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How can I remove the responsiveness out of my template?



you should remove all media queries from the css file and replace the widths that are in percentages to pixels or ems.

Kind regards, kajag

Dear Kajag !!! I already buy this items. But now I sê the full new version And I want to change the full new version. How can I change and how much I will pay more for this.

Our website:

And I also want have Vietnam Language. How can I change it ???


you have find the HTML Template and not a “full new version” of the WordPress theme. We are still working on the WordPress theme and constantly adding features in order for it to have all of the features that was made in the HTML version.

As for the Vietnamese language, you can translate the theme with the WPML plugin.

Kind regards, kajag

is all the data posted to the search engine populated dynamically or one will have to enter it manually?

Hello cdwamina,

if you refer to the HTML template you have to be aware that this is only a template and does not have a database and a cms.

On the other hand, for the WordPress version all of the content is stored within its own database and has to be entered in the content management system.

Kind regards, kajag

I am want to purchase this theme, but have a couple of questions. How do I integrate the Google Travel API with this theme? The google QPX Express API is a seach engin that works with REST & JONS. I will like to use this API and the GDS system provided by Travel Port. Is the unformation populated in the current website dynamic or has to be entered manually? I am interested in the Flight booking data, how can I pull data from national airlines and display fights from various airlines with prices and availability ( The Google QPX API is equiped to handle this). Please help.

Hello again cdwamina,

you have to be aware that you are looking at a HTML Template. In order to make it work you would need to customize the template and do some additional programming.

Kind regards, kajag

Dear Kajag !!! I already buy this items. But now I sê the full new version And I want to change the full new version. How can I change and how much I will pay more for this.

Our website:

And I also want have Vietnam Language. How can I change it ???


I have answered your previous post.

Kind regards, kajag

yes, i see it. thanks. I wait for a full verion of WordPress theme. thanks for nice version. we really need it. I choose theme for my website for a long time. And it is really suitable to my company.

Thank you very much!

Colleague wrote to you three times but still no response from you. Is there a problem. Why Online Booking HTML Template by changing the text in Cyrillic h1, h2, h3, h4 tags do not work.

Hello miraco44,

if you click on Support tab you can see that I mainly provide support via comments.

ChunkFive font unfortunately does not support Cyrillic glyphs. You should try with Sreda font instead.

Kind regards, kajag

Thanks, I’ll try with the Sreda, I hope to become. Because my site is Cyrillic.

Hi I bought HTML theme yesterday. I want to make the user rating slider to Price range slider. I mean two buttons in both sides.

Hello sree1254,

I am not sure if I fully understand what exactly would you like to achieve, therefore I am just giving you the link where you will find more information about the jQuery UI slider.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards, kajag

Hi kajag,

I have question about scaling. When I’m on my mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S-series) and I view the live demo via Themeforest, it is displayed beautifully and is scalable. However on my purchased version, this is not the case and the site is not scalable at all (I can’t even zoom in). The layout is changed to fit the device, which is great, but I prefer the way it is displayed here on Themeforest.

Do you have a solution for this?

On a non-related note: cool new update you’ve done. Looks great! :)

Kind regards, guillzini

Hello guillzini,

the demo page and your downloaded version are the same. Just make sure that you upload your files to a server, because media querries do not work when tested locally.

Best regards, kajag

pretty interested in this theme. i am confused in wp or html theme because html have great power of costumization. but problem is that i am new to html dont know how to set it up and manage. i will learn basics but i want to see the backend of this theme.

how we can add or remove hotels details, price details, booking information or how can i see other user from admin panel. is it easy like wordpress or not?

do i need to buy this theme and upload it on our site ? or i need to do some extra work to get this working such as creating sql database or other.

if you make a demo of admin panel of both of wp and html theme then this will easy for user to choose theme.

thanks rusty

edited: one more question if we buy wordpress theme then in future if we want to change theme then is there any methods to make all the details of hotels and other info remains same on site

Hello rusty,

the main difference between a HTML Template and a WordPress theme is that the HTML Template does not have an admin panel. You would need to create the whole thing by yourself ie. convert the template to a working cms theme.

You can see screenshots of the WordPress Theme’s admin panel here:

Regarding updates/customizations: you should use a child theme (is provided) and make your changes there, so that when you update the theme, your changes do not get overridden.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

I purchased your CSS to earn some time and it works ok. Still some bugs around but ok. Can list them if you need.

I Converted it all to ajax, php PDO with a mysql handling 200.000 references. Also included multiple remote XML sources with a custom agregator for Mysql and multi session users managment with salt.

You need to work around your javascript functions as it bugs once you upgrade to jquery 1.10.

But other than that it s ok.

definitly. Using jquery 1.8.2 is a mess. It s full of bugs. same for malsup that generates inconpatibilities. Main issues are that using so much classes for responsive, make this all shibang useless. Only the css is good to go.

found the problem: It is related to uniform. this means you have to stick to jquery 1.8.2 maximum in order to have the CSS works properly. Doing so, you have to stick with the 1.8.2 bugs. At the end , lot s of work to do for this css to work properly. At this point it cannot evolve properly.

Hello olivierboinet,

I sincerely apologize for a late response. I really appreciate your bug report, thank you very much. I will do my best to resolve these issues asap.

Best regards, kajag

css coding is very very bad theme should be followed by some css framework

Hello vajidabid,

thank you for your feedback. In my opinion using frameworks usually produce a very non semantic html.

Best regards, kajag

hi, i bought this theme but i cannot find the blog html file. i need some css elements from it but i don’t have the css properties in css files. thank you

Hello lorrenna,

I sincerely apologize for a late response. You should have blog.html and blog_single.html in your Main_file folder. If you don’t see it, try to download the template again.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hi, i just purchused HTML version of Book travel theme. I was sure that was theme for Wordpress. Can I return this and get my money back?

Hello mdubravic,

I sincerely apologize for a late answer. You should contact envato support on and tell them that you have made a mistake. Issues regarding payments and refunds are unfortunately out of my hands.

Best regards, kajag


How can i reduce the speed of the slider in home page..?

is it possible to get the PSD file too???

Hello alexixsd2,

I sincerely apologize for a late answer. thank you for your interest. PSD is available here:

Thank you and best regards, kajag

This template should be compatible in IE8. But my background img is not working correctly and the slider runs to fast.

I have allready addes css templates for every single IE version, but it still does not work.

Any succestions how to get this fixed?


Hello samoa21,

I sincerely apologize for a late answer. The theme is compatible with IE8, however CSS3 transitions and animations unfortunately do not work in IE8.

You can use JavaScript animations as a fallback for Internet Explorers. You will find instructions here:

Best regards, kajag

@ sree1254

You can change the speed of the slider in style.css colume #114. Adjust the “4s” to any speed you want.

sequence .animate-in .info {left: 50%;margin-left:-570px; -webkit-transition-duration: 4s;-moz-transition-duration: 4s;-ms-transition-duration: 4s;-o-transition-duration: 4s;transition-duration: 4s; }

Thank you very much samoa21! I truly appreciate your help.

Iam interested to use your theme in order to use with affiliate search box. Is this can be done? TNX

Thank you ppetrop,

I sincerely apologize for a late answer. Yes, you can, but there is no support for affiliates at the moment, therefore you would need to integrate it on your own.

Thank you and best regards, kajag


Thanks for your reply. Its Worked.!! :-)

I sincerely apologize for not answering. I am glad you were able to figure it out.

Best regards, kajag

Hello, can i set booked dates to another color? I got some booked dates but they are still be available. Who do i fix this?

Cheers, Markus

Wrong Area, purchased the wordpress Files.

Hello Markus,

I sincerely apologize for a late answer. I am a bit unsure what to say to be honest. If we are talking about availability calendar on self-caterings then there shouldn’t be any issues. What I mean is if the date is available it is colored and if it is not, it is grey. You can change the colors with css but I think that was not the question. Are you using the latest theme version? Is the availability correct in your admin panel?

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hello Kajag, i solved it with css. Thank you.

Cheers, Markus