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Hello Can I use this theme for Boat rental business as marketplace? And do you have any live referance site for boat businies?

When you choose 20th of August as start date you are chosing the day you check-in for an accommodation. When you choose 22nd August you are chosing check-out date. So in fact this is a duration of 2 days and not 3 days. Similarly with cars.

it is just calculate nigt time, but something is wrong for boat businiss, we need to calculate day based time. Example check in time 10:00 and Check-out time is 18:00 when you check-in 20th August it is (day 1) 21th august (day2) 22th august (day3) this is possible?

No. If you take a car on the 20th at 10:00 and return it at 10 the next day, that is 1 day of rental. If you return it at 10:00 on 22nd, that is 2 days of rental. That is how our theme works.

hello. i want to buy it, but i need an option to calculate price, per group depands quantity, for example price for 1 person would be 1000 $ for 2 person sum would be 1600 $(800 for each), for 10 person would be 5000$(500 for each), can i get this option?

We try and implement things on our todo list as soon as we can. However, we do not give deadlines as that puts unneeded pressure on our developers.

can i make [price per group and hide quantity children and adult? i need to use extra item for this


If you set max children for an accommodation or room type to 0 then the children dropdown would not show.

As for pricing, you can either set a price per person or per night. If you set per night then up to maximum you set of people are allowed to stay in the accommodation (ie per group).


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Dear Themenergy support team,

We are looking to integrate WooCommerce bookings as our bookig form, by displaying WC products with the same layout as the current ‘tour’ template.

I have noticed this in a recent change log:

v7.0: 04.03.2016

- Improved WooCommerce integration – one WooCommerce product for each custom post type

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here, but would this mean we can use the tour page template to display WC products?

If this is a bit more complex than some backend WP configuration, can you confirm whether this would be possible to do with minimal coding?

I am looking forward to your kind response!

Many thanks, Edward.

Hi Edward,

The note we made refers to our internal products.

For external products you could perhaps look at single-tour.php template and use the html structure to create your own product page.


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Hello. I ve been trying the theme, and noticed that some of the prices per night are per person, and some are per room. But this is not specified in the “price from:” that is shown in the front end. Is there a way to show if the price is per person o per room?


If you contact our support staff on ticksy after purchase they can provide you with code to display specific labels on those cards.


marxxelo Purchased


You are welcome

Hi, how can help me to install the theme… have a lot of things and I don’t understand all…


You will find a step by step guide to install our theme in our theme documentation in the zip file you download from themeforest with screenshots for each step.

If you have any issues please create a ticket on our ticksy site and our support staff will be happy to help you

Top destinations around the world widget on the home page looks prices. How do we show the price?

Please be more specific as it is unclear what you have done from what you have written.

I’m sorry little English. I’ve created cruise schedules. I defined location. I chose this location for the cruise page. Top destinations around the world put home widgets. the widget shows the number of destinations. but did not like the part that shows the price at the bottom of your demo site. I hope I’m sorry I could explain my problem.


Sure. The location item at this time only shows from prices for accommodations in that item, not for cruises or tours.


I am getting an error when people try and purchase simple products in woo commerce. The following is appearing:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘No parent product set for variation #0’ in /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-product-variation.php:85 Stack trace: #0 /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-content/themes/BookYourTravel/includes/theme_woocommerce.php(846): WC_Product_Variation->__construct(‘0’) #1 [internal function]: BookYourTravel_Theme_WooCommerce->before_order_itemmeta(4, Array, Object(WC_Product_Simple)) #2 /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-includes/plugin.php(525): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #3 /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/meta-boxes/views/html-order-item.php(45): do_action(‘woocommerce_bef…’, 4, Array, Object(WC_Product_Simple)) #4 /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/meta-boxes/views/html-order-items.php(83): include(’/home/content/a…’) #5 /home/content in /home/content/a2pnexwpnas03_data03/54/3483054/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-product-variation.php on line 85

Could this be to do with the theme? Do let me know. Thanks.



This occurs when people purchase a non bookyourtravel product?

Yes, with normal products I have set up in Woo Commerce. I’m still configuring the theme, so have not started selling Accommodation’s through the theme. Hopefully i won’t have the same issue.


Hi Tom,

Please open wp-content/themes/BookYourTravel/includes/theme_woocommerce.php and on line 845 add the following:

if (!isset($variation_id) || $variation_id  0) {

After you make the above change, please go to line 1128 of the same file and add the following:

if (!isset($variation_id) || $variation_id  0) {
    return $product_title;

We will also release this fix in our next upgrade release. Thanks for reporting the bug.

I am interested in the bookyourtravel wordpress theme.

I am looking for a car transfer, hire, taxi kind of online booking and payment. Something similar to the Transfers – Transport and Car Hire wordpress theme.

I like your website design and layout and hope we can work out the doubts in my head. Or perhaps I can try out and take a look at the wordpress page of the theme.

1. Online booking with date and time (interval can be set at increment of X minutes?

2. Destination list

3. Vehicle availability

4. Single trip or return trip with number of person on widget?

6. Woocommerce with extra items and payment?


1. Our Transfers theme has this feature. Our BookYourTravel theme does not.

2. Both our BookYourTravel and Transfers themes have this feature.

3. Both our themes have this feature.

4. Our Transfers theme has the return trip feature while our BookYourTravel theme does not.

5. Both our themes have extra item support.


I went through the rent a car shop 1. Can I change to a fixed price instead of price per day? 2. Can I change the rent a car criteria to same day? Example Pick up date and drop off date under the same day?


What does list ‘Comment Count’ mean in the widget?



Can you take a screenshot of what you mean please?


Hi, thank you for this wonderful theme!

I would like you to provide me the code needed to fix the date issue (1970) on the checkout.

I know you have fixed it with your latest update but I’ve costumized the theme so much according to my needs that I fear messing up all the previous work with the update.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day!


Your questions are fine.

You will find the latest version of our theme in your ThemeForest downloads section.



I tryed but with no success!!

Do you know the specific piece of code I need to change in js/car_rentals.js for example?

Thank you so much!!

Dateformat code is one, convert to local function is another

Hi, when I buy the item, is it a WordPress plugin that I add to my WordPress? Also, should I use it with woocommerce or just with a standard WordPress if I want to build a travel agency web site?


BookYourTravel is a WordPress theme. As such, you install it as you would install a WordPress theme. It comes with it’s own built-in booking system.

Our theme uses WooCommerce for payment processing. So, if you want to take payments from customers, you have to install and activate WooCommerce plugin in combination with our theme.

To learn more about how our theme works, please read our theme documentation:

And of course, please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.



kreamer Purchased

When I receive an email from the send inquiry form on accommodations and reply to the email, it puts in the admin email address as the reply email, not the persons contact email address. I saw in a recent comment that you noted to change the below code in theme_ajax.php but that does not fix the issue. How can I have it so when I hit reply it puts the correct email address in the reply? Thanks

$headers[] = “Reply-To: ” . get_bloginfo( ‘name’ ) . ” <” . $admin_email . ”>”; to $headers[] = “Reply-To: ” . $contact_email . ” <” . $contact_email. ”>”;

We have released version 7.15 which resolves this and other issues. Please upgrade your theme.


kreamer Purchased

Will do, thank you.

You are welcome.

Hi there! 1. Can I use visual composer with the theme? 2. when a payment is done say for a tour does the amount go to the admin or the business owner? 3. What are the color options for the theme? I assume I can change color for everything including the BG? Thanks a lot!


6. we are using the Max Mega menu on our demo in a “normal” mode. Other examples can be found here:

There is also detailed documentation available:

7. Yes

8. Yes, you can create such a page. VC is not needed for this purpose. There are also several free sample sliders available:

If you scroll down on that page, take a look at the sliders in the “Front page” category. You can use any of these sliders as a base for creating your own slider. There are also plenty of video tutorials and instructions available.

Thank you

Thank you guys! Your service is fantastic!!

You are welcome

The field “video” is enabled in the theme settings under accommodation. But when I add a new accommodation I do not see where I can add a video? please help me

Its just called video, and its not hidden. please help

I got it to work thanks, I had to add the video myself to the extra fields.

You are welcome

Is there any way to expand the reservation form? Like I select a destination “Aruba” and then underneath you select a hotel automatically filtered to that destination “Aruba Hotels”.

No such feature exists in the theme at the moment. It is something you would have to custom code.

Hello, I am trying to have a instagram feed slider from slidr revolution in my homepage however the stream does not load. I have this error: Notice: Undefined variable: return in /wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/external-sources.class.php on line 549 – and also on a red square comes: Revolution Slider Error: Failed to load Stream

Any suggestions on the error?


The XML file specified was either malformed or incomplete. Please correct the issue and try again. How must i do? I can’t import SampleData! please help me,thx!

It is ok.

Thx your reply!

All resolved?

I want to remove “Explore our latest offers” from homepage, how should i do?

The homepage is widgetized. By default it shows all widgets, however if you go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag widgets into the empty by default Home Content Widget Area, only those widgets will show.

I want to modify the home page code, in which files?

Remove “Explore our latest offers” and “Top destinations around the world”

hello , i want to ask if i eant to add more custom post types like accommodation what i have to do i tried to add my custom via code but code if complicated any suggestion please