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Beautiful and nice job. Good luck dude!

Thank you very much!

I am the first one to buy and so glad that it’s finally launch. Thanks so much for the wonderful work that you did.

Thank you very much! it is highly appreciated.

Good luck with the sales! I know we have all been watching out for this one.

How does the rating system work – from the dashboard?

Thank you! Ratings are actually calculated from user reviews. After user makes a booking, he/she is able to make a review for that hotel. When user review is submitted the user rating for that hotel gets updated. Reviews are manageable from the admin panel, ie if the user review is inappropriate for example, admin can delete the review from the dashboard.

You can try to make a booking on the demo page and after you complete the booking form, a button “Make a review” will show up on the hotel page. If you click on that button, you will get to another page where you can leave your review.

Awesome! Finally we have it! Good Luck, I will buy it for sure…

Thank you very much!

Wow nice theme for booking Travel. GLWS!

Thank you very much!

We have wait for long your Wordpress edition. Congratulations for the release.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! I have answered all the emails and I hope you have received the answer you were looking for, otherwise please send the email again on Thanks.

Finally done!!! Thank you very much Kajag. Good luck with the sales!

Do you plan to add later any option for booking process where the hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise credit cards prior to arrival?

Thank you very much. For now, payment options are a matter of custom work, however we might implement payment options within the theme sometime in the future.

Looks awesome. Will definitely buy in the future

Thank you very much!

does it have a front end submission facility?

No, not yet. For now, only submissions via admin panel are possible, but we will add front-end submissions in the near future. However, WordPress allows several separate admin role types, so you can grant people permissions for certain admin sections only.

can hotels list their own properties and manage their own bookings?

Yes, that is all possible in the admin panel.

Hello Can this theme easily customized to be used for a single hotel? Regards

Sure, you do not need to use all the pages and features. However you might need some search engine modifications if you do not want the same searching functions.

waw!! i have been looking for this for months rushing to buy it as soon as possible nice job!!

Thank you very much!

Dear Kajag,

I’m happy by this news. Excellent WP theme. Congratulations for the release. Good luck with the sales!

I have a question. The features of the HTML Template has the following: box for searching hotels, flights, cruises, self-caterings and car rentals. The WP version will have these features?

Excuse my English, I am using the tool of language translation of Google.

Again congratulations on the release of the template

Best regards, :bigsmile:

Hello and thank you for purchasing the theme. These features have not been implemented yet, but we will be gradually updating the theme and adding all of them.

Kind regards, kajag

hi, this seems too good to be true. i am negotiating with my client before buying. is it possible to see a backend demo?

Hi, I have added some screenshots of the admin panel on the item description page for now. Hope this helps.

Hi, great theme and like everyone said it is much needed.

I have some pre-buy questions.

1. Can we use the theme for booking tours, travel packages, activities, cars, etc? Examples:

1a. If so, can users add their tours and setup their payment options?

2. Multilanguage WPML compatible?



thank you very much.

1. Tours and packages will be added very soon. 2. Yes.

Amazing kajag! Great work! This looks amazing!

Thank you! I am glad you like it.


Congratulations on release.Great Job. I have few questions.

1)Is my account section fully functional? 2)Is there an option to add custom exrept for hotel – to display short preview of rooms available for example? 3)Sort hotels by facilities?


thank you.

1. Yes. 2. At this moment, you can only show text description in the excerpt, however you can achieve this with some customizations. 3. Unfortunately this was not implemented yet, but we will be updating the theme on a regular basis and adding additional features.


You can put by category hotels (hotel 1 star, 2 star hotels, cottages, apart hotels, etc.)

I hope to hear thanks

in this template visitors can send direct query to the hotel?


accommodation types/categories will be added soon. At this point reservations are sent to admin.


Nice work done!,

Been looking for a while for a travel wp-theme,and have few questions :

1. Let agents post their own travel listings?

2.Charge agents a monthly fee for unlimited travel listings

3.Paypal and credit card integration (credit card is important for me and others , also check this payment gateway: )

4.Gallery pictures (thumbnails under the big picture so people can look at faster speed)

5.Front end submission

6.Can this work with agents posting their “Air Fares” and “Car Rental ”?

7.Advertising spaces on main page and other pages with a inside wp-admin ,to track payments received ,etc.

If those can added ,will be buying as are very important to me and others.


thank you!

1. Front-end submission has not been implemented yet, but you can grant them access to your admin panel of course.

2. You would need a membership plugin or additional customization.

3. This is a matter of custom work at this point, however we might add payment options to the theme in the future.

4. The gallery was done in a different way. If no thumbnails become an issue, we will definitely change the gallery.

5. Please see no1.

6. Not without additional programming.

7. You can use one of the WP plugins to achieve that.

Kind regards, kajag

Due to many things that are not available within the script i have to pass on this ,goodluck.

I am sorry to hear you are disappointed, however this is not a social networking theme.