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So nice! Good luck with sales :)

Stunning design! Good luck :)

Good luck! nice design!

I like the design a lot. Well done. If layout wasn’t mostly fixed, I would have bookmarked it.

Great design work :)

First :)

Thank you! You are the first buyer for our very first WP theme :) .


Awesome work sakura, glws mate! ;)

hi. Are spotless and photoshoot also getting a WP CMS ? I sooooo look forward to such a day.

THey’re GREAT ! and will be among the best WP themes to date.. if so…



Yes , I believe we will code Photoshoot for WP by the end of the next week, still Photoshoot contains some PNG graphical elements (those colors can not be changed through CSS – code), so we’re thinking the best way for you guys to be able to easily change look and feel without too much trouble.

cheers! jayc

I love the design wish it was also responsive

Could you please do an update that allows for regular pages to also be shown? The limitation from the “days” function takes out some of the usability we need.

Hello JPWheelr,

I’m sorry I can not do this it’s out of this presentation theme purpose, even if we would add main menu support, we would need to build the menu within the fronted, change the Days content to pages content, and redesign the whole website. Within the near future we will release a more complex restaurant theme with the same old/vintage look.

regards, jayc

Looking great. Simple. Will have an eye over this template is gonna rock I tell you . It does need some more options anyway. Looking forward to make someone happy with your theme in the future.

Thank you! :)


What other pages can be made besides the Contact page?

Hello mypcsolutions,

There are no other pages, this is a presentation theme, which has daily menu (Custom Posts – days content – you can add days and content for each day) and a contact page.

cheers! jayc

Hello, I would like to insert a picture with lightbox plugin but when switching to a different page everything stops working. Pereprobyval many plugins they do not work please help site http://konsta116.ru/ problemma I realized in libraries.

Hello macasin,

I can’t see anything at the (http://konsta116.ru/) location, also please note that this theme does not support other pages. If you like please write us a more detailed email about what you want to do.

cheers! jayc

I have 3 pages. each has a picture. there is a plugin lightbox plus. on the first page it works for others not.

did not change the template code

hi , can you please provide a link to the plugin you are using?


Hello macasin,

please send me an email through our page profile Profile lower right corner (Email SakuraPixel), I can not contact you since your profile does not have a contact form.


It looks beautiful. Can extra pages be added? Such as Gallery or About/why pages?

hello DJPete2009,

I’m sorry this is a presentation page, you can add daily menus, there is no support for other pages.

cheers! sakurapixel

hello, bought this template, changed the logo, added a product and a page and now it won’t load. can you please help ASAP as i’m on a deadline!




Update on the above..if i remove the days product the site comes back which obviously is not good. also none of the changes i make on uploading a logo or any content are reflecting on the site. please help. if you are unable to help, please provide a prompt refund. thanks,



Well i can promise it happens, i’m not making it up. When i unzip the main zip file its fine and i get another zip file. thats the file i upload thats not working. So i tried to unzip the 2nd zip file and thats the one that asks for passwords starting at the “components” folder and then every file thereafter.

OK , I got your email

Thanks so much for getting this fixed so quickly! Great service! All the best!


OK… SO I have one complaint. When you use the admin settings to change the logo it looks like its changed but then when you view the site it shows the demo logo. We have tried everything and nothing works. The only way we could get it to work was to FTP the logo in place of the demo logo. That worked. Easy fix for us but might not be so easy for the wordpress challenged people. lol

Other than that, this is a pretty solid theme. I had 2 other themes from other people that were good, but just not 100% where I needed to take my business. Within 45 minutes of installing this theme, I had all of my info transferred in and the site is live and I have already booked 45 clients from it.

All I need to do now is figure out how to get a photo gallery installed somewhere on this site and I will be golden.

Also, is there a way to link in a blog? It would be awesome to have a blog on here or even better yet, a blog on the slideout like the contact section.



Hello nunman216,

I like what you did with the website :) . Yes we had a bug related to the logo, We’ve just made an update (a few hours ago), you can re-download and override the files (logo should work fine now).

The other issues (gallery, links), well we’ve made this only as a presentation theme that would only support the daily menu, I’m not sure how we could add extra stuff (I will check out with my partner who handles the graphic design). Currently we are working on releasing a new theme, than we will look into this, if you would like you could drop us an email so we can let you know.

cheers! jayc

Whats the best way to update my site with the updated files without ruining anything I have created?

Thanx nunman216,

This was our first theme, we will pay more attention to the costumer’s needs.


For your first theme this was pretty awesome. Easy enough to customize it for what I needed instead of using it for a restaurant. Great job!

I will keep an eye on you all to see what you do next.

thanx nunman216,

best of all to you too!