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I would like to purchase the Book Your Travel – Online Booking WordPress Theme, and need to have some changes! I wonder if it is possible to make these changes when we are setting the theme with the information of our company? Below are some examples that would like to change:

1 – Delete all information on car rentals; 2 – Change the name of some menu items.

Thank you.


You can disable the car rental feature via admin options.

With regards menu items, you write these in when you create the menus.

So, yes, both those things are possible via admin.



I am getting a error of “Please enter a destination” for Self Catering, Tour, and Rent a car Search box in the front panel. Please help us to fix this error. Reg

web link has sent to support ID

Hi its working its my falt pls ignore my comment.

Great, thanks for posting back.


When will the next upgrade be released?



We are hoping end of day today or tomorrow.


Hi, Pl check what the issue with this accommodation

The room type are not properly featuring.

sorry its fine, Pl ignore

Great, thanks for posting back.

It would be nice to have the possibility to select more then one “Tour Types” for a single tour. This way we could assign, as example, a “Trekking” tour to “Sport”, “Mountains”, Nature” and “Outdoor”, and have the tour listed whatever the customer search for any of this tour types.


At the moment you have to custom code something like that, but thanks for the suggestion, we will take it into consideration.

For tour operators selling packages in a single city, it would be nice to have the option to exclude the locations from the search/booking, and leave only the date.


We are working hard on making the search and booking forms more dynamic. Once we are done with that, these things will be a lot more configurable.


Hello, on the booking form, i’d like to keep only the total price line, not the table date and day price, to have just one line at the end, is that possible ?

Thank you

i found a way with css, that’s ok

Great, thanks for posting back.

Hello, i have tried to translate the datepicker following your method, but i can’t manage.

1. the datepicker language have to be in the child js folder or parent ? i tried both

2. i changed includes/theme_actions.php, js/accommodations.js, js/car_rentals.js, js/tours.js, js/scripts.js

3. after i have only 3 columns in main page, and on accomadtions, everthing is on one page, the buttons on the bottom left don’t work anymore. And the datepicker is still in english…

Can you help ?

Hello, i download it tonight. Nothing change for me, if i put theme_action in parent theme folder it’s working, in child theme no. if you want to see

Hi, i’ve update the 4.2 version, now it’s working well, with theme_action.php in child folder. But i’ve changed this file only, and it’s working. I didn’t change js accomodation, js tours, etc, and js scripts. Is it ok like this ?


As long as things work the way you want?


how do i create the slides? what software or website should i use ?

You create your own images by using Photoshop or you can purchase ready made images from stock photo websites, even from here, at

sigh i know that but how do i upload the photos to the slide because it only gives the url option… no upload photos/images option

Locate the box on the right called “Featured image”. You will find a button saying “Set featured image”.

Will I be able to send notifications via email when there is a new booking to the hotel owner as well as the customer and to myself as the admin via woocomerce?


You can either set an email to be sent to tour operator or yourself, plus the customer.

Though you can easily change that by customizing the code.


please visit and help me. the booking engine does not work and the categories do not work


What exactly do you mean by booking engine does not work and categories do not work. Can you provide screenshots or error messages please.



We don’t work weekends so we will take a look asap.


Hello, I need to buy a theme for a new website and your one took my attention. But before to purchase it I have some pre-sale questions and would like to ask here can I send them (here or e-mail may be), so I can be sure the theme will cover all the requirements I need to.

Thank you in advance.

Sure, feel free to ask away.


Can some one help me? I am trying instal and this message occure: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”


Please unzip the zip file you download from ThemeForest and then upload the folder BookYourTravel to your wp-content/themes folder.


Hi Kajag,

I tried to open a ticket on your themeenergy support center, but my purchase code isn’t accepted. It says: “X Not Verified” next to the purchase code field.

What could be the problem with it?

Regards, Peter


We will investigate the issue.

You can ask your question here instead.


prepurchase question: can i use seasonal pricing for appartment renting?


You create vacancies with our setup so you can create one vacancy for for example Mar 25 to 30 July, then another for 31 July to December etc.

So yes, this way you can create seasonable pricing.


how to make an image banner as: would you provide png’s or templates to make them? Thank you.

thank you

You are welcome.

Hi ¡

I need to modify a few things

· No abbreviated Hotel description in the Hotel availability page

Which php file (or files) should I have to modify in my child theme and how ?



With regards page-hotel-list.php, are you sure you are running the latest theme version (4.11)?

Just paste the screenshots here.

I had the 4.1 but I am installing the latest right now (...which is also 4.1). Here the screenshots </p

1. & 2. includes/parts/accommodation-item.php remove the following:

byt_render_labeled_field_value("description clearfix", "", "", $accommodation_description_html, '', false);

3. sidebar-right-accommodation.php remove the following:

<?php byt_render_labeled_field_value("description", "", "", strip_tags_and_shorten($accommodation_obj->get_description(), 100), "", true); ?>


Hi, We have purchase your theme but it doesn’t work when we would like to insert in Wordpress admin … Need help


Please explain what the exact issue is. Can you provide screenshots? Thanks

Hi there Kajag!

I have a question again. I have made a Tab called “destinations”. In this tab my client wants me to put 4 thumbnails called EUROPE, ASIA etc. (like the widget you have used for the offers with a MORE INFO Button)

By clicking on EUROPE, he wants another site to open with another 4 thumbnails, for Greece, Germany etc. (Same look)

To make it quick, he wants a couple of those, until the final page will be locations. My question is, how can I put a widget with 4 thumbs or more like you have done for “offers” with a more info button on every single page and sub-page.

Thanks dude!!

Thank you!

Ok i did that. I chose the default template for the first one. For the second one, since I need an empty page again to put the HTML, I chose default template again. But when I change something it changes for all “default templates”..

How can I have just empty pages to put my code in without effecting the others, since I obviously don’t want to have the same content on every page and its subpages..


I realised that by choosing the default template, it affects every page. So I just need a way to have an empty page to post whatever I need to without affecting other pages. So how can I make a page without being forced to chose a template??


You have one page.php template in the theme for all “Pages”. If you want to create a separate template that’s different to that, create something like page-special.php, that’s a copy of page.php but with custom template definition at the top. something like:

/*    Template Name: Page special
 *  Special page I use for special purpose
 * @package WordPress
 * @subpackage BookYourTravel
 * @since Book Your Travel 1.0

You then select this Page special template when creating your special page.