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+1 for WP version

Thanks. I hope it will be available as soon as possible.

When the HTML version will be available?

Probably next week.

you sad to last week “next week”. please make this week. )))))

I know. I am working on it. HTML should be ready by the end of this week, but I still need to write documentation and test it properly. Submission process can also take a couple days. I hope I can manage to upload it on TF this week, but it might happen that it won’t be available until next week.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Waiting for the html version to come out, hope I can manage to get it up and running.


Thank you! Html will be available soon.

This is the perfect template for me. I am tired of HTML site. If you could create a WP version, I will buy it even if the price goes up.

Html and WP versions will be available soon.

Dear Kajag, I can wait if you are sure to create a WP version. I’d be glad to hear any assurance from you. Otherwise I will have to look any where else. Forgot to say that this template is fantastic. Great work, bro.

Yes, WP version will definitely be available soon. Thank you.

Good news. Please for the WP version include AJAX auto-complete search and suggestion plugin. However, you are doing a wonderful job.

Thank you for the suggestion. I agree that auto-complete would be very useful. Thanks!

when version will be ready

I have uploaded the HTML version last week and it is out of my hands now. I am waiting for TF’s staff decision.

Outstanding work, Amazing template. Really great work.

I’ve downloaded it but all buttons are flat, input boxes does not have the same shadow on the screenshots. some separator lines are missing. Did I download a different version?


Thank you, SarDira, for purchasing my theme. It sounds like you have downloaded the old version, that had these issues. Please make sure that you download the most recent version. If you have bought the theme before 6.1.2013, an update for this theme should be available for you. Please let me know if everything works out.

Thank you and kind regards, kajag

No need to thank me for purchasing something that beautiful. You are talented and I hope you succeed. I have downloaded the latest files. But now all the buttons are a rasterized! Why not make it a shape with effects so we can easily change colors? Every template has it is own colors you know!

The file was created in Fireworks and obviously some elements got flat when it was converted to .psd. I will fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime you can use the Fireworks .pngs. If you do not have the program you can download a trial version from Adobe’s website.

How do I purchase the html file for this?

I am proud to announce that HTML version is available on TF.

How do I purchase the html file for this?

tonysausu we are waiting to theme forest. he was fnish. html is ready

I am proud to announce that HTML version is available on TF.

This is amazing template. Good job.

Thank you!

Awesome ! Really looking forward to purchase WP theme !!!

Looking forward to it !!! release it pretty soon !! please !!

Great work

Thank you! WP version will be available soon.

Please include google map integration with the hotel search results.

lots of rasterized layers in PSD. it’s bad for a template IMO.

No WordPress version?

WordPress version will be available soon.

Can I use this temp on WP

No, this is just a HTML template. The WP version is already being developed and will be available soon.

Hi! Loved the template. Would like to know how does the searching engine works. Whats does the travel agency need to do? Have a GDS contract and all?

Thank you. It doesn’t work, this is just a HTML template with no database behind. You would need to convert this template to a cms template. Or you can wait a bit longer for the WordPress version to be available on the marketplace.

can u want to build to me wp var?i pay tou if u want call me bokoyaniv@gmail.com

Hello, unfortunately I am not able to set an exact release date. I will contact you as soon as it is done. Thank you and kind regards, kajag

hello kajag , i dont have time and i need this template so i buy your HTML version and i convert youe html to wordpress take a look


tnx for your html, and have a good day yaniv.

You have done a really good job, awesome!

Best regards, kajag