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Hello, it’s quite eye-catch. I really good and unique one. Do you have any plan about making the template bootstrap based? It would be super easy to replacing my current template with this one.

Thank you! Framework was custom made for this theme, so probably not, however next theme will be based on Bootstrap.

The menu responsive no display :( in demo there is ... but in my files dowloands no!

Demo theme and the theme you have downloaded are almost exactly the same, so you shouldn’t have this problem. Have you uploaded all the files to your website?

I purhase this item but i want to know when will be online the wordpress version.Please let us know!!

I have some hosting problems at the moment. The website should be online soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, kajag

can you please tell me what is the problem with view online …. i always get the same answer : Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address

I have some hosting problems at the moment. The website should be online soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, kajag

live preview does not work. How can I view this theme?

Hello taktreba,

Live preview is finally online again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, kajag

I am glad your site is back up and running. I am studying this template carefully to see if this is something I can use for our website. When I view your live preview on my iPhone, it doesn’t appear to be responsive at least thru freelancer. I did find your website and it truly looks GREAT on the iPhone. However the sliding text on the banner display doesn’t show and the slide effect of the images seem to stop on the second image. Just wondering if this is a small “glitch” on the mobile device.

What do you mean by “thru freelancer”? The template is only available here on Themeforest. The sliding text is hidden intentionally, but it would be very easy to enable it for smaller screens also. I will check the sliding though. Thank you for notifying me.

What I meant by that was that when I open this link on my iPhone ( or directly on your personal website: Your website displays the template a lot better on the iPhone.

The sites are identical. However, the live preview on Themeforest shows up in an iframe, so it is usually the best option to click on remove the frame button for optimal performance.

Kind regards, kajag

Hello! Im from Holland, I did a bike tour with Bogotravel Tours last week and it was amazing! I would like to share this great experience with you so I give you the link:

Hello Enricol,

I am glad you have had a great vacation. :)

Kind regards, kajag

Hi there

I like this template and I wonder if you have Joomla version of this. Thanks!

Hi there

I like this template and I wonder if you have Joomla version of this. Thanks!

Excelent design work! I am highly interested in this product but I have a question before I buy:

1. Does it have all the scripts for the working booking system (functions) or is it just html/css (looks)?

Thank you! The HTML template does not have a working booking system, however there is a WordPress theme with a working search engine and booking also available:

Hi kajag,

I tried contacting you through the contactform, but I guess you haven’t read it yet.

I have a question regarding the search results page. Is there a way to display the results in list view by default? That would help me out a lot!

Thanks for the great theme!

Hi kajag,

thanks for the reply. However I do not have the WP version of this theme. I work with the HTML version and I cannot see any updates. Is this correct?


Oh, sorry, my mistake. Then you will have to change that manually in search_results.html.

Locate this:

$(’.view-type li:first-child’).addClass(‘active’);

and replace it with

$(’.view-type li:nth-of-type(2n)’).addClass(‘active’);

Do the same in scripts.js file.

Then you have to change classes on your articles:

from <article class=”one-fourth”>

to <article class=”full-width”>

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards, kajag

worked like a charm! thank you, this is much appreciated!

Hi Kajag, I bought the “Book Your Travel” HTML theme from you and I got the BIG problem when I getting to hotel detail, Then I tried to change dates by click on “Change Date” button but that is NOT working anymore! No calendar for change date and nothing working for select new date to book. How I can get it to work properly? This is the serious question looking forward to your reply as soon as possible

Thanks, Udon

Hello Udon,

you have purchased a HTML Template and not a WordPress theme. HTML Template is not able to display dynamic content, because there is no database behind.

Kind regards, kajag


Pls create a robots.txt file

cos google indexing your site and this is not good for me – when i want buy template


I will.

Kind regards, kajag

Hi Kajag,

Can you please add a blog page to html page also.

Great theme.


It will be added asap.

Thank you and kind regards, kajag

Dear Kajag,

Hope you are fine! Any news about to add blog page for html?

I will update the template tomorrow for sure.

I apologize for the delay.

Kind regards, kajag

Hi Kajag,
i have a problem in search results , This problem occurred after update.
please blow link:

Hello i7sn,

I have to be honest. You have so many things going on therefore I have no clue how things look before the update. Can you please explain it to me?

Thank you and kind regards, kajag

how to configure a register/log in page? i am using HTML one and i can not make login/register page work

Hello billy558,

you have to be aware that you have purchased a template, therefore login and register cannot work unless you create a database and do some programming in order to connect the both parts.

Best regards, kaja

i have just bought wordpress theme of the same kind.will i be able to create login and register without programming? please give me guideline as to how work it out on wordpress theme

Hello billy558,

yes, log in and register pages (and popups) are included in the WordPress theme. No programming is required. Please, read the help file that came with your download and you will have your site up and running in no time. If you will have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you and kind regards, kajag


i want to buy this theme and i want to know if there is any documentation for this theme and if you are going to update to bootstrap ?

thank you

Hello lorrenna,

like it says in the item description, the theme is well-documented. No, there are no plans for recoding it to bootstrap. We have created a custom framework instead.

Kind regards, kajag

Hi I am not able to see the flights and flights+ Hotel pages in my downloaded files …kindly help.

Hello amangnt,

I apologize for a late reply. You should see these files in your main download.

If it helps, these are the full file names flight_and_hotels.html flights.html

In any case, please make sure that you have downloaded the full package or try to download it again.

Kind regards, kajag

hi , great theme .

I am use it in my project , I use jquery ui Dialog , but the style is not apply .

Is there a solution for this .

thank you .

Hello wa7eed,

I guess I could add css support for jQuery UI elements. In the meantime you can also use popups I provided.

Kind regards, kajag

thanks kajag for your replay …

do you mean by the popups like the login form “lightbox” ?

I need to use dialog to send ajax requests and do more, I dont think lightbox goin to help me Here.

I wish you add the jQuery UI elements , you gona do me a huge favor :)

thanks again . wa7eed

Hello wa7eed,

what I meant was you could use the existing html and css and apply the ui dialog functionality to it or create an out of the box solution, but it would require more work.

I will try to add css for all ui elements sometime this week.

Kind regards, kajag

Hi Great theme, i was looking for something like this. I got it but i stack with the vacancies, and bookings since i’m not very good in WP I’d like some help. 1 the navy skin is not working in the logo. 2. how can i add vacancies? and what happends when the form asks to set dates how can i proceed with the reservation since after i set the dates it comes back to the hotels page???? Why it doesn’t show always the diary after the accommodation? Also how can i show the posts without th edate, author, ect details? i’d like to be able to short the accommodation with alphbetical order or with other criteria like the ones with vacancies… thanks for your time and your effort. Nick

i just started to work with it and i used your data the page is if you want to have a look.Thanks

Also about the locations it is great for the accommodation but for the cars should be some sub category with i.e harbour, airport, hotel for the specific area location without so many details…. thanks

Hello Nick,

1) In order to reduce file size only one logo comes with the theme. In any case, you should upload your own logo.

2) Go to Accommodations > Vacancies. Click on button Add Vacancies.

3) Users are not able to make a booking if they do not select dates and rooms.

4) Availability calendar shows up only for vacation rentals.

5) You will need to remove lines 9-17 in single.php file

6) You can edit that in page-self_catered-list.php and page-hotel-list.php

7) I agree with your suggestion for car rentals. We will try to implement something like this soon.

Kind regards, kajag