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Awesome Work!! Wish you more many sales :)

Hi, Great theme, can you let me know if you are planning to make it mobile and tab compatible. If so i’ll surely buy it.

Good luck with sales.

regards, Aniruddha

Hello Aniruddha,

Sorry we do not plan to make this theme responsive.

cheers! sakurapixel

Nice work! Just wondering will there be a about us & gallery pg?

hello berber,

I’m sorry there are no extra pages.

cheers! sakurapixel

Hi, Does this template come with PSD files? and can I change the layout from fixed to liquid to fill screen on devices? I really like this desing and based my whole website design around it so I’d like to use it. The only other problem I see is the the transitions are a bit funky or not smooth on devices, they’re ok on my laptop. Please advise. Thanks

Hi Carol, We have included as PSD only the elements that cannot be changed in the admin/CSS, however if you decide to buy it and need the psd layout i will send it to you via e-mail. As for the rest, could you let us know your OS etc?

Love this design, how do i change/remove the diagonal lines?

hello? Do you mean the pattern which is over the background?

Yes, that is the one.

hello, you can open/edit css/main.css locate the following code ( see here: http://d.pr/i/QHIf ), and remove this line : background: url(’../images/background_pattern.png’);

Thanks for your quick response!


Contact Tab doesn’t work on iphone or ipad in portrait orientation!

Fix and I will look to purchase this theme :-)

The contact form sends around 12 emails simultaneously when users use it. Do you know why this happens?

Need a little help to create additional tabs on the side similar to the contact tab. If you could email any help that would be great kenny dot storms at g m a i l dot com

Where can i change the mail adres from the form??

Nice work!:);