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anyone upgrade to the latest version of wordpress? any issues with this theme?

Hello nunman216,

We’ve manage to update all our themes to WP 3.5 but this one, I believe this will work fine on WP 3.5, however I will test it properly Monday and make an update is necessary.

cheers! sakurapixel

any word on if it works?


Yes it works, we have test it and haven’t spot any bug, so you can go ahead and update to 3.5.

regards, jayc

I bought this theme and I am having serious issues – One I emailed you directly and still no response, over 3 days ago…

1. Post -Pages, not working 2. Contact Form not working 3. Background images not working (had to change in css) 4. Want to remove the text from the contact tab – can’t locate this… 5. Need to add images… I saw someone else had done this but not sure how?


hello networxtoday , sorry for the delay: 1. yes you can not add regular pages (it’s a simple one page theme) 2. since it does not support regular pages you can not add galleries I don’t know what the user that added galleries did, my guess he added some shortcodes inside small description fileds – I do not recommend that.

The other things that you say don’t work are odd, I will re-test it first thing tomorrow morning.

cheers! jayc

I did get it fixed, thanks, It was an issue with the javascript I took out for the preloader…I just removed the image and changed some css on the background & now it works fine:)

I understand it is a 1 page them. What I had sent an email about was if you were interested in building out a few more options as subcontract work? I really loved this layout, however do need it to be a bit more comprehensive…

for now can you- make the fields in the product boxes to have html written to them? I want to be able to add an img src code link, etc. ?

*and – adding a custom feild box for a light box gallery specific to group?

hello, just sent you an email

how cai i insert html content in “small description” for example?

as soon as i add “days content” the sites hangs and gets stuck in that little animation


when i remove it, the site goes back to being operational…

disregard, i figured it out.. sorry

hello kecster2, did you figure out? it looks to me that your demo still does not work.

i fixed it thanks

http://moldandlead.com/candy/ this is the site I am working on… where is the code to change: 1. the Menu color, I want the border to stay blue, but I want the days of the week to change from blue to another color.. where is the code for that 2. I want to change the background color of the input boxes on contact form from light blue to something else without changing the theme text colors option

OK, let’s say that you need two more colors for the menu: please add two classes within the main.css ex:

.menuColor01{ color: #f7f3cf; } .menuColor02{ color: #353535; }

now, please open js/cafebonjour.js and replace this:

menu[menuNo].menuItem.removeClass('textColor02'); menu[menuNo].menuItem.addClass('textColor01');

with this:

menu[menuNo].menuItem.removeClass('menuColor02'); menu[menuNo].menuItem.addClass('menuColor01');

I’m searching for an easy solution for the input and get back to you within 10 min

OK for the input background, open main.css and add a new class ex:

.backgroundInput{ background-color: #353535; }

now please open header.php and search for all input fields, ex:
<input id="nameF" class="inputText backgroundColor01...

and replace the backgroundColor01 with backgroundInput

Great looking theme, but I’m having the same problem kecster2 initially had – as soon as i add “days content” the site just shows an animation. When I take the “days content” away, the site comes back. What do I need to do to get this setup correctly?


hello phillijj, Please add a featured image for each day content (this will be the background image).

SakuraPixel, got it working. Thanks for the quick response, and gorgeous theme!

hello, one last problem. i promise.. http://uddersweets.com/. this is my site.. when i click on anything inside the contacts tab i get an error.. i think i have a problem… where exactly is the code for the contact so i can see whats wrong

<!-contact form/reservations-> <?php echo $themeOptions['contactFOpen'];?>

<?php echo $themeOptions['contactFTitle'];?>


<?php echo $themeOptions['nameFieldTitle'];?>

<input id=”nameF” class=”inputText backgroundInput fontGentium01” placeholder=”your name” type=”text” name=”name” />

<?php echo $themeOptions['emailFieldTitle'];?>

<input id=”emailF” class=”inputText backgroundInput fontGentium01” placeholder=”email” type=”text” name=”name” />

<?php echo $themeOptions['phoneFieldTitle'];?>

<input id=”phoneF” class=”inputText backgroundInput fontGentium01” placeholder=”phone” type=”text” name=”name” />

<?php echo $themeOptions['messageFieldTitle'];?>

<textarea id=”msgF” class=”inputTextArea backgroundInput fontGentium01”></textarea>

<?php echo $themeOptions['contactFFieldsMsg'];?>

<?php echo $themeOptions['contactFThankYou'];?>

<?php echo $themeOptions[‘contactFSend’];?> </form> <!-/contact form/reservations->

sorry i figured it out.. thank you

i double checked the contact code… i am not sure why this is happening

hi, I have answered above.

i cant find the code anywhere

sorry i figured it out.. thank you

HI. One more time good luck with the sales. A couple of questions: 1- Can I translate the theme in another language? 2-How to remove that Week Special logo and replace with something else?

Hello. I bought your jolie theme yesterday, sublime! I will also (as gabrielvericat) be happy to know how can i insert html content in “small description”. May be a 3rd party plugin? Evens if i have to touch the code, nevermind! Please, help!

In the fact, i want to put a picture, so that the menu looks like description+price+photo.

hello, is there a responsive version planed? Or can I easily transform it to a responsive design?

best regards



No responsive version is not planed and no it can not be transformed easily to a responsive theme.

Regards, Sakura

I need an additional menu for the impress at the bottom line, its mandatory here. how can I add a menu like that?

Hello there, i asked you for an possibility to add a footer menu because we need the impress declaration. can you please help me.





The contact form is not working for me, I did the testing by setting up “The email where to receive the messages” address but I am still not getting the query. Please let me know if I missed something or need to do anything else.

Thanks Kamal

hello please send me an email with the URL of your install.

regards, Sakura

Hi. I’m waiting for answering 3 weeks already, please, let me know how can we include a photo, along with the text ? Kind regards.

Hello krozo,

Ahh , I’m sorry I see lots of comments at once through the dashboard from all the items, it must have slipped away, the theme is la landing page – not an actually web-site , it only does what the preview shows and it can not be easily changed.

regards, Sakura

I am interested in changing the order in which the Days Content appears above the menu items. However, when I go in an change the “date published” , the site locks up. Any way to change the order without having to retype all my products?



You can try to use this plugin to change the order of the posts http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-types-order/



I havent seen the answer to Filisencus regarding translation of the theme.

Can the theme be translated with qtranslate?

Thanx in advance

Hello , I’m sorry it can not.

Hi there,

I purchased your theme and really love it.

I do have a few questions about expanding the capabilities of the theme that I wasn’t able to find the answers for. .I would also be interested in contracting you to implement some of these changes if interested. You can email me at darcyfeld@limaconleche.com

I am going to reference my template site: http://1202hillcrest.com

1. Are we able to add short codes into the short description field? I’ve tried adding in shortcodes for two different plug ins and neither seem to be working. .one is a short code to show and hide additional content onto the site. The other is a short code for a gallery.

1a. for the ‘More information’ (not necessary for all posts-only some) it would be cool if we could add additional information that would slide out and reveal itself but could also be hidden. I am not sure if the short description is a post excerpt. .but maybe then we could create another field which is the long post info. .or if the more information page could feed in information from a designated page

1b. for the gallery items- at the bottom of each page I have a gallery that i want to set up. the gallery will be a short code that I can add in either via the short description box or it could feed in from a designated page which has the short code on it.

2. Is it possible to have more than one contact request. This would be a custom project, but I would want four separate tabs:

Plan Your Event VIP Bottle Service Dinner Reservations Guest List

The pop out tabs would have slightly different information for each tab and would not need to be under the control of the CMS

I change the url to: http://1202hillcrest.com/_index.php to hide the page until finished..thanks

Hello. Very Great theme. I’ve used it to work on my new website script-as-a-gun.fr . If possible, I’m very interesting to know if there’s a solution to insert cleanly html content in “small description” field. It works but when I’m back in the Day Content page, it cuts the text. Thanks.