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I purchased this theme and i’m using this theme very easily but unable to use the slider and i’m giving the purchase code in that slider that are saying wrong code i’m giving. please help me out i didn’t use anywhere i use only for my website.

Thanks Sanchit

whenever i use to use purchase key and the error come and says this is wrong key..

And 1 more thing when i use to do check in page setting > show slider on home page than my advance search function hides..


You cannot enter your theme purchase code into the slide premium key field. Like I indicated, that is there for upgrade of the slider directly from ThemePunch. You do not need that for functionality of the slider.

Please signup at our support center and submit a new ticket. Include all the details about the issue and your site URL.

For faster service, please privately include your WP and FTP login info when creating the ticket. Our support team will check it out and let you know.

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Hello, I am looking to buy your theme. I need to know where all the accommodations/bookings are managed in the back end? Most travel plugins/themes have a place to view your bookings, pricing and dates etc..

My client wants these following things, does your plugin offer these?

1) Id like to be able to view the essential data of each booking ‘at a glance’, ie filtering out the 50 or so other columns of micro data.

2) Id like the overview page which shows me a feed of the most recent bookings

3) Id like to be able to search a date segment and a course title in order to see income and completed sales (or cancellations) at a glance e.g. last week’s Mindful Yoga Retreat in Spain

4) I need to scroll backward & forwards through the whole season to get an instant view of how each week is filling up. Bearing in mind we have overlapping events in two countries (can I assign 3 separate accommodations in 3 different countries and manage these within the theme)?

I would really appreciate your feedback.


Our theme has an admin booking area where you can manage the bookings amongst other things.

1. There is a tabular view of the basic booking info shown in the admin booking area. You can see screenshots of this in our theme documentation

2. There is no such feed feature within our theme.

3. There is no such feature within our theme.

4. You can create as many accommodations as you want and create separate seasonal vacancies for each.

To get a better idea of how our theme works please feel free to peruse our theme documenation:

Of course, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Sorry, I forgot to add. If the client currently has a website with current bookings is there an option to transfer data or manually apply these bookings to the new website using your theme?


No, unfortunately our theme does not have a feature of transfering bookings from other places or connecting to any external API for similar purposes.


I am looking into WP possibilities for my future tour operator website (specialized in cruises). I like your theme “Book your travel”. But I am concerned with the search options. Apparently, we can only search by destination, price or date.

Is there a way to search from a departure port of call or any other attribute (filter)?




All the available search filters are shown in the left sidebar search widget of the following page:

You can switch between the “What” radio button to see which options are available for which property type.


Hello, I have a few pre-sale questions: 1. Is the theme 100% wpml compatible. 2. Can an enquiry form (for not inmediate payment) be added to any/ all tours instead of using online payment. 3. Is it possible to add an extra field for enquiry/booking form (eg accept TOS). 4. Can search fields be changed or added (eg type of tour). 5. Can there be a sub-category under “location” (eg a location under a region). 6. Can category names be added or changed.


Hello, I´ve seen that this theme is fully wpml compatible. But … 7. is there only 1 design for the Home page with its widget variations. 8. And no option for custom colors throughout the theme


1. Yes, the theme is 100% compatible with WPML.

2. You can enable WooCommerce for payment processing, but you do not have to. If you do not, then a simple booking form is shown to the user to “reserve” the accommodation/tour/etc. You can also mark an entry as “reservation only” on an individual basis, so, you can use WOoCommerce for some entries while allowing reservations for others.

3. You can add new fields to the booking form via Theme options -> Booking forms. Checkbox fields are not a feature yet though.

4. Search fields can be shown or hidden via the Search widget. New fields however cannot be created without customizing the code.

5. Yes, locations are hierarchical.

6. Are you referring to the custom post types ie tours, accommodations, cruises and car rentals? You cannot add new custom post types to our theme without custom code. You can change the keywords by “localizing” the language file.

7. There is only one design of the home page, however, the home page is fully widgetized allowing you to drag the widgets around as you see fit.

8. The theme comes with a preset set of color schemes. To create your own custom color scheme you would however have to write custom css.

Hi, a few pre sales questions

1) can we customise the pages, i.e. the home page where you have each section Explore our latest cruises / Explore our latest tours etc, can we customise the background of the page, meaning perhaps different backgrounds for each section.

2) can we add and use our page builder to the pages to create sections and add shortcodes to display Explore our latest cruises / Explore our latest tours etc


1. The home page by default shows all widgets, however, you can go to Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets and add any widget you want to the empty by default Home Content Widget Area for only those widgets to appear on the home page. You can drag them around and rearrange them as you see fit.

You would have to apply custom css to set different backgrounds for different sections of the page however.

2. Users have reported they used the following pagebuilder plugin with our theme without problems:

Hi, Would it be possible to introduce another language to the template?

Thank you


Our theme is compatible with WPML plugin for WordPress (commercial plugin) that allows you to run any WordPress site in multiple languages.

If you only want to run the site in another language (and not 2 or more in parallel) then you can simply use poedit (a free program) to translate the language files we provide with our theme to your language of choice.

Hi, For the shop section, is it multivendor, or only website owner could list? Blog section can it be used as a forum for users? Thank you

I am interest to purchase this script. please send partner screenshots to


you can test the entire section for partners yourself, by registering as a partner on our demo website:

Thank you for your interest!


I have a question before i buy this products.

Is there any other way for me to contact regarding it ?


How to change logo size?