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Hi There, I need to expose accommodation/location details to a external site using API. any suggestion/guidance.


No, unfortunately we do not have an api for this. You could try looking at how WordPress exploses it’s own API and perhaps look at exposing custom posts through WordPress REst api.


You are welcome.

Hi There, Is there option to have a hidden field, which is visible when we creating the accommodation. but not visible on the listing itself for general public.


No, at the moment there is no such feature.

Hi. Great looking theme! 1)Cannot see the checkout, payment function on the demo, to see how it looks ? 2) I want to sell properties as well. Can I do this with your theme, in other words choose/add/ or change the 5 topics/ options currently available ? to include property sales 3) is instant booking available/supported ? 4) email alerts to customers,sellers,admin? 5) can both complete booking system and manual booking being used at the same time. i.e. automatic/completed booking for credit cards, and manual/pending confirmation for bank transfers? thanks, Barry


Thank you.

1.) If you proceed to this accommodation and scroll down, you can use the calendar to proceed to the checkout and observer the process:

2.) No, our theme does not have a feature of selling properties.

3.) A user needs to select dates and then proceed to checkout. There is no faster way to achieve this.

4.) Our theme uses WooCommerce for payment processing. As such, our theme utilizes the WooCommerce email notification system for sending emails to all parties when Orders arrive etc.

5. They cannot be used for the same property from the frontend.

You can set specific properties to be “reservation only” in which case user is not pushed to the checkout process. You as admin can also always enter booking manually from the admin side.

6. You can disable / enable rooms for accommodations. If rooms are enabled then vacancies are room/accommodation specific. Otherwise they are just accommodation specific.

7. Discounts for specific rooms or accommodations are not available at this time.

just to add to above. I see no function to add 1) individual room vacancy dates- only accommodation, or 2) special/discount prices for each rooms or even accommodation) ? are these possible addons ?

Replied to your other comment.


sorry to be a pain. am i missing something ? when click on book now buttons, goes to rooms/details etc, but cannot book, only leave a review or send enquiry ? is that because its just a demo ? you can try this accommodation and let the calendar load then select dates and proceed to book the accommodation.


thanks for your speedy replies. great !

You are welcome!

where can i delete an accommodation or room ? in partners frontend

ok got it !

one more question… Can admin set seller/partner accommodation /rooms etc to auto or manual approve ? as well as other configurations ( cannot see admin in demo ?)

Yes, there is an option in admin panel where admin can set whether submissions need manual approval or not before becoming visible on the website.

Online documentation that includes most admin panel screenshots can be found here.

thanks again

You are welcome.

one more quick one for now. is the theme completely open source. need to change some text/wording

None of the themes and templates you see on the envato marketplace would be considered open source. But they are considered as “white label” which means that you can rebrand them in order to suit your business. You can change all of the texts and content too.

magic. i will be purchasing this one . many thanks for your speedy replies. barry

You are welcome.


komcorp Purchased

Greetings. In your tour Sidebar, you have several filters. What about an “End Date” filter? Or a “Duration” filter? Thank you


This is dependent on the post types. If you switch over to accommodations there is an end date. For tours it’s only a search from onawards.

We will improve this soon.

i want to buy this theme but have some questions. 1. will i need another plug in to make work or will i get the exact demo. 2. i have go through the demo site where is the link for property owners to register their hotels. because I want to use it for hotel directory. 3. dose this theme have off line booking option so bookers can pay upon arrival at the hotel? reply soonest


1) No, all functionality you see on the demo is included in the purchase.

2) You can register as a partner on our demo website to see how the front end submissions work

3) Yes, there is a “reservation only” feature that does not require online payments.

Thank you for your interest!

Pre-sale questions: We are a suitcase rental service provider, and here are our few questions:

1. Can your service be daily basis? We don’t want customer to select the time

2. Is there any blocking period setting? Let’s consider the following case:

Today: 14/4/2018 Exclude today Blocking day before rental: 1 Blocking day after rental: 1

1st rental available time: 16/4/2018 or later (Reason: Exclude today 14/4 and Blocking day before rental 15/4) 1st rental is 16/4/2018 – 19/4/2018 ( 4 days)

2nd rental available time: 22/4/2018 or later (Reason: Exclude today 14/4, 1st rental occupied 15/4 – 20/4/2018, Blocking day before rental 21/4)

We need 1 blocking day before and after the rental for logistic and cleaning

3. Can we set minimal booking period for individual products? Currently we require 3 days as minimum rental

4. Can we have global setting for products? It makes management much easier

5. Can we suspend the availability of individual item?

Sometimes our product has to be in maintenance mode. 

6. Do you provide a searching by name or date and category User Interface?

Take a look for Trivago ( Click in any city and you will find 2 searching bars on the top of page.  First, it is by name. Second, it is by Start date, End date and Product category.

It would be nice if we can add this searching bar by a shortcode.

7. How can we customize the checkout field? We need some radio-button field


Please keep in mind that our theme covers renting of accommodations, cruises, tours and car rentals. To rent out something besides this, you would have to pick one of these types and change the wording to suit your needs. Some functionality which is specific to one of the types that are rented is tied closely to that type and cannot be turned off so you would have to carefully pick what you intend to use each type for.

To change the wording of things that are hardcoded within our theme, you are best of using a plugin like

From what I can see, our accommodation post type would best suit your needs.

Now, as for your questions:

1. Yes, our accommodation post type is rented on a daily basis.

2. No, our theme does not have a blocking feature.

3. Yes, our accommodations have minimum days booking that are set per individual accommodation.

4. This depends on which particular settings you are referring. Some are global, some are item specific.

5. Items are made available based on seasonal vacancies you create. If you do not create a vacancy, that item is not available to book.

6. No, at the moment there is no search by name or category feature. There is a search by date feature of course.

7. You can add fields to the booking form via Theme options -> Booking forms. You would however need to custom code things in order to add radio buttons.



Did you add iCal support which was proposed by nineproofsolutions?


No, this was not added to our theme yet.

How can I change the stars image? I tried to replace the images inside – images/ico folder. ”star-rating-off.png” and star-rating-on.png”

But even if I delete and replace them I keep seeing the same yellow star.


if you are referring to accommodations, you would need to edit the includes/parts/accommodation-item.php file. Google material icons are used here and are included as a font. This is the code for the individual star icon:

<i class="material-icons"></i>

Thank you

Thank you

You are welcome.

hello, there’s way to see how the theme backend works in the demo. Thank you


We do not have an admin demo however you can see all the screenshots of our admin as well as a step by step guide to configure and use our theme in our theme documentation found here:

Of course, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Where can I edit the content of the Inquiry thank you message?

My test users didn’t seem to notice that their inquiry message was sent. Is it possible to make it more visible?


This is found in the sidebar-right-accommodation.php (for accommodations).

Look for the text “Thank you for submitting an inquiry”.

This is significantly improved in our upcoming upgrade.



odverbeek Purchased

I cant fix the header as is in the theme. at the appearance there is no header,could you please help me?


Could you perhaps provide a screenshot so we can better understand the issue you are facing?

Or, please signup at our support center and submit a new ticket. Include all the details about the issue and your site URL.

For faster service, please privately include your WP and FTP login info when creating the ticket. Our support team will check it out and let you know.

Click Here To Create An Account & Get Support



odverbeek Purchased

Hi, I got your mail. thanks for responding. so quickly. My problem is that , There is no slide option for the under header. the booking widget is not as in the theme either and I am not able to fix the tours as in Theme I bought


please open a ticket at our support center so that we can set the theme up for you.

Thank you

HI There, I am trying to rename some woocommerce fields on checkout, but for some reason not able to do it with standard woocommerce hook.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_default_address_fields' , 'override_default_address_fields' );
function override_default_address_fields( $address_fields ) {
// @ for city
$address_fields'city' = array('form-row-first');
$address_fields'city' = __('Province', 'woocommerce');
// @ for postcode
$address_fields'postcode' = __('Zipcode', 'woocommerce');
return $address_fields; }

Is there some change I need to do specific to your theme ?


What was the result? What field did you mark as required? Saved the theme options? Can you provide an example of what happens after you do this?


We are sorry for the delay. Still looking at this issue. We will get back to you asap.

Hi! 1. Is it possible to use only “Tour” tab in search panel (without Accomodation, cruise, etc)? 2. And is it possible to use external link for button “Book now” in this page?


In Theme options -> Post types you can enable only the tour post type and disable the others.

You would have to do a bit of customization to enable external links like that. If you create a ticket on after purchase, our technical support staff will assist you with this issue.


Hi, I’m interested in your theme but first i want to look partner’s management panel also admin panel where i can see those things ?

You can also email me those links and details email:


You can find screenshots of the the admin screens in our theme docs here: As for the partner screens, you can register as partner and try things on our demo:

And of course, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.