Discussion on Booco - Responsive Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Booco - Responsive Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

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Thank you for your collaboration Marco

how can i cut the article i posted on the category page? Now is https://www.aiqh.eu/category/notizie-blog/ Thank you

Just use WordPress “read more” tag.

How can I remove the date from the items?


Delete lines 47-49 in file booco\inc\template-tags.php

if I delete the string 47 -49 (}

/ ** if (in_array (get_post_type (), array (‘post’, ‘attachment’))) { booco_entry_date (); * / }) the site is wrong

Check if you did everything correctly. The function in which this section of code is located should take the following form:

if ( ! function_exists( 'booco_post_card_header_meta' ) ) :
 * Prints HTML with meta information for the categories, date.
 * Create your own booco_post_card_header_meta() function to override in a child theme.
function booco_post_card_header_meta() {
    if ( 'post' === get_post_type() ) {

Dear support,

I was wondering how I can delete the top section on my website bitsing.com and bitsing.nl. I know my support has run out, but there’s just too many bugs going on. I’d rather just show the different categories, instead of the widgets on top, could you fix this for me since it’s an error in your template?

So my question: How can I delete the widget section on top of a journal page?

Thank you in advance.

First of all, who gave You the right to use one copy of the the theme on two sites? This is a gross violation of the license under which the theme is distributed and the rules of Envato Market.

Dear support,

On my homepage “https://bitsing.com/nl/home/” I wish to remove the top left siderbar, so that it will only show blog posts as in the middle part. I’d like to keep the right sidebar for my Twitter feed.

What do I need to do to make this work?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards, Frans.


A simple solution for this is not present, you need to change the structure of the page.

Thank you for you reply.

How can I change the structure of the page, could you help me? The website url changed to: https://bitseters.nl/home

I solved it myself. Thank you.

This is a copy http://the-village.ru Автор, тебе не стыдно?


Love your theme. But my featured content on my featured image looks very different from your featured content on your featured image.

How do I make it look like yours?

http://howtowebdesign.com/web-design/ http://preview.themeforest.net/item/booco-responsive-magazine-blog-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/17729965?_ga=1.229858076.1471415563.1479324977

Hello. Sorry for the delay with the answer.

Activate a Journal Page as described in the documentation for the theme.

How do i change the featured text on the featured images to look the same as your demo? Transparent background, centered on the image, etc…

Right now, mine has a white background and is placed in the bottom right side of the featured image.


I was wondering how I can disable the “clicking on” function at categories on the home. For instance in your demo homepage: when you scroll down you see “Lifestyle” in big letters. Now it’s clickable, but is there a way to just show the text without making it possible to click on it?

I hope you can help, thank you!

Hello. Sorry for the delay with the answer.

Open file booco/page-templates/journal.php.

Line 68 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categoryFirst ) . '</h2>';
Line 158 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categorySecond ) . '</h2>';
Line 252 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categoryThird ) . '</h2>';
Line 342 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categoryFourth ) . '</h2>';
Line 440 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categoryFifth ) . '</h2>';
Line 530 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categorySixth ) . '</h2>';
Line 624 replace the following:
echo '<h2>' . get_cat_name( $categorySeventh ) . '</h2>';

Hello, how can I hide from an article in the sidebar? I can decide which sidebar to publish? Thank you Marco

Hello! Not quite understand You, more?

Can I create a page or a full page article?

You can create full page article only if disable all widgets in sidebar. In another case the sidebar will be displaying.

If need, you can delete <?php get_sidebar(); ?> and change col-md-8 on col-md-12 in page.php.

Hello Support,

Great theme!

I was wondering how I can remove the last 2 categories on the Journal Template. I checked the php file and found the Sixth and Seventh category lines, but I’m too afraid to edit. Could you send me an edited php file with the last categories removed?

Thank you in advance! Gr, Frans.

Disabling the categories implemented in the next theme version.

Hi, I downloaded the plugin Breadcrumb NavXT for the breadcrumb in the theme. But I do not see it. Is there any theme setting I need to do? Thank you Marco

Please read the instructions for installing the plugin Breadcrumb NavXT.

How can I suppress the display of the categories at the bottom of the article page? See attached image http://www.aiqh.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/img_boco.png Thank you Marco

Delete? Remove the widget from “Article Bottom” area.

Hi, I noticed that the widgets on smartphones are not seen. It’s true? Thank you Marco

OK. Thanks and I’m waiting…

If need urgently, You can remove “display: none;” in the line #2134 in booco/css/main-style.css and line #595 in booco/css/page-templates-style.css.

Implemented in the next theme version.

How do you limit the number of posts per section on home page? O,r how can I tell a certain post not tot show up on home page even if it’s in one of the 7 categories?

1. Each section displays the last seven (or six) entries from the selected category. The number of records for each section is written in the file booco/page-templates/journal.php.

2. Unfortunately, this possibility theme did not provide.

Quick question…

Is it possible to remove the border and padding around the banner ad image on the homepage?


Yes, of course. You’ll need to add a couple of lines in the style file. I’ll tell you what, if need be.

Great Theme. Few questions. 1- Is it RTL enabled? 2-Would it look nice without image thumbnails? (I don’t want to show post images anywhere) 3- Is it possible to have home pages with 1 sidebar and simple equal size 3 columns thoughout home page and listing pages?

Thank you.

1. No. 2. Only if you use simple list of posts, like this – http://kulesh-vladimir.by/theme/booco/home-list/ 3. You mean 3-columns posts grid with sidebar? No.

Thanks for quick reply. I really liked your theme. Any possibility that you are making making it RTL enabled soon? If yes, how soon?

The possibility is very small, unfortunately. But if I do, will let You know.

hi, some questions: 1) How can I change the size of the logo? 2) How do I put the logo in place of the “Site Title”? Thank you

P.S. very elegant theme

HI. You can change the size of the logo in the style theme file. I’m on a business trip, so I can not tell more precisely. Transfer the logo to the site title is scheduled in the next version of the theme.

P.S. Thank you. ;)

Thank you. I wait for the update

Hi there,

I use adverts in the sidebar that are 300px wide. it appears yours are narrower. Can you let me know please

Also just to let you know that the fact that you hide all advertising for mobile makes me not want to buy the theme as we are supported by advertising. Great theme though and hopefully you can revise it in the future.


The maximum width of the widget 262 pixel.

I hide sidebars on mobile devices only to show the most important things, but to do so they are displayed very simply, if necessary, I will prompt as.

The only time – on the journal page most likely will have to change the output tiles of the post lists, so all is well displayed. I’ll think about it in the next theme version.

Hi again and again :)

the widgets on Mobile dont show up. Is it possible to include 1 widget on top and one widget on bottom for mobile?

Thanks Daniel

It is technically possible, but it is the individual revision: in short, you need to add two sidebars in the necessary places and show them only on mobile.


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