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hi, i like this design. am ready to purchase… before that i hv Qns..? 1. myself purchase possible ? 2. after my purchase, how can i hosting this site?


No, we do not provide support for web hosting. We provide support with issues with setting up or using our theme.


Sir, how many hotels allow to add? it Linux host supporting?


You are allowed to add an unlimited number of accommodations.

This theme runs on WordPress so you require a WordPress installation on your webhost. WordPress can be hosted on Linux.


I want to buy the theme but I need just few confirmation before :

1/ Search location : Can we give the choice to enter a free text and not a list of choice ?

2/ Search locaion : is there the option Geolocation if the visitor is with his phone

3/ Your theme is it in french also

Thanks in advance

I forget 1 think sorry :

If there is also an admin access for the clients and for the hotel ?



1. No, at the moment that is not possible. It is on our todo list for the future.

2. No, our theme does not have a geolocation feature.

3. Our theme is translation ready. It comes with a po file to be translated with poedit. The theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin.

4. Our theme has a frontend submit feature where partners can sign up and submit their properties and create vacancies/schedules from the frontend. Clients can also view their bookings from the frontend.

To learn more about our theme please also read our theme documentation online here:

And of course, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Not working buttons of leave a review and send inquiry. When clicked it, didn’t response. Please check it. And not showing map on contact menu page. When click send button on contact menu page, not coming message from it.

Theme options>Configuration settings there is no field labeled ”Google maps api key”.

Hi book your travel staff! I have just reactivated smtp plugin Just fixed sending a message on contact menu. But still another are not working. Not response buttons of review and send inquiry. Not Showing map on a contact menu page(Theme options>Configuration settings there is no field labeled ”Google maps api key”). Please fix them.


You are using an out of date theme (version 7.06). Please upgrade to the latest theme version (version 7.21).

Please download the big zip file from ThemeForest, unzip it and then follow instructions in to upgrade the theme.



This is a pre-purchase question.

1. As I have seen, your theme have front end submission for partners. So, I wanted to know that, is it possible for a partner to edit listings of admin from front end?

2. Can I see the back end demo of your theme?


1. The only way a partner would be able to edit admin’s listings is if you made that partner an admin by assigning them the admin role.

2. No, we do not have a backend demo, however you can see screenshots of our backend in our theme documentation here:



1. But I don’t want to give admin access to them. I want them to add / edit listings from front end not from backend.

2. Actually I wanted to see how partner’s section works and how they add / edit listings.

3. Does your theme have social share feature for listings?

4. Does your theme support Indian payment gateway such as ccavenue?

5. I didn’t see informative pages such as about us & team. What editor does your theme use to add such pages?


1. Partners can edit their own listing from the frontend. They cannot edit other people’s listings.

2. You can try registering as partner on our demo site here: and then use the partner menu to look around.

3. No, our theme does not have a social share feature, that is something you would have to use a plugin for.

4. Our theme uses WooCommerce for payment processing. Any payment gateway compatible with WooCommerce would then be compatible with our theme. Not sure if ccavenue is compatible with WooCommerce.

5. You would have to use the normal WordPress editor to add such pages.


Hello I would like to tell me please where can I find the code of the booking summary page. I want to translate in the tour booking form the fields that says the “first name”, “Last name” et. I tried to search all the php and js files but I didn’t fount these fields to change them. thanks

Ok thanks.

hello again, how can I translate the months of the callendar in the booking? thanks


What language are you using?


poganini Purchased

HTTP ERROR 500 on support site.


Ticksy, the provide our support site works from, has been having some issues.

Please try again

Thanks for understanding.

Pre-Sales question:

Using this theme is it possible to change the categories of car rental, vacation homes, cruises etc to other holiday types such as tents etc as well as editing the facilities for such new categories?

thanks in advance


The custom post types that are within are theme are hardcoded. The easiest way to change any text that’s hardcoded in php files is to “translate” the theme from English default to English US.

What I mean by this is to use poedit (free program, Google it please) to edit the languages/default.po file found in the theme using poedit, make changes to keywords and save the file as en_US.po. Poedit will then also auto-generate Keep the files in the same languages folder. Finally, go to Settings -> General, scroll to the bottom and change the language to English (US).

You only need to change the keywords you need to be different, not all keywords.

WordPress will then use your translated keywords instead of the original texts.

Another way to change keywords with a plugin is by using this plugin:

As for facilities, they are dynamic and can be modified as you see fit.

thanks for the quick reply, that could work and presumably when I update the changes would stay in place, one other question, is it possible to disable certain categories as I only need a couple and wouldn’t require the cruises and tours options?

Thanks again in advance


Yes, you can disable the post types you don’t need from Appearance -> Theme options -> Post types

do you have search by stars of the hotel


Sure, you can find the star rating parameter in the left hand search widget here:

Avramis Purchased

I need help to login my website’s dashboard. The message send if i click reset password gets blocked by my email host. ​ Please help.



You can get back into your site by following the “Edit Users Table” instructions from this link:

Great Thanks!

You are welcome.

Hi Team BYT, I recently bought your theme BYT… I need your little support as i’m having some issues like I can’t customize BYT Search options and other issue is in date selection, when a user selects a date for booking it stucks on that date, then user needs to refresh the page to reselect the dates. Kindly help me out! Regards


The homepage is widgetized. As such, you can go to Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets and add any widgets to the Home Content Widget Area. This includes the search widget as well as the accommodations, tour, cruise, car rental list widget each of which contains filters and configuration settings to adjust things to your needs.

As for the selection of dates, there is a Reset button next to the Proceed button that lets the user reset the calendar and start again.

can a flights booking be added as i dont need cruises


Our theme does not support flight bookings at this time.


Celestel Purchased

Hi my rev slider wont update and is not working correctly – please help.


We own an extended licence of the Revolution slider. That grants us the right to distribute the slider bundled with our theme. When the authors (ThemePunch) of the slider release an upgrade, we get notified and we release an upgrade of our theme with the slider upgrade.

To use the slider you simply install and activate it as a normal WordPress plugin. You can ignore the “Activation” notification you have referenced in the attached image.

Hi I have questions about partner functions:

1. Do you have a page in admin to show all the partners and their bookings and earning?

2. How can I capture partner payment account information ( How can I pay the partner)

3. I try to use one of the field in the accommodation submission to capture partner payment account, but it also show the information on the accommodation page to public. How can I set the payment account info only show to admin ?

4. Is the booking enquiry go directly to partner or to admin as well? Is any way to have the admin approval before send out the enquiry to partners>

Thanks Den

For above questions, if you do not have the page or function available, please let me know which file or script I need to customise or create. Thanks


1. No the theme does not have such a feature.

2. That is not a feature of our theme. You would have to make use of a plugin like s2member or Membership to achieve that.

3. What is the id your new field was assigned when you created it in Theme options -> Accommodations?

4. No, there is no such feature within the theme. The email gets set to the partner if you set a contact email field in the accommodation. The file that handles inquiry sending is includes/theme_ajax.php

The “strip_tags_and_shorten” function in “includes/parts/tour-item.php” strips the text to 100 characters.

I have 2 questions about this: 1. If there are 2 or more spaces in the text, it eleminate also the spaces and only one space is left. Is there a quick fix to make sure I always get the spaces in the Text?

2. Is there a way to make sure I always get a complete sentence up to the first ending point? In that way that it cut of at first ending point?

Best Regards


You can edit the file and change the

$tour_description_html = BookYourTravel_Theme_Utils::strip_tags_and_shorten($tour_obj->get_description(), 100) . '<a href="' . $tour_obj->get_permalink() . '">' . esc_html__('More info', 'bookyourtravel') . '</a>';


$tour_description_html = BookYourTravel_Theme_Utils::strip_tags_and_shorten_by_words($tour_obj->get_description(), 100) . '<a href="' . $tour_obj->get_permalink() . '">' . esc_html__('More info', 'bookyourtravel') . '</a>';

And change the 100 to number of words you want to show.