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I have a client who asked me to configure their online reservation website following some main

important points. A few templates took my attention and one of them is yours, that is why I would like to confirm with you if your template will let me reach this requirements.

Here are the points:

1. Is the template compatible with WPML (so each offer can be translated)?

2. Does the registered hotels have their own administration which allow them to edit the information, as follows: - each hotel is allowed to add the accommodation rooms/services their offer; - each hotel is allowed to choose the offers/information they would like to promote; - each hotel is allowed to - each hotel is allowed to fix the period their offer is active to (dates)? - each published offer stay on hold until the website owner approve it as visible/active on the frontend?

2.1 Once the hotel is registered and has a personal profile are they allowed to add offers? - for example offer for double room/apartment; triple room; ‘x’ adults + ‘h’ child/children etc? - to choose the available services from a list I will created in advance in the WP?

3. Is it possible when a reservation has been made to be received by the hotel itself as well (except the website contact e-mail)? - My client will not be paid from the visitor/client, but an annual fee from the relevant hotel will be paid to them.

4. Is it possible a few currencies to be used? - I will need 2-3 different currencies at least and also the prices to be converted automatically.

5. Is there an option for a recommended hotels? - When a hotel would like their offer to be posted also as a banner or just displayed on the very top, for example, they will have an option to request this during the registration/edit process? If this is possible – will the website owner be notified about that, so they can contact the hotel administration for details?

6. Is it possible a search criteria to be added (search by..) For example the client can search by the guests number? Also is an option for choosing which criteria to be used for searching available?

My client is very impressed from the options of the following website: The functions of this website are very close to the idea of my client. If some of the options I have asked above is not available – please let me know if you have intention to include them in some of the next releases (in the next month or two for example)? Are the updates free for existing clients who purchased the theme and if yes – for how long? I would appreciate a lot if you take some time to answer my questions. I apologies for the long list but these questions are really important for me and my client and the answers will make us decide if this theme is the one will will be happy with.

Thank you.


thank you for your interest. Please see the answers below.

1) Yes, the theme is WPML compatible.

2) No. Front-end submissions and management by hotel owners will be added in the future.

3) If specified this way, bookings can be sent to a desired email address (hotel) directly.

4) Yes.

5) No.

6) Not from the dashboard. We will, however, extend available options in the future.

With the purchase you get free lifetime updates.

Thank you.


We’ve recently posted a ticket on your support page last Thursday and haven’t received a response yet. We need a response A.S.A.P

Here’s the link: And the question, just in case:
We like your theme!

Let us just start there. It has, by and large, provided the most apt environment for developing the kind of site our client wants from us. Great layout and functionality.

Thank you for the hard work you must’ve put in to create this theme.

With that in mind, we wondering if you could help us solve a couple of issues.

Instead of having to enter vacancies for separate days and amount of rooms available, we’d like to just display the room irrespective of date and availability. Our client doesn’t want their customers to book online directly. We aiming for something more along the lines of a catalog with price quotes. With the current functionality, we need to keep inputing vacancies for each room every 3 months or so because our servers don’t have enough space to fill the database with infinite entries. We’d also like to have a price range for each room with instead of having one fixed price.

Any assistance you can offer us in accomplishing these, especially the first one, will be immensely appreciated. Let us know whatever we can help you.

Thank you and have a nice day,

David, 852CMD

We look forward to your response, 852CMD


You can achieve this by not entering any vacancies and entering your pricing below the Description on the first tab of the single accommodation view.

Will that be sufficient?


Hello. I have another problem. If i add vacancies after 26 july 2014, i can’t acces to the datepicker, it tells there is no vacancies. Everything starting before 26/07/2014 is ok, everything after doesn’t work. How to fix it ? Thank you

Fixed. Btw, please reupload your language file as we may have overwritten with the latest code.

Thank you for your patience.

nice, thanks a lot to fix it and for your quickness !

You are welcome.

It is possible to import XML files for hotels? (deep link)


What do you mean by Xml files for hotels?


Hi, is there any possibilitiy so that users can add their apartments by themsleves? Many thanks


We plan to release this feature by end of July.



We will look at further optimizations in the future once we develop all the planned features.



Ive already installed WPML plugin. How could I do to translate Theme Options content? Thank You

Hm, that you will have to custom code unfortunately.

I thought I was going to find these strings in “Translate texts in admin screens” link on “String Translation” option. But you tell me I have to custom code.

You guys say this theme is compatible with WPML, even with some themes that say they are not WPML compatibles I could translate their theme options values.

Now, how could I do to get what I need?


You are right. We will add this to our todo list in order to have it released as an upgrade as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

If a hotel has not rooms listed as available for a certain will it still show in the search results with “request dates” or something similar?

In my experience, hotels hate updating rooms at different websites. They may want to be on the website but not update their availability and prefer people to contact them.

Results show regardless of whether you have vacancies or not.

Also, you seem to be suggesting hotels can edit/submit their own entries. At the moment this is not possible with our theme though we have this planned as a feature due to be released at the end of July.



Im trying to raise a ticket on your ticketing system however its saying my purchase code is Not Verified.

how is this i only purchased the theme yesterday

You mean so that 6 people pay as a group £80?

You can create a tour, with a schedule entry that says price £80 and in the description it says it’s a tour for 6 people.

You then have the one person pay the £80.


is there anyway of me changing the text ‘Price per person from’?

Do you mean in the booking form? Or where exactly do you see this text?


Dear Guys, we just recognized that after a new client have signed up or created a client account on the theme front-end , the system send a automatically by WP generated confirmation email to the subscribers with the following content :

username : subscriber-username password : subscriber-password + URL

this url send the new subscriber to the WP-admin panel not to the front-end of the theme user !

Do you think or do you have any idea to how to change those confirmation emails ?

thanks for you kind feeback .

I would like to change that URL shown up by default on subscriber email confirmations ” ” and add some text like for e.g. please ” Please click on top right ” My Account” > Go to Login and entry your login data there . “

Please help us how we can change this auto confirmation email content – thank you !

Thanks for you kind support .. we have meanwhile solved this issue by using a plugin named ” SB Welcome Email ” which allow you in a very simple way to customize the ” auto generated welcome notification emails. and it works with WP Version 3.9.1

Awesome. Thank you for writing back about it.


I need to know how if it would be possible to adapt this theme in order to be able to book by hours instead of days and how difficult this would be.



The whole theme is based on booking by day, so you’d need to customize quite a few files to achieve something like that.


First congrats for this template is very nice.

I want to buy it for a project but first I want to ask you a few thing

1. I can’t make a user. Is there a demo user or something? I am asking you this because I want to make a platform where hotels for example can submit the pictures and info and afther that we shall put it on the website. I want to know if this is possible via that account.

2. Is there a problem with the Refine search results? I am asking you this because for example if I search Cancun on the first page the website it will show me 3 hotels (2 with 5 stars and 1 with 3 stars). If I redefine the search by star rating and I want to see only 4 stars or more it shows all the hotels with more then 5 stars but not only from Cancun as I search but from all the locations in the website.

3. A ajax search on the home page will be very usefull.

You are talking about search? We are still working on resolving the search issues and making the search more user and admin friendly overall. This upgrade will be resolved sometime next week.


I understand now when you told me that you resoled that issue you was reffering to the account or what?

Yes, to the user registration. Sorry about the confusion.

Is it possible to send the Proceed to Results info from the homepage form to an email?

For example, I have the current form set to Hotel>Date>Who and would like this to be submitted to the site owner. Or, please let me know if there is something else I can to send this info to the site owner.


Sure, thanks

Hi, just a follow up to the original question and your response (trying to avoid custom code if possible). So, if the form from the the homepage (Proceed to Results) lands on another page will the page maintain this contact info (Hotel, Date, Who) and carry it over to the next page so that it can be pre-populated onto a new form and so that I can then capture relevant contact info (name, phone, email, etc)?

I guess I am failing to see the purpose of the form if it does not capture the information that the user has filled out. Am I correct in thinking that the form, once submitted, just redirects to a new page or does it actually maintain the information filled out in the form somewhere?



You’d have to custom code that – the parameters are passed in the query string, if that’s what you mean. You must the obtain the parameters from the query string and do what you want with them.


How do i add the form in the demo over the slider to by homepage?


Go to Pages in admin and create a new page for Search results. Use the search results template.

Now go to Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options -> Searching tab and select this new Search results page as the search results page from the dropdown.

Also, please make sure you go to Admin -> General Settings -> Permalinks and select a permalink setting like post name or anything that is not the default one.


thank you it worked!

Great, thanks for posting back.

Waiting for long time a reply on your support site.

I hope in your help to create in the single page accomodation slider a navigation system. It could be usefull to help people to surf on the accomodations images.

I really need it. Could you help me please?

That is a customization you have to hire someone to do.


Hi, i have the same problem:

Hello. I have another problem. If i add vacancies after 26 july 2014, i can’t acces to the datepicker, it tells there is no vacancies. Everything starting before 26/07/2014 is ok, everything after doesn’t work. How to fix it ? Thank you

I have made some change to the original template… which files do i nedd to update from the new version to fix this problem without modify the actual version ? Just the Js files?


You need to make changes in a child theme, as we indicated in our documentation, in order to avoid losing changes when you upgrade the parent.



we bought your theme and have now see that it is absolutely useless!

  • We can’t set price per day, week and month Price, but we need it, it is very important for us
  • We cannot set a additional set with additional price e.g. for pets
  • with your booking calendar on obejct page (book now page), we can’t select a date for serveral months.It is absolutely incomprehensible for customers
  • In Germany, an energy passport for renting villas etc. is required.This should be available to the customer via PDF

What we can do? Before we bought your theme, you said That you can help with problems. We have also read that you have promised other buyers that in future prices can used per day, week month. This was a post for about 2 months.

I hope you can help us. I have already freelancers asked for help but there find your building as very difficult :( i asked some from



Hi Patrick,

You can create a price per day according to current setup of the theme.

Additional features like pets etc do need to be custom coded.

With the booking calendar on the front page you can indeed select a date range across multiple months. Simply select a start date, then use the right arrow to navigate to another month and select an end date.

With regards “energy passport for renting villas in Germany”, you can achieve this by adding an extra tab to your single accommodation page by using the multitude of filters we have provided. If you need further help with this, we can provide the code for you to add to your child functions.php file.



can you not prepare your theme for price per day/weeks/months and additional features with extra price like pets ?

It is almost impossible to find the right codes in your theme.

I’m not even the only customer need this. It would be very nice if you could help us, You had told us that even before purchase. If it costs a little extra, it is not so bad.

But at this time we can do anything with the theme :(

If you can not help, I would like to purchase Cancel



The theme does not support weekly/monthly prices at the moment. Nor does it support additional items.

Please contact envato support for cancellation if that is what you require.


I’ve just download the last version of the theme but when I add a new vacancy the “Select room type” dont show any room type …. can you help me???


Have you gone to Admin -> Accommodations -> Room types and created new room types?


I purchase the theme but is not working for me, i setup the new version of wordpress, i purchased today but is not working. Can you help me

When i unzip the file and transfer the folder in folder themes wordpress, i see the theme but when i want to activate, it give me theme endomaged

is ok i try the other way, to setup from wordpress not from ftp, thank’s anyway for the fast anser


When you unzip the zip file you downloaded from Themeforest you will find a folder inside it called BookYourTravel.

Upload this folder to your wp-content/themes folder and then activate the theme from WP Admin.


Hi , I’ve some problem with the theme layout and booking ,

- My website layout looks weird on my ipad - I’ve set the limits of a tour to maximum 3 person. But when I try to insert more than 3 person , it can be proceed to the cart page . - For the cart page, the quantity will always be one .

Here’s my website, . Please help me to fix these .

Thank you for pointing this out. Could you please provide a screenshot of how the site looks on your ipad so that we can have comparison?

Thank you.