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Great template, love the one-page design.

Just a heads up though, it looks like the Contact link doesn’t scroll all the way down.

Nice work, though. :)

Yes I’ve noticed now the thing about scrolling to Contact. I will fix that as soon an possible and upload again. Thanks jscheetz!


- nice gentle scroll to Contact ( thanks jscheetz ) - home link scrolls to top of page ( thanks Erik )

Live preview:

I must now check with the support to upload the file again and that’s it! Thanks guys.

this is awesome work! is the mail form functional (script file included to process form data?)?

sorry no PHP for form but if You wish I can mail You or everyone else the code later on. My future uploads will include those codes.

Nice design. I Like the minimalistic look!

I would love to buy this template.. But tell me can ad links to the images under the portfolio section to go to a web site for live view and What about swf and video files?

Great concept!!!


Tnx @dneath : of course You can! I have left evary <a href=”#” .... “empty” so just delete the # symbol between the ” ” and put a link inside, like this: <a href=”” .... if You wish You can switch the .jpg with .swf or video files but preview rollover is not for those files it is only for .jpg preview. btw. the HTML code is well commented :)


Thanks… I will get this then.

Great job!!!

Very creative. I don’t think I have ever seen a page navigate like this. Great job.

Thanks dxc381.

OK, I purchased this wonderful theme, and I decided I’m not really a fan of the grey background. You say the source PSD is included, but I can’t find it… where exactly is it?

It’s a Fireworks PNG source file. You can open it with Photoshop too. The background is a solid grey color defined with css with attached gradient image on top as You can see:

background: #F5F5F5 url(images/bg.jpg) top left repeat-x;

where #F5F5F5 is the color and

url(images/bg.jpg) top left repeat-x; the path to the image

If You should have any more questions send me an email and thanks for the purchase.

this is good, reminds me of a site a company done for a friends of mine .

Nice design…if only I could think of a decent domain name I’d buy it right now ( . .. etc .. ) is gone .

Where am I supposed to get the font you used called ‘DIN Engshrift Std’ – its $30 online….

ALSO , how do I make it wider – I want it to be wide enough to fit 4 of those thumbs across the page.

Sorry to be a pain!

@websiteking thanks for the purchase and…regarding the font, there is no such file on TF that has a font included, fonts are not for sale due the copyright issue. Items only include witch fonts are used and it’s up to buyer to find the font and install it. If You should have problems finding the font contact me trough my profile here.

If You wish to make the heading wide enough to fit those four thumb, the one thing that comes to my mind is that You could brake apart the heading and nudge the letters so the fit those 4 thumbs.

If You or other buyers should need any further help please contact me ONLY trough my profile info as these comments here are used to discuss the item only. So for help, ONLY my profile contact here on TF. Thank You.

Awesome work on the bonsai tree!!!

Love the icon design.

Very smooth site effects too.


Would make an excellent WP theme! I am actually quite interested in purchasing this theme, but when viewed on my netbook (smaller res I guess) the scrolling is incorrect. Furthermore I would like some modifications that I don’t know how to do.

For instance, is it relatively easy to make the “marked” bar behind the menu text (the green box) extend all the way to the far left behind it?

And some way to incorporate a Twitterplugin at the top; leaving the first page (“About”) futher down (because it’s also visible at the top on my netbook at least). It would sort of make the “home” more meaningful, since it’s just empy or static otherwise.

If you want to re-release it as a new theme, I’m all up for giving some pointers for your customizing pleasures ;-)

Thanks for suggestions :) About the green line in nav, yes it’s possible with a little CSS editing. Twitter stuff on top, also possible. I really don’t have time now to re-release this as a new theme so it will stay this way for a while now. Thanks.