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Very nice! GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Really happy for the progress! One step further for WP :-) So excited! I wish you huge succes!

Thank you!

Great work. Thanks. Are you going to make this responsive?

Thank you! Yes.

Awesome work. Congrats ;)

Thank you!

Bought as promised waiting for WP version !

Thank you!


Thank you!

Bought it!! Waiting for responsive version as well, any plan on when it will be ready?

Thank you!! I cannot give you an exact time-frame yet, but soon.

Oh my God ! This is a fantastic theme ! Can hardly wait to buy a responsive WP version, please, please..!

This is always nice to hear. :) I am working on it. I hope it will be available soon. Thank you!

im waiting for the responsive version of it, amazing

I am still working on it. Thank you!

Like w247be it needs to be responsive.

You also could do with a page of web elements.


Thanks a lot for letting me know about this bug. It has been fixed. I am still working on responsiveness, I hope it will be online soon.

Please Please Please let me know when the Wordpress version is out. It’s an AMAZING theme. Well done you guys.

Probably in February. Thank you!

For turkish buyers turkish character support fonts. (Chunkfive-webfont havent) Sat?n alan türkler için türkçe karakter problemlerini bu font dosyas?n? indirerek giderebilirsiniz fakat chunkfive’in tr desteklisini bulamad?m.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!

everybody waiting for WP version. Please don’t forget to include Ajax or Jquery auto-complete and suggestion drop down menu in the button search. Like all booking online. all the best !!!

Thank you! Auto-complete will be implemented.

Is it possible to have SOAP XML based data exchange with an affiliate so I can retrieve a list of results from a third-party website?

Sure you can. This is just a HTML so it is up to you how you are going to display dynamic content.

Thanks for your quick reply! I got one more question about the WP version.. Will there be an easy way to set the price of a room based on the date of booking (day by day preferably)? That would be awesome!

Not really sure yet, but it is a great suggestion. I will try to incorporate this in the theme. Thanks!

Hi, awesome theme! Incredible teme!. I’ve listening you are working on the WP theme… When do you think it’s going to be ready?


Thank you very much! Probably in February/March.

do you have manuel for validation. because when i add new validation like your style. after theme is broken

I have answered your email. Please let me know how it goes.

Hi Kajag,

Awesome theme! Before I buy this, could you please confirm what the grid details are (cols, gutters etc)?

Many thanks!

Thank you!

Item is based on 1140px grid. GridColumns:14 GridColumnWidth:60 GridGutterWidth:20

Kind regards.

Hi mate, what about at 1200 and 768?

Not defined yet. I will update the theme to be responsive soon.

Amazing HTML template, just needs some more love for responsiveness.

Sre?no s prodajo ;)

Thank you! I am already working on it!

Hvala! Enako! :)

Amazing template :O Can wait to buy a responsive WP version. Bro good work (y)

Thank you! WP version is coming soon.

I am very interested in buying this, but do have a question. How easy is it to change the overall width of the grid to 960 instead of 1140?

I shouldn’t be a problem. You would just have to change the width of columns in the .css file. I can help you with that if you need assistance.

Thank you very much, I will buy it in the next few hours :)