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Good job! Is it a custom grid? Easy to customize layout?

Yes, it is easy to customize furthermore we add video tutorials for text and images edition. We are here to give you support if you need help. ;)

Looks Unique…best of luck!

thank you! :)

It’s great..

thank you! :)

Thank you man!

Wow! great work, love the colors!

Looks Unique! GLWS

Thank you :)

Its perfect! I love it but one question!

How can I make the Contact Form work so it will sned emails to myself?



Hi! Thanks for buying! You just have to create your own php file with the information you want to get from the contact form. Like name, email, message. Then add the php file into your server and add it into the index.html file.

Hi! Great! Tell me, how I can change map on my own? Only Google map link?

Yes, please register at our forum and we can help you. Thanks!

The email is not working… Please help. The site is already live…

Please ask your question at the forum, we will help you there. Thanks

Please, how I set this as non-responsive?

it is responsive, you need to edit the html file to make it non-responsive.

THX, OK. Filename? Line numbers of the File?

The subscribe button, is that set up in the page or is that from something external like mail chimp? Thanks!

@digitalk For now we are not going to update a mailchimp integration. But! We can add a php file so you can get the emails & name of your subscribers into your email account, for free in 1 or 2 days. Plus: we can also add a working contact form so u can get the info into your email account. :)

awesome, sending you a message on your profile.. thanks!

ok, Im sending it here instead.. can you contact me at Thank you! I would enjoy both the subscribers and contact form to work :) Thanks!

i feel a bit robbed. the stock phone and mini tablet images are not included in the theme.

Hey! You should read the FAQ section:

Are the demo images included? No, the content is for presentation purposes only and it’s merely an example of how your website will look, but you need to use your own images.

Images are from our friend @MikeKondrat:

Iphone image:


Wow, you can get them for just $9! :)

Good luck with your project, thanks for buying!

Didn’t know that the photo’s of the iphone and ipad are not included. :( That was my intention why I bought this template.

There’s a bug btw – on the carousel: if you manually change to the next image, the buttons – buy on the market, buy on the app store, hangs on next images.

Add a request at the forum and we can send you some resources about mobiles and devices

We have more than 4 Landing Pages about Apps, feel free to see our collection here: We can tell you where to get the best resources at our support forum. Regards!

Some issues we are facing with this template at IE (experienced at IE10):

-Menu breaks in two lines. -The box that should show a video shows a black box instead and the 3 collapsibles shows below instead of at the side of the video. -The title fonts doesn’t work with special characters like áéíóú, making it only suitable to use it with english language. (I know this is google font’s fault, don’t worry). -It seems that the -reponsive styles are not working at all.

Any help with this issues? Are you going to release a IE compatible version? Thanks!

Ok, let us check this things.

Sure! Please let me know of any update. Thanks!

Hello, I am wondering how I can change the time that slider changes images in the front page

Could you please add this question at our Support forum? We will help you there. Thanks!

Hello everyone!

We are extremely happy that we can present you a great product and provide excellent technical support for all of our customers.

If you have any pre-sales questions, please, post them here in the item comments so our team can answer them promptly.

If you have already made a purchase of Bonna – Responsive Landing Page and have any questions or problems please do benefited from our Support Center. We’ll try to answer all of your questions as soon as possible

CoralixThemes Team

Hi kind support, i have two questions: 1. I would like to know how to play simple file mp3 or .aif. what should i do?Can I just add to the web pages via a link for download? 2. If I wanted to use yellow as background, what do i hve to do? thanks a lot

The steps are: You logeas forum with your username and password. Enter the forum Bonna – Responsive Landing Page See if the question has not been done before between questions of that forum. If you did not find the answer, create a new topic.

CoralixThemes Team

Hope I did.

Thanks Hoe to hearing from you soon