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I bought this theme a few days ago and have some problems to solve by myself

How can I alignment “Explore our latest tours” section ? it dosn’t looks like “Explore our latest accommodations” for my website :

please kindly let me know some detail of solution, I had a headache with this problem..

Thank you.

Hello cloojazz,

I have already submitted an update with a solution for this issue. It is currently pending review, but I really hope it will be available tomorrow.

Best regards, kajag

Hi Kajag

how are you? and thank you for your reply. however, where can I find the updated solution you sumitted ? it it possible update from admin dashboatd ? please kindly let me know more detail for this solution

thank you for your help.

Hello cloojazz,

I am getting better, thank you very much for asking. How are you?

You can find all updates under your profile on themeforest in your Downloads section.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

I was wondering is there’s an option to have slideshow with thumbnails on hotels’ description page. From what I can see on preview, by default it’s just large automatic slideshow (no navigation or thumbnails) so potential visitor would need to wait to see all slides.

If I’m to buy this template is there an build in option to turn on some sort of slideshow navigation?


Hello kires,

a regular gallery with thumbnails and navigation will be added with one of the next updates.

Best regards, kajag

Hi Kaja, Why have you removed the WP version?

Hello locko69,

I haven’t, Themeforest disabled it. I have already submitted the required update but it is still pending review. I hope it will be re enabled by tomorrow.

Best regards, kajag

Pozdrav, Kajag

What happened to the WP theme? Is it no longer supported?

Hello LabogHirshimus,

the WP theme was disabled by TF staff. I have already submitted an update but it is still pending review. I hope it will be re enabled by tomorrow.

Best regards, kajag

Thank you for info.

Why isn’t available the WordPress theme? I have a problem with it! How can I do to add an increment depending on the people. If 1 people, price 100. If 2 people, price 120, and so on.. I wait your news. Thanks.

Hello darktiger,

the WP theme was disabled by TF staff. I have already submitted an update but it is still pending review.

Regarding your problem, at the moment the theme does not have this feature. Prices are set only by room per date. In the future we intend to make prices more flexible (dependable on number of people/children, longer periods etc).

Best regards, kajag

Hello! Wow that’s perfect :) I wait for TF guys to upload it soon! And when you do more options for pricing I’ll buy for sure! Thanks :))

Sounds really good. :) Please, stay tune for updates.


In the search result titles (h1), Turkish characters dont display correctly. How can I find/replace ChunkFiveRegular font with Turkish and other language characters included?

If we can’t do this, is there any similar font to replace with ChunkFiveRegular, and support these languages?

Thank you

Hello webhasan,

you can go to here and create your own webfont kit, but you will have to manually add these characters.

Similar fonts for replacements (all free): - Bevan: - Roboto Slab:

Best regards, kajag

Thank you, replacements work perfect.

What happens with theme for Wordpress not see already sold.

Hello miraco44,

the theme was soft disabled. I have already submitted an update with required changes but it is still pending review. I hope the theme will be re enabled again tomorrow.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hi, I was thinking about wordpress theme purchase. Is the `book your travel` theme still on sale?

Hello themesaur,

thank you for your interest. The Book Your Travel WordPress version will be available again really soon (hopefully tomorrow).

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hi Kajag,

is there any possibility to show the discussion on the BYT WordPress version?

There where some important replies to older questions that are very useful for customization, e.g. the translation issue.

Regards, Peter

Hello Peter,

the WordPress theme was soft disabled by TF staff because of some bugs reported. I have already submitted an update with bug fixes but it is still pending review.

Unfortunately I am also unable to see that discussion, therefore I cannot help much, but it will be visible again when the theme gets re enabled.

In any case, there shouldn’t be any issues with translations.

You should follow these steps:

1) Edit the .po file using POEdit (you can also use qTranslate or WPML plugin)

2) Use the translation field to make replacements

3) From the file menu, save file with your language name it, for example: de_DE.po. It will generate both a .po and .mo file for your translation.

4) Next edit wp-config.php located in the root folder of wordpress and define the WPLANG prefix with your language name which should be similar to the translation file name.

5) Then go to your server via FTP, navigate to the theme folder and find the languages folder, its located at wp-content > themes > BookYourTravel > languages

6) Upload the language files in the languages folder.

You can also get more detailed information on WordPress Codex:

I hope this helps.

Best regards, kajag

Hi Kajag! Question regarding html template funktion. Do you have a solution idea how to use a kind of review / rating funktionality? So that customers could review a hotel or so… Again… html template not wp.

Regards Martin

Hello Martin,

rating requires a database so that rating values can be stored and to interact with a database you need serverside code (php, .aspnet or whatever). I am pretty sure that there are plugins available for ratings and reviews, but you would need a database first.

Best regards, kajag

Hello, is possible modify the color image UI, templates PNG don’t have all elements is themes UI.


Hello jarscr,

it would probably be the easiest if you download the jQuery UI files from jQuery UI and redo the sprite. Or are you referring to any other images that are within the theme?

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hello Kajag, sorry my question is about images in the template. But I redraw all images and create new css theme. Thanks

Hello jarscr,

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to help more.

Best regards, kajag

Hello, When i put <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/theme-orange.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection, print" /> in head for orange theme, after that logo is not showing.

I apologize for a late answer. Can you please provide the url to your website so that I can take a look?

Thank you and best regards, kajag


your images within the folder ”/images/themes/orange/” seem to be missing. You also have no images within the slider in your HTML.

Best regards, kajag

is there a way to do a Restaurant Reservations with this wp theme?

Hello robaraujo,

the theme wasn’t really made for restaurant reservations, however there is nothing stopping you from customizing the theme.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Thank you very much!

hi. i was buy this template and download but why i can upload in my WP? please helf me guys. thanks

Hello christina01,

I am not sure if I understand your comment. You made the comment to the HTML Template, so I hope you are not trying to upload it as a WordPress theme.

The WordPress theme is available here:

Instructions on how to install the theme are also provided in the documentation file.

I hope this helps.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Thanks for your reply. Now logo is working fine but contact icon is not showing and slider images.

I apologize for a late answer. I have answered your other post.

Best regards, kajag

hi Kajag,

Do you have pay on arrival option. And how do have pages for admin control panel for hotels and car rentals.


Hello Naushad,

HTML template does not include an admin panel. It is just a template without a database, therefore integrated payment support and admin panel are not possible. WordPress theme on the other hand does include an admin panel. We will also add payment support to the WordPress theme soon.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

hi Kajag,

Will your wordpress them allow multi store format, in the sense, can hotels be able to register and manage their property bookings online.

Hello assanana,

I sincerely apologize for a late response.

If you are referring to front-end submissions then the answer is not at the moment. We will add this feature in the future.

Best regards, kajag


Booking processes and customer data are validated? On the other hand, has a management page?


Hello quenethemes,

I sincerely apologize for a late response, I honestly missed your comment.

HTML Template has no booking form validation and processing.

Best regards, kajag


The template is not supported to latest jQuery library do you have the fix for this? Currently working on 1.11 library.. Your library is 1.8.2


Hello moreishi,

I sincerely apologize for a late response. I will update the template this week.

Thank you and best regards, kajag

Hi, We are willing buy this Travel HTML5 theme..but we have one request….this theme contains pages only for hotel, Flight, Car and Cruise booking flow…...we would like to have the “bus booking” flow screens also…can it be developed/customized/Included by you according to our requirement….please let me know your contact information so that we can talk over phone and clarify…....


Hi still waiting for your response..???

hello admin how are you doing? hope all is well…!!!....waiting for the reply…need on urgent basis….


I sincerely apologize for a late response. I have answered your email.

Best regards, kajag