the shortcode for inserting a specific portfolio category onto a web page? When I select the template ‘portfolio one column’ the page displays all items from ALL categories indiscriminately.

I’ve tried accessing your support at http://ufothemes.com/register-for-support/ by inputing the correct Item Purchase code however I get directed to a 404 not found page.

Please help!

The theme will not upload. It keeps failing after 25-30% of uploading. Can you PLEASE send a file that works? I have submitted a ticket via the support site and indicated that I need to get this site up and running this weekend.

I paid for the item and I expect it to work as advertised and have yet to get a response. Please help.

Thank you!

Came across a problem after update. My product image and description on product page are off alignment. Please see https://gorgeoushides.com.au/shop/black-white-10-xl/

How can I fix this?

Hello, please update your theme to the latest version. It was updated to support the latest version of WooCommerce. Just redownload it from your ThemeForest member area.

Excellent! Thank you so much for your help.

Add to cart not working with Wordpress 3.9.1. Please help, my site is dead in the water and client is quite upset. Cart functionality was fine. Now from all product pages, triggering Add to Cart button does nothing. Just hangs on product page and nothing ever gets into the cart. Please advise. Thanks. Andrew

UFOThemes…anything? Jonesing to get the cart working again. Thanks.

Hi again. UFOThemes…any updates on this? I see you’re answering others but not mine.

Hi there,

Is is possible to use this theme for an affiliate shop? So can you create link buttons to webshops on the product pages?

Hello, yes. You can do that.

Hello There,

I don’t see where to register for the support forum but I had a quick question. When I go to post to Facebook using my URL it is blocked and apparently is goes back to the theme. Facebook is not able to get past it so it blocks it. Any idea to why this is happening?

I get this error: Failed to get composer template data.

Please let me know what is happening and if there is anything I can put in or take out that will resolve this issue.

URL: propelaviation.com


What’s the version number of the latest release? Does the theme currently support automatic updates, or is that feature slated for a future release?

Does anyone know the version of the latest update??

i just bought the Bonaza theme but i can’t upload it to WP 3.9.1. and i can’t get on the support page even with my purchase code. Can anybody tell me what to do?


Hi, we do not provide support here. You can access our support at: http://ufothemes.com/my-account/ Please register here first: http://ufothemes.com/register-for-support-fd/

I am thinking of purchasing Bonanza. D you provide sample data? I very much appreciate your quick response.

Hello There. I love your theme.

Just got a notification that we are running an old version of RevSlider. the theme comes with 4.6 but there have been some big security fixes up to 4.6.5. Could you please upload this or send this to me so I can go ahead and update this?


All themes have been updated with the latest versions of Revolution and Layer Sliders and should be available for download soon.

Hello why is your theme preview showing error in database connection when we click PREVIEW?


Error establishing a database connection

Hi. Server was down. It’s up now. Thanks for the heads up.

Hello – Can you please update your theme? I’d like to use it with WooCommerce and WP 4.3.

Thank you.

the preview function got problem. May I know how to preview it?