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nice design…nice simplicity -

Nice but you need a second page users can link too with the full menu so they can see that and the specials. Also a contact us option with a form – if it had those I would buy for a cafe client of mine

nice template :) GLWS

Look so pretty theme :)

agree with wendy. add contact page and full menu page

Hi, Thanx! @herrbutzie -well, this is a presentation page, it supports menu days content, we thought people call for reservations so that’s why it does not have a contact form.

regards, jayc

we deal with lots of restaurants, we are in a tourist town and every one of our restaurant clients wants not only a clickable email addy but a contact form to make reservations and a link to the their account on opentable. http://www.opentable.com

Opentable is the premier way that reservations are made to middle and high end restaurants

it also looks like the top of the circle in the plaid menu logo has been cut off

So simple, but so amazing! Why don’t I have a cafe?

Well done! :)


If you make it responsive and add some few extra pages, like contact form, etc…

I wil buy it for sure.

Thanx for reviews, we will add some sort of reservation system soon, also we will release the WP version within the next days.


Sweet piece! Good luck with sales!

First thing I thought was nice – then I thought really nice – great first impressions – this theme is something really different and great. Then as I finished with the days of the week on the menu I thought is that it? Where is all the content? This is a terrific idea but I would love to see more – an about us page – places for staff pics – great theme – original and well designed – but it seems unfinished. For instance if my clients wanted to add extra content where would the menu for additional pages go? Maybe sliding in from the side or up from the bottom? Love the idea though – and love your work – I am looking forward to seeing some wp templates from you.

Seconding a request for responsive support. If it’s not mobile friendly, it’s useless to a restaurant in today’s market.


We made some changes, we have added contact form/reservations, it should be approve within a few hours.

cheers! jayc

This look terrific! However, we need responsive restaurant menus. The restaurant owners that I speak with want a menu which their customers can browse on their smartphones or tablet. Eliminate the big background and logo and make just the menu section responsive and I would buy it in a minute.

Yes responsive is a must for most restaurants. Additionally an about us page, a photo gallery page, where images of their food and interior could be placed and a link to an external blog

home – about – gallery – blog external link – contact pages, those are the minimum pages any restaurant today. Do that and you got the me hooked on this and could become the best selling restaurant theme on Envato

Love this file – I totally get what you were trying to do here. While I agree with the above about responsive to meet needs of the industry – all the other pages are not necessary (maybe to boost sales but not for the “purpose of the file”).

It is clearly a promotional page and that’s it. Adding the contact was a great addition though. Good luck

have shown the file to many of our clients and EVERYONE one says nice but we need, about, food photo gallery, blog and contact page otherwise it’s useless to them. Whomever really gets on to making dedicated responsive themes for the hospitality – restaurant industry will see massive sales.

Awesome Work!! Wish you more many sales:)

thank you! :)