Discussion on Book - Responsive Ebook Landing Page

Discussion on Book - Responsive Ebook Landing Page

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Hello, it seems the code to embed the video from youtube does not work for safari browser. Can you tell me the correct code please?

(I do not know why I do not appear as supported as I purchase the webpage yesterday)

Also, please, how can I make less transparent the background image?

Hi, please send me a message.

Hi, I just bought this theme. Is there anywhere I can find a good installation guide. I have tried to upload it, but it says it is missing the style.css stylesheet. What do I need to do? I have not been able to find an explainer video.


I have found this solution – https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error – bit I cannot download wordpress files only.

Please tell me what to do, to install the landing page. I can only find guides for installing full themes.



In order to upload files to your server, please follow these steps:

1. unzip the purchased ZIP file.
2. open the template folder.
3. choose the template version you need.
4. Make the required changes before uploading ( covered in documentation).
5. connect to your server via your preferred FTP client or login through cpanel.
6. open the server folder named ‘public_html’.
7. upload all files from the template folder.

Other instructions are covered in the documentation. If you need any other help send me a message.

Hi! Recently bought a theme. The testimonial images are not centered, tried to find where to change it. Could not find. Please can you kindly help. Also mailchimp integration did not work, had to install mailchimp separately

Hi, you have not purchased our theme. Please purchase the theme so that i can provide you support.

I did make a purchase of course and I got a conformation email from you. Kindly advise ASAP

Hello, its working.

yes – NOW it is. thanks for fixing!

Hi there, thanks for a great theme.

I am not receiving emails from the contact form – I have changed my email address in the php file and made sure it is the same domain email where the files are uploaded. Can you please advise what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you! Traci

Ok I’ve sent you the link where I have not altered the form :)

Oh I have received the email now!!! I’m so sorry, I must have done something wrong the first time, maybe because I was using a forwarding address instead of a mailbox?? Sorry for wasting your time, let me see if I can sort it out now… thank you!

Hi, no worries and thanks a lot for having chosen Book. :-)

Best regards.

I like the design of this template, but I do not understand how to use it? The HTML5 code is copy-paste where?

Hi, you will need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to edit the template. After editing upload the template to your web hosting.

Does any know how to pass in the name and email to mailchimp within the landing page. I like the look in the landing page of getting the infomation

Hi, i replied to your email.

love how the easy and uses.

Thanks :)

I Purchased the HTML5 site. Where can I find the link to the Photoshop files to create a book cover?

Hi, please check the documentation credits section the link is provided.

There seems to be a lot of people who think they bought a Wordpress theme, I was also thinking that. Because I searched for wordpress themes and this came up in the results. I do not get a refund because it not a legit reason when you make a mistake. Maybe you should do something in your communication to avoid this mistakes.

I create a folder like domain.com/example and upload the file. but page not found is showing? my website is wordpress

Hi, this is a html 5 template if your trying it on WordPress it won’t work.

you could put a time counter on this page, would be perfect! :)

Hi, if you want i can add it separately for you. Just send me a support message after purchase.

Thank you. :grin:

is there any spam prevention for the contact form? Cause somehow i am receiving empty spam emails from it. thanks

Hi, you can try recaptcha.

Empty emails are sent because someone is accessing the contact-me.php directly. A way i found to fix this is by adding a check to see if the form is submitted by post method. You can use it if you find it helpful.

if($_SERVER[“REQUEST_METHOD”] == “POST”) { $send = mail($to,’=?UTF-8?B?’.base64_encode($subject).’?=’, $body, $headers); }

Does it include different color themes?

Hi, no, you can easily customize it, use the search and replace function in your code editor to change all the values with one click.

Does this theme allow for demo installation? Thanks! Great looking.

Hi, this is a HTML 5 template, your don’t require demo installation.


just letting you know that you have the draggable parameter of the map in the wrong place. If you change it to draggable: false, it doesnt work.

I added it to the map options and it works. Also, i added scrollwheel:false because i was getting stuck on the map when i was scrolling down with scrollwheel.

function initialize() { var mapOptions = { zoom: 18, //change zoom here center: mapLocation, scrollwheel: false, draggable: true };

Hope this is helpful to someone else as well.

Thanks for the great theme :)

Thanks :)


Great theme! :) I need a little help with the menu.

How can i have the menu visible from the top of the page?

Hi, you have to modify the code. Can you send me a message through the support tab i will guide you.

Hello! Does this work with Unbounce?

Hi, this is a html 5 template it won’t work on unbounce.

Hi there -

Pre purchase question.

Is the script setup to email someone an attachment? This is in reference to the section “Subscribe To Get A Preview”.

Is this just to add someone to a mailing list, or can we auto email a link to anyone who submits the form?

Thank you!

Hi, link to get the font is included in the documentation check the credit section.

To remove the fade follow this steps

Open index.html, use the search tool in your code editor and find these two attributes

data-0="background-position:0px 0px;" data-500="background-position:0px -250px;" 
data-0="opacity: 1" data-800="opacity: 0" 

delete the two attributes this will remove the fade.

Hi! Almost complete -

Receiving this error message.

“You must specify a email_address value for the listSubscribe method”

Url to page: http://bit.ly/1GWQfv9

API key, list ID, and the submit url were all edited as stated in the documentation,

Thanks :)

Hi, please message me the php file i will check it.

Hi, I would like to integrate it with PayPal Website Payments Pro for direct payments by entering credit/debit cards. How can I go about that? To what extent can you help in Paypal direct payments pro with this landing page? Waiting for your reply. Thank you

Hi, you can use a readymade script from codecanyon. It is much secure and quicker option.

Search for “PayPal PRO Payment” on codecanyon.


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