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Hi, Is anyway I can change the Search from User Rating to Number of Guests? If it need to be custom code, please advise which file I shoud l modify. Thanks


You wwould need to customize the following files:

Includes/plugins/widgets/widget-search.php Custom-search-results.php Includes/post_types/class-accommodation-helper.php function list_accommodations


denwat Purchased


You are welcome


is it possible to use this theme for affiliate travel links like,, ? thanks—


There are no built in features to allow for that within our theme.


Is any way to delete that mail confirmation code when someone is registering as partner ? I want to make a simple way to register .

Thank you !


Please signup at our support center and submit a new ticket. Include all the details about the issue and your site URL.

For faster service, please privately include your WP and FTP login info when creating the ticket. Our support team will check it out and let you know.

Click Here To Create An Account & Get Support



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I recently outsourced some custom coding in order to get WooCommerce Coupons to work so I can display different Discounts for different tours. The exercise did not end well and I’ve reverted back to the standard configuration.

I’ve seen several inquiries recently regarding the ability to discount. As you know, there have been requests to get this capability working for a few years now.

I’m loath to outsource custom coding again but my business suffers because of the inability to discount.

I noticed that the products displayed differently in WooCommerce Coupons after I installed the last version (in Usage Restrictions>Product field). Does that mean some work has been done on Coupons and do you know if they will work in the next release?

Thanks very much. Appreciate your support.


We have not done any work with regards coupons or discounts yet.

Only one day is available, no matter what i add in schedule


Have you set your tour type to be repeated? Repeated tour types allow for season start and dates to be set in schedule. Non repeated tour types are one-of, happen on only one day.


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please help me

i have multiple price by nomber of pax like this . Please tell me how can i add this in shudele tours  in the Byt theme . i have post a ticket about this i wait your support .TX

Hi Mehdijd,

That sort of pricing structure is not a feature of our theme. I recommend you hire someone to customize the code to suit your requirements.

Hi. Several pre-sale questions. 1) As I understand, tours and schedules are separate entities, correct? So if I have 20 different tours with different schedules and prices – I’ll have to add 40 entities in total. Is there any way to specify price and availability directly when adding/editing a tour? 2) Is it possible to customize search? I’d like to use FacetWP or a similar plugin. Have you tested the theme with anything like that? I think the current search on the home page won’t look good if only tours CPT is enabled.


1. Tours are a custom post type built within our theme. Schedules are then create for each tour via Admin -> Tours -> Schedules.

You have to create your tour, so 20 tours. And then create a separate schedule for each tour, yes.

2. Our search widget is a widget added through Appearance -> Widgets. As a widget it has some filters and options you can set or unset. To customize it further you would have to do your own custom code. Unfortunately we have not tested the FacetWP plugin with our theme.

Please let me know if I get this right:

1. There’s an option for clients to book a service/stay without paying for it ( paying at the hotel/cruise…) and there’s an option to allow payment for the service ? 2. In the 2nd case, how is the payment made ? To admin and then admin deducts the commissions and sends the rest to the service provider ?


1. Yes. However, please note that you can mark an accommodation to be Reservation only (in which case the custom pays upon arrival) or for the customer to pay immediately. There is no option to allow the customer to choose whether to pay or not.

2. Yes, all payments are paid to the admin. It is up to the admin to then reimburse the partners.

Hi there! Nice theme! I am interested in renting cars and rooms, payment methods will be paypal and credit card. The question is, when a customer rents, the update is automatically made so that the corresponding product is automatically unavailable or should it be manually made by the manager? Also, when the product is released, will the system be automatically updated or the manager should do it manually? Thank you for your time!


Our whole availability system is custom built. When an item is booked, it is made unavailable for booking for the duration of the booking. Once the booking expires, or it is deleted by admin, the item becomes available to book again.

Our theme uses WooCommerce for payment processing. As such, any payment gateway (like PayPal) that is compatible with WooCommerce is then compatible with our theme as well.

Please note, as of now, our theme accommodations, cruises and tours support seasonal pricess (different prices depending on season of year) while car rentals have a fixed price throughout the year.

To learn more about our theme, please read our theme documentation here:

And of course, please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Nice! Thank you very much for your immediate response!

You are very welcome.

I am looking for a booking system (plugin or theme) that can do the following: Show availability for two apartments that can be rented for holiday. I want the available dates to show when clicking on the calendar. The user can then choose dates, add to cart and pay for the rooms. Most system I’ve looked at the user first have to choose dates then the system will show them options for those dates. That is not what I want in this case. Is this something you can provide? Many Thanks Vernita


I am not sure I understand what you mean.

You can see how the calendar shows on one of our accommodations here:

After you click the dates, the options to book show below.


I need to add a multidatepicker to your template. The hotel should not put a start-date and an end-date to their vacancies, but has a calendar, where they can put separate days with one submit. There is a jQuery multidatepicker availible. How can I add this to your template?

Regards Ronson


Accommodation related javascript code is in js/accommodations.js. I recommend you hire a developer to implement such a feature for you.

Hi I need help in followings:

1. Is any way I can add number of room or other features as search criteria?

2. How can I hide the site search on the top of the homepage?



1. That is something you would have to custom code for now. It is on our todo list however we have not yet implemented it nor do we have an ETA for it.

The files concerned are: js/search_widget.js includes/post_types/class_accommodation_helper.php (function list_accommodations) includes/plugins/widgets/widget_search.php custom-search-results.php

2. You can add the following css to your child theme style.css to hide that search bar:

.header .search { display:none; }

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

You are welcome.

Please can you send me your email add I have pre sale questions..