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just one more question

is it possible to get an ‘empty table look’ (with stripped background) using boo table css * not data-table ?

example: Example Horizontal scroll with some filters that cause no results (id=test)


Ok. Background you can set up your own styles .dataTables_empty

Thank you for updating. Can I ask when you expect to add the color options that you described in earlier comments? Thank you.

Do you happen to use .less files (like BootStrap) to generate your CSS files using variables (to make it easier to change colours etc…)? Or is your CSS hand coded? If you use .less, can you please include the files in your next release (or send them to me?). Thanks!

I do not know what it is?! My recorded item disappeared from the approval process, but it is not available for download.

@marapet: Have you already contacted envato support?

Update looks great! Cool new stuff! can’t wait for further updates :-) Awesome work!

By the way: In the updated demo the Form Wizard page seams messed up in chrome on mac. Also images are missing on this page. Or only for me?

Thank you very much! Keep up the great work! :-)

Yes, rejected because preview image – I have already corrected

How can i download updated version? The download link on my panel isn’t for updated version.

And thanks for update it looks nice:)

Hello, Thank you, waiting for approval I wrote below

Hi, the toogle buttons that act as a radio button list, have a “class-toggle” attribute that’s not valid HTML. How can I make it work without that attribute.

You can use the attribute data-class or whatever you want. Adjust only aplication.js BUTTON TOGGLE CHANGE COLOR – 538 That’s democode. So your code to Analyze and adjust as needed.

Is the update available for download. I still couldn’t find register and login pages in the one i download. Moreover, i couldn’t find those pages in the demo you setup online. Thanks

hi, do you have an email

Hi, Thanks for update. What would be good is to update the changelog in template description so people are aware about the changes.

Are there still problems with update?

there js changed structure – just overwrite the directory paths and change the file name extension.css to boo-extension.css

I see the wife let you free for a bit :P Thanks for the update.

One cuestion… page: Activity / History or Contacts… or Emails? how you can update this? I need this sections ^^ thanks a lot!

I upload another update soon – but I will not say when ;) – soon

Love this update was worth the wait—can’t wait for more; I am thinking of buying twice just to show my support! Appreciate your high level of support.

For some reason on localhost the fugue icon buttons don’t appear, just empty slimmed down buttons. Not sure why.

Try boo-extension there is probably a commentary on / * @import “icon-fugue.min.css” * / to / ** / @import “icon-fugue.min.css”; cca line 20

Also thank you very much – FONTEL there is not complete, but I will add

that worked

Hello Marapet,

I’d like to buy your theme to use it with my project, but I just have a few questions need to be answered before I start using your theme:-

1- Are there guiding sheets to guide me to easily use this theme? 2- Is it easy to connect with any other platform? 3- Is there an invoice system? 4- Can the admin create custom forums and email templates then publish them online on another website? 5- Is it integrated with the Google apps’ services like “emails, calendars, analytics, ......” ? 6- If I need any supports in a anytime, where can I post my discuss question?

waiting your reply, Thanks.

hello I’m sorry – I missed. As he writes Falecto. This is an HTML template That you can use as needed on any platform. Forum, Google Apps and others, is a matter of Implementation of the project. I can help by adding HTML coded for billing, email (to be added in the next update), etc.. The actual creation app is on the creator of the project. This does not work like Joomla or Wordpress

@efoula This is a theme, a design coded in HTML / CSS with a lot of fancy javascript. All the functionality like invoicing, forums and email templates are something you need to create on your own and integrate with the design.

@marapet Thank you for the update. The login page looks wonderfull. Love the new notification system as well.

Any news on the slow-scrolling issue? AFAIK this has been issued as a chrome bug, but there might be some way around this? It may take months for chrome team to fix this.

Hello, I’m sitting above it all day, and I have gone through many sites and tested. The fixed position of the element is a problem in all cases. Varies with the size of the screen, or using a fixed grid. Rozilšení under 1200px is ok. I’ll keep looking for solutions. I make one blank template without using position fixed.

I found out, that footer & header have the most impact, the sidebar is ok (60fps). You can try and see how facebook page does something similar – top header is fixed & chat on the right also, but somehow they can get 60fps while scrolling.

Hi Marapet, as previously asked by two other posts, please address when color options will be available as you mentioned a short while back. Thank you.

easy pie chart doesn’t seem to work in the just shows empty wells and an actual percentage number.

i see the problem. add the easy-pie-chart.css to extension file and remove the jquery in the script tag: <script src=”assets/plugins/pl-visualization/easy-pie-chart/jquery.easy-pie-chart.js

yes I see, thanks for the warning. Css no need to add

Love this theme, but I wish there was a changelog for the update.

This question is for anybody on this thread. Has anybody been able to get ckeditor 4 to work in the modal window of this theme? If so, can you share how and/or a link that shows it in use?

Knows yet, I’ll add to Boo, so I’ll know. Thank you for purchasing a comment