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Great work, very nice theme.

How do I do validation on my inputs fields in a Forms Wizard (New Account)?


Thank you very much.

Demo for validation, see the original documentation. Next update will ensure demo example. If you can not wait, send me an email for a response.

when can we expect a new version?


Hello, sorry for the late reply. Update should be the end of the week.

Congratulations very good theme.

Do not find login screen.

When released serar login screen?

Thank you, As I wrote in the update at the end of the week.

Is there an option to have a fixed width instead of fluid?

So far, the only fluid available versions. The fixed width is in the plan. There is a need to remake the sidebar.


Great Theme, but some pages are broken in IE8. For example, the wizard pages, all tabs are broken. I will buy this theme if it is fixable.

thank you!

Greet you and thank you. Everything should be OK. On the site, a large number of tabs that can cause a false reading. Please send me a print screen. Try to look on the page tabs or demo form – wizard. If there is everything in order, then it’s just loading the page. Tabs and Wizard work on the same principle.

oo .. I’m sorry, you’re right. fix it


Nice work, i look forward to next update.

Hello, Thank you very much. We will see, I wanted to update tomorrow, but Christmas?! – I am behind of schedule. It looks up to Monday – Tuesday. I will try as soon as possible.

You have a great date range implementation, love it! What I would also need is a great time of day range implementation… or at minimum a nice Date and Time control so I could set a start date/time and then an end date/time separately.

Ideally, would be a time range as in my application, I would already have context of date. Er, actually, both would be nice. :D

Any plans on time components? If so, I would purchase and switch my current app to this theme.. Well done!

Thank you I’ll see what I can do.

+1 on the update. Still very happy with this :)

Hi epipheus, I’m sorry, but I do not want to update a few things. I’m working on it as a priority. It will be soon. What you need urgently?

Just want it all integrated in my dev asap.

Hello epipheus I sent you mail something before I dropped out, you got it? Today is our Friday 0:30. I’ll record on Sunday night.

great purchase! i am having a hard time putting a form widget on the index page. Any advice? I am including all the style sheets and script tags

Hi! I can not understand your question? Send me an email with your html code and preview your page. Thank you for your purchase.

+1 on the update please! I’m waiting for that update to purchase the product. When is it available?

I’m also waiting for that update to purchase the product!!!

Just wanted to give you a heads up.. in Chrome browser, Windows 8, you have several pages missing icons in the headline area…

For example on the dashboard next to the text: “Dashboard demo dashboard 1” there is an icon with the class: fontello-icon-monitor that is not displaying. There are several places that display just a half-baked square outline with no top.

Purchased… Impressed by the well designed graphics. Waiting for the update for other widgets.

Hi just letting you know that I went ahead an purchased. I am hoping you will be able to bring a sweet Time Range and/or Date/Time widget as I mentioned above..

Thanks for the great theme regardless!

Any update news?

Is it possible to add a link in the sidebar without it being part of an accordion-group?

Will you be adding a page with Grid Examples for text blocks, like you have for the forms?

+1 on the update! Very nice mod of the Twitter Bootstrap and includes all of the “plugins” I’ve already discovered, but haven’t had time to modify. Good job…

Wondering if you can give some better documentation of all the classes as I have to go look at the code all the time? Also, maybe some overall color choices for things like top nav and breadcrumb module…

Hello and thanks for the comment and purchase.

I want to do a better documentation of all classes, but in this update, it has not. I’ll try to fix this soon. Color combinations are planned, but first I have to really deliver the most essential components.

Hi there, i just got this theme and i really like it! But one thing i need very urgently is the login page, when will it be available?

Hi, I mentioned you had some icon issues on several pages… the Bootstrap css puts “text-rendering: optimizelegibility;” on all h tags so you might want to add an override in boo.css:

h1 > i, h2 > i, h3 > i, h4 > i, h5 > i, h6 > i { text-rendering: auto; }

Thank you for the post. It seems that nothing will go wrong, the question is whether it helps. Unfortunately I do not have where to test Windows 8. Added to css.