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Dear Kajag,

F5 key is worn, every time I’m in the portfolio kajag.

In the sweet wait of WP version.

Best regards, 8-)

You shouldn’t abuse the F5 button. :) I have added you to the list and will notify you as soon as the theme is done.

Dear Kajag,

The early bird catches the worm Since I wake up…

Check email inbox spam folder go to the portfolio of Kajag Read comments on booking HTML Do not want to worry you, but your staff is excellent, now I wait for the WP version.

I added to your list. thank you very much.

Best regards, :bigsmile:

Dear argven,

you will find great news in your mailbox soon. The theme is already being reviewed and I am keeping my fingers crossed that all of you will have fun with it very soon.

How can I disable responsive effect?

I want the theme to be displayed on a tablet or smartphone as an normal monitor.

I tried removing css3-mediaqueries.js but it did not work.

I apologize for my English.

Is an excellent theme.

I completely overlooked your comment and I sincerely apologize for the late response. Unfortunately the theme doesn’t really have an opt-in/out option for removing the responsive effect, however you can easily change the percentages in the css file to pixels (so the widths will stay the same regardless of the screen dimension). If you will have any problems, send an email to and I will help you out.

excellent! wordpress version?

Coming up very soon. Drop your email off to and you will be notified as soon as the theme is available here on themeforest.

any news for WP theme? please notify me

The WP theme is already being reviewed. I will.

Please let me know when WP version is ou: Thanks!!

Will do. :)

Greetings kajag i purchased HTML version yesterday and uploaded into my domain name the view is perfect using my desktop and laptop.. but when i use my ipad cellphone its not the same as it looks.. how to fix this issue? kindly send me a quick reply to my email best regards steve

I apologize for a late response. I have answered your email.

Stil waiting for the wp version! Any idea for the launch date????

The template is already being reviewed, so I can only say soon.

Dear Kajag,

First I want to congratulate you for your template. I am working with it since 3 weeks and besides of its beaty the code is very organized and simple to understand. It really worth to buy it.

I also want to warn you that I found a litle bug in single hotel page (hotel.html) when we go to location tab, the zoon in zoon out ruler on the left in the map always appears weird in all browsers. So If you can fix it let me know.


It is a pleasure to hear that the template suits you well. Thanks for letting me know, I will fix the bug asap.

wordpress please!! :-)

Do I have your email already so I can let you know when the theme is available on themeforest? If not drop it off to :)

Dear Kajag, I have created wp theme out of templates you provided. It does not implement some great features you planned. But, in general, works pretty well. Site (in Russian) is located at

I am aware of lots of people waiting for wp version of your theme. So please, let me know if I could be of some help.

Hi, your website looks very nice. My WordPress theme is already in the review process, but thank you for your offer, it is very appreciated.

please reply my mail.


Hi Kajag,

Will WP theme include booking systems, availability calendar, search page function and other required functions for the web-site?


any future plans for WordPress version ?

Hi, one week ago you said that ur wp template is being reviewed…. Does your theme rejected by themeforest??? Please reply

I mean its taking too long for wp version…. :|

dr74- How can I reach you?

Any news on a WP version!???

Just letting you all know that the WP theme is still in the review process. Thank you for your patience.

Hello everybody,

I would like to let you know that the WordPress theme is finally here:

I hope you will like it! :)

Hello kajag,

I bought this template, but note that it does not work on Wordpress, I have done something wrong?

Greets Edgar

Hello Edgar,

have you followed instructions from the help file when uploading the theme? Can you tell me what has happened or what kind of error did you get? You can also send an email with your url to, we are happy to help.

Thank you and kind regards, kajag

Could you add me to the list and notify me when the wordpress version is available? The theme looks lovely, good job!


WordPress version is already available. You can find it here:

Thank you and kind regards, kajag