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Am I only the one experiencing extreme slowness of this template?

I have removed every single JS file (except from jquery) as I was told before. The only thing that was left was the CSS & HTML.

I have tried Chrome 23 & Chrome Canary (26).

The FPS when scrolling the page is always around 10-18 FPS, where pages like themeforest have 40 FPS when scrolling & gmail has 30~35 FPS.

15 FPS is very slow & not responsive at all.

This is terrible!

Does anyone know how to fix this?

AFAIK border-radius causes slow rendering on webkit, but is there any solution to this?

I think I may have found the cause of the problem.

Basically, scrolling of the page shouldn’t cause the browser to repaint (re-flow) the whole page (it shouldn’t cause any repaint at all. See for instance or other templates like (Beoro) where there is absolutly no repaint).

TL;DR; There is something (css or inappropriate build) that is causing the browser to repaint the whole page during the scroll.

To see this by yourself use Chrome Canary (26) & under Dev Tools / Console Settings, enable Show paint rectangles option. The red rectangles are the parts that browser has to repaint – the less the better.

You must have dev tools open while scrolling to see this

health, thanks to the effort. I found the problem. send me an email. I do not know Whether I should correct now or Record update. I’ll try to debug it yet.

I think this can also help with debugging the performance issues:

Thanks for the help. I know where the problem is. – Position fixed. It’s not even js or scroller. Send me an email to contact.

I thought that was part of the demo .. Some sort of “smooth scroller” or something…

The problem is not in the scroller, it is there and works OK

Just bought this template, looks very nice, thank you for your good work. I will play a little with it and let you know.

Thank you for the purchase, Wait until the update download. There is little change in the structure of js

Great Design and Functionality! Well Done! Thanks for your work! Any updates on the update? ;-)

Hello and thank you for your purchase and post. I will try improve but without insistence ;)

Is it possible to have another level in the side menu? Now there are headings and element lists, and I would need headings, collapsible subheadings lists, elements lists for each subheading.

I’ve found the answer: it can be done, and here’s a working demo:

Thanks for the kind, I will add something Similar to Boo

this is a very cool and stylish template. when will the update be available, that increases the scrolling performance (as g00fy mentioned)? otherwise buying is no option.

g00fy gave me a type of repair. I wanted to solve in this update, but if you read the posts … it is not possible so next time. Anyway, I deal with this. This lack of chrome elsewhere it seems to be OK

We are still waiting for the update … Please comply with the dates you mention.


I’m sorry ... I updated something, waiting for approval.

Hello, isn’t last Sunday the update… ? ;)

I’m sorry but I have a wife …

Still waiting for update.

I’m sorry

I’m waiting for the update … :crying:

I’m sorry

3 weeks after promised update and still nothing… think it’s time to rate this template, 1 star should be enough

I’m sorry

Doesn’t seem to have the full fontello suite.

No moWell maybe I’m in a hurry uploaded a something else … rechecked it

Almost. A couple of them were missing, but will be added

Hi all, Guys, what do I do. At home I have trouble … I recorded at least something. It is seen in the demo. It is not all I got, but when you write so much. If it will not work you will also write. Trying to solve the continuity scrolling in chrome. It is not immediately. The package goes to approval. ;)

Your response of “I’m sorry but I have a wife” .. haha.. I totally understand!

The only thing that helps the template to render decent number FPS is removing header, footer and sidebar (all fixed elements), witch is unreasonable.

Therefore instead of removing them let’s set content as a fixed element that has content-overflow scroll-able.

I have tested this on dummy values :

.main-content { position: fixed; width: 80%; height: 80%; overflow: scroll; }

& fps has gone up from 15 to 25.

google chrome devs, have also mentioned that box-shadow has a negative impact on rendering speed

what do you think about this solution @marapet ?

Ajax Modal doesn’t work. Good job, nice tamplate!

not possible – it works!? :O

Good that you have submitted something for approval. It would be nice that you update the demo to reflect what is expected in the approved update. I really want to see your login and register page.


I didn’t see those pages in your demo and that is why i’m asking. Which display page are you talking about? I can’t login and register pages. Maybe not updated in your demo. below are 4 links Black Nice Base SignIn

no need to log it’s just html

I can’t see decimal, numeric spinner in form elements – is include in update?

there is only bootstrap spinner with limited options, but I can add UI Spiner and send you