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@surigade Yes it is. You need the classes, but it’s fully possible. Just write the NAV like

<ul> <li class="accordion-group"> <div class="accordion-heading"> <a href="#"" class="accordion-toggle"> <span class="item-icon fontello-icon-monitor" /> <i class="chevron fontello-icon-right-open-3" /> Dashboard</a> </div> </li> </ul>

Thank you for your assistance. So it can be done

From what I understand, this template will be updated in the future?

I have some request (if I may ).

Can any future version of this template include some fixes concerning:

  1. Slowness ( mostly scroll plugin – I have seen some people here complaining about it so maybe it would be better to disable it by default)
  2. Large memory consumption ( from 100M to 200M after few minutes of switching “tabs” – tested using Chrome Canary )
  3. Memory leaks
  4. Some more lightweight version ?

I am especially interested in the lightweight version. Since this is a admin template, customers using it would be likely to spend many hours using the websites built on top of this template. It would be really great if we could drop the default memory consumption from 200M to 10M ~ 15M.

I see often web designers pushing as many features as possible to their templates, but at the end of the day, the product is useless because it is so heavy.

It would be nice if the template had some classes for notification system.

Also, it seems to me that aspect ratio 0,8 (80%) looks more “clearer” – since font on desktops is too big.

Anyway, keep up the good work! This template is awesome, and I have been thinking about purchasing a admin template for a long time. Since this one came out, I didn’t have to think any longer ;)

Hello Apology for absence. : ( First of all I would like to say that this is only a presentation styles and options that must somehow demonstrate. There are many variants, opportunities to assemble and use different components. 1. You’re right – Turn off the scrollbar – will use on different boxes for demonstration 2. Updates will already contain notification system. 3. I left the font size as the original bootstrap only somewhere where necessary – for example, tables corrects him. This should go relatively easy to customize.

Thank you for your purchase and if you need to contact me.

seems he doesnt even care to answer… maybe stop buying this template to make him care?

I don’t believe that. He seems very attentive in the previous posts. It is the holidays and he is probably on a quick vacation. Don’t give up on him yet. I am going to purchase. Probably tonight.

@g00fy Almost each template will be hungry because widgets and other stuff which make template look good and complete. If you need a light version comment the code of that widget(or form) or that option you will do not need from template,minify css and .js file in production. There is a fine balance between a good template and simple template. The author write in template many css classes,behaviors and form elements to the user can choose from. This is not a reason not to buy a template,all themeplates are inspected before Themeforest sale licenses.

@g00fy .. I agree with @medisano … also not to mention, I also never use the default out of box templates. I mean I minimize the actual css and scripts needed for the base page, then add scripts minified as needed page by page. This way your initial page load is not huge.

When you update the theme? I’m hoping to have all the features to buy.

I also look forward to an update before buying it. Although some improvements. This is still a good product compliments.

Also looking forward to the update before purchasing…

when is the next update coming.

Same here, awesome template but it need an update before purchasing

This is one of the three most interresting admin templates I’ve found the last few days (checked more than 10 in detail). You got a great amount of examples as well, though still some work to be done.

I hope to hear news of the next updates. From my side top three elements needed would be ‘Wizzard Form’ with validation, a ‘Gallery page’ with upload/mangement and a Multiselect form (box to box) solution. I’d be happy to provide examples of some good ones I’ve come across lately if you would like (get in touch).

Hello all and wish you a happy new year. Sorry for the absence. I’m already on the income and in the process. Will answer to all successively. Update upload this week. Thank you to all who have purchased this template even to those who persevere. Purchases License Extended contact me for a deal on extra support.

Thanks again everyone and good luck in 2013

Looking to purchase this as well as soon as updates are released. We’re glad to see you back Marapet. Hope you had a good New Year!

Thanks, the old year is gone. New will hopefully be better. The updated will not be everything I want, but I need to have updated.

Hi, very nice admin site. Looking also for updates to purchase the item. Will it be ready this week as you mention ? Thanks in advance.

Thanks, the old year is gone. New will hopefully be better. The updated will not be everything I want, but I need to have updated.

as I wrote – I need to update. are updated almost all uses plugins and I’ve changed the structure due to further expansion. Update will include some minor plugins for bootstrap, multiple login pages uplod file, image gallery, announcements, new templates to start, ... and others. I’ll see what I can make. I do not want to work at the expense of quality


Great work, very nice theme. Super theme!:)

Thank you. We are waiting for the update.

We are waiting man… patiently. High quality is key. SO far so good.

Did you make any modifications to FontAwesome or can we just drop in version 3?

Good day, will be part of an update, Awesome and Fontella about + 360 characters. Thank you for your purchase

@everyone it does say v1.0.0. So far I love the template +1 on the update, I am waiting for the update myself before I put a lot of time into making it fit my scenario.

My hats off to you marapet for a great template.

applejax33 – thank you for your contribution and for your purchase :)

Do you know when it will update? I am waiting to buy.

Hello, in previous answers wrote – according to our time on Sunday evening. It is about 48 hours